NHL draft lottery set for Monday – NY Rangers with 12.5% chance of getting top pick

The NHL has announced the time of the draft lottery for the #1 overall pick. The league will hold the lottery on Monday at 6pm, and it will be televised on NBCSN and the NHL Network. The Rangers will have a 12.5% chance of landing that top pick.

That said, depending on how the rest of the play-in round goes, the Rangers may be guaranteed a top-ten pick, or they could fall as far back as #14. It’s really a wild card scenario.

Monday is the first day of the offseason for the Rangers. They’ve never had a #1 overall pick in their history. Drafted Alexis Lafreniere would certainly be an exclamation point on that footnote.

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  • Let’s all pull for the following teams:


    If they advance to the PO’s, we pick a spot in the draft, so let’s hope they advance……………………..

    • If they are reverse ordering the regular seas points then don’t think ARI-NSH or VAN-MIN matter as all four teams in those series finished below NYR in the standings. CGY over WPG was good and NYI over FLA was bad (or worse as the case may be). CHI and MTL still matter. This jacked up qualifier format is bad enough without trying to count picks on the fly, but as it stands that would leave NYR – pending the remaining games – in the range of … 11 to 14?

      • Arizona, Montreal, Chicago and Minnesota all finished below us. We want them to advance. Arizona and Montreal all ready won. We need Chicago and Minnesota to win too.

        • Thank you for your post, I have no idea what wwpd is talking about. Bottom line, if Chicago and the Wild, we go up in the draft position. That’s the way I read about it a few days ago……………..Perhaps I phrased it incorrectly……

          • I don’t know either…I do know #14 Pick was our worst case scenario when this post hit. Arizona and Montreal pushed us up to 12. As far as I can tell. Chicago can push us to 11. Go Hawks…and the Wild can push us to 10…

        • Yes, Vancouver and Minnesota both finished below the rangers. Nashville and Arizona both finished below the rangers. So it shouldn’t matter who advances from either of those series.

  • Montreal, Chicago, and Arizona all advanced to the next round, the Rangers move up three spots in the draft order. Good news!!!!!!!

    Pray that the Pens don’t get the lottery pick, I’ll go crazy if they do. That scumbag organization did the swan dive for Mario Le Wimp, and Cindy, that’s enough for them, we’re due…………………..

    • You have 3 dislikes on this post. I wonder who the 3 people are that don’t like the fact that we moved up 3 spots in our draft worst case scenario…and aren’t praying the Penns don’t win the lottery?

      • Andy

        Their names are Moe, Larry, and Curly who always give me a thumbs down on principle. Fools they are!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I originally thought that the Habs would get the #1 pick, but I guess now it is set up for the Pens, a Gary Bettman favored team.

    I think that we move up to 11, as the worst right now? Deep draft, so we should do ok even at that spot.

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