On this episode of the Live From The Blue Seats podcast, Becky, Dave and Rob giddily react to the Rangers’ good fortune, and excitedly (and not always coherently) discuss the possibility of Alexis Lafreniere joining this young team that is very much on the rise. While the 2020 draft is loaded with talent, Lafreniere projects to be a cornerstone player. The Rangers’ rebuild has officially moved into its next phase. It’s hard not to feel good if you’re a Ranger fan right now.

Who would’ve thought that August 2020 would turn into one of the most memorable months in the history of the New York Rangers? After a disheartening sweep at the hands of the Carolina Hurricanes knocked them out of the NHL playoffs before they even started, Rangers fans turned their attention to ping pong balls.

The quirks of this season, brought about by the pandemic and the pause, left the Rangers with a 12.5% chance at the #1 overall pick in October’s NHL Draft, and the chance to add a bonafide franchise-changing superstar to their ranks. But in the history of the NHL draft as we know it, the Rangers have never held the coveted number one spot. Until now.

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