Live From The Blue Seats Podcast: Rangers win the Draft Lottery, will take Alexis Lafreniere

Live From the Blue Seats Ep. 11

On this episode of the Live From The Blue Seats podcast, Becky, Dave and Rob giddily react to the Rangers’ good fortune, and excitedly (and not always coherently) discuss the possibility of Alexis Lafreniere joining this young team that is very much on the rise. While the 2020 draft is loaded with talent, Lafreniere projects to be a cornerstone player. The Rangers’ rebuild has officially moved into its next phase. It’s hard not to feel good if you’re a Ranger fan right now.

Who would’ve thought that August 2020 would turn into one of the most memorable months in the history of the New York Rangers? After a disheartening sweep at the hands of the Carolina Hurricanes knocked them out of the NHL playoffs before they even started, Rangers fans turned their attention to ping pong balls.

The quirks of this season, brought about by the pandemic and the pause, left the Rangers with a 12.5% chance at the #1 overall pick in October’s NHL Draft, and the chance to add a bonafide franchise-changing superstar to their ranks. But in the history of the NHL draft as we know it, the Rangers have never held the coveted number one spot. Until now.

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  • Goodbyes to Buch and Kreider lol. Zib will be set with a good number combo of wingers to work with. Kravs (hopefully), Kakko, Panarin and now Laf.

    The PP will look better with Strome and Kreids replace by studs like Laf.

      • Sorry to hurt your feelings Pete? Lol the clock is already ticking, Zib is destined to have new linemates.

        • Your ability to hurt my feelings doesn’t exist. You’re a troll and nothing more. Maybe you should replicate another poster’s screen name again and pretend to be someone who can think?

          • You obviously got triggered here… You got emotional because I said that thing about Kreider. Sorry Pete? I don’t know what else to say about that.

            Since you’re mad, you now start to project all your wrong doings onto me. You must never step out of your apartment if you consider this trolling.

            You better watch out before Dave catches on to your multiple accounts. I’ll always remember the old time user Ed who called you out for it right before he left for good. When you got here with all your other accounts, this place has been dead ever since. SMH

          • A troll and a liar. I will ask Dave to ban your sorry ass in view of your lie regarding me having ‘multiple accounts’ and your activities yesterday in impersonating other regular posters at the site. Truly pathetic.

          • ” I will ask Dave” So scared. Say uncle, you know the rules.

            If I were you I wouldn’t make a scene for Dave to read. All he has to do is follow how i can have 8 dislikes and than in less then a minute you magically 8 likes. The pattern is pretty easy to see when you follow your name and your other other accounts that you create( prob why you’re so insecure about it). That is called paper money trail from where I’m from, you are a foolish crook lol.

          • Since I don’t force people to register, likes aren’t by “account.” It’s by IP address. So unless someone is spoofing their location and going beyond any logical means to click dislike on a Rangers blog, it’s just 6 people reading your comment and not liking it.

            Yes – you have used multiple display names NSA. Cut it out, or I will ban you for that. It will have nothing to do with Peter.

            I have checked Peter’s comment history, and he does not use multiple display names. Thou dost protest too much, methinks.

            Peter – it’s clear you don’t like NSA. Ignore him, don’t reply to his comments. Just let it be.

          • MikeNJ

            Mister than, instead of then, is an absolute mental midget, and seems to talk out of his blow hole, and is stinking up this great site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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