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Play In Game 2 Review: Hurricanes clearly the better team as Rangers in 0-2 hole

The Carolina Hurricanes are showing exactly why they went to the Conference Finals last season. They have completely stifled the NY Rangers for a second straight game, and now have a strangle-hold 2-0 lead on this best-of-five series. The Rangers couldn’t get anything going at all, and the Canes capitalized on their chances. The Hurricanes are just a better team, and one that is built to make a run.

  • That’s a stupid penalty by Pavel Buchnevich to start things off.
  • Steven Fogarty was drafted 9 years ago. We are old.
  • That’s not a good goal for Hank to give up. It’s also not a good pass for DeAngelo to give up.
  • Man what a save by Mrazek on Howden. That’s a big one for the Canes.
  • Need to score on this 5 on 3.
  • And they do!
  • What a pass by Tony D on that. He giveth, he taketh. That was a pair of cross-ice passes for a goalie that isn’t good laterally.
  • Wow Hank just bailed out Smith on that fanned pass.
  • Overall a better first period than any period we saw in Game 1. But the turnovers need to stop.
  • Stop taking penalties. Seriously.
  • And a bad turnover and a whiff and it’s 3-1. It’s put up or shut up time for the Rangers.
  • When Ryan Lindgren is your best defenseman, it’s bad. Good for him, he’s looked good. But bad for the Rangers.
  • Ok I missed a good portion of the last 10 minutes or so because I am trying to balance watching the game, writing this, writing the goal breakdown, and helping the wife babysit 2 nieces and a nephew.
  • Amazing to think that the Rangers lost Lindy Ruff and then the offense went to hell. Coincidence? I think not!
  • One of our keys to win was the top-six scoring. Right now, they have one goal from Zibanejad and one from Panarin. In 5 periods. That won’t cut it.
  • Ok after a well timed McDonald’s trip, the kids are fed and I only missed 2 minutes of the 3rd period.
  • They need a goal on this PP.
  • Carolina is just the better team. The Rangers can’t get anything going at all.
  • Of course it doesn’t help that the Rangers are either invisible or bad, save for a few players.
  • Where is Chris Kreider? Adam Fox?
  • That’s the hat trick for Svechnikov and the dagger in this one.
  • Again, the best players on Carolina were better than the best players on the Rangers.
  • At least the effort was better.
  • One goal in each of the first two games won’t get it done.

Game 3 is tomorrow at 8pm. They need to change something up, and fast.

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  • The team is not playing well and that’s on the players but, DQ is being out coached because he has seemingly made few adjustments.

    • What changes do you want to see?

      Buch on the PP1?

      Trouba with Lindgren?

      Kreider coming out with the “C”? Lol

      There is minimum strategy to change from… Carolina’s Aho will always burn the Trouba and Smith.

      • Breakout strategies to counter the relentless forecheck by Carolina. There are ways to do that which are pretty basic, but the team is not executing them. The rest of your comments are not worthy of reply.

        • Peter

          That was a brilliant analysis again from Professor Bull Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Please go follow Filthadelphia, and sweet Hayes……….

    • I have my issues with DQ, have my issues with the players as well, but they don’t look anything like the team that was rolling along before the pause. Whatever “mojo” they had was totally wiped out by the break.

      They look rusty and out of sync — and I’m sorry to say, but Hank is going down too easily and letting some bad goals in. Not to put all the blame on Hank, but it isn’t just the ones you stop it’s the ones you let in. Both games he’s put them in a hole early and clearly right now they’re not capable of digging themselves out. Hank from 4-5 years ago keeps them in these games, he stops the 1st goal yesterday and Svechnikov’s first 2 goals (today) easily. Now we’re left to wonder “what if Igor”?

      • Igor can’t score for them. 3 goals in 2 games is not enough to win in the playoffs regardless of what your goalie does.

        • No, but you play differently when you’re down a goal then when your up or tied — at least this team is in their current state. When they were rolling they just played their game, no panic but with patience and confidence that if they continued to play the same way that they would win in the end. I see nothing of that team now and Hank has to stop what he should stop. Again, it isn’t all on Hank, but he has to stop letting in those bad goals — it’s the difference between playing with a lead or from behind.

        • Igor is going to score a number of goals in his career. And he is a huge asset to the offense. of course, they score more with him in there.

      • Tanto

        Maybe the dejection on the part of the team is they feel much more comfortable with Igor in net, and have lost faith in Hank.

        I suspect that Hank may reconsider retirement, and take a position within the organization.

        As for DQ, his loyalty to some of his players, Staal in particular, is seriously sickening. He is starting to be just like AV was with Tanner Glass, and that’s bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • LOL, the Rangers are getting beaten all over the ice, but Hank… Jesus.

        Hank is expected to pitch a shutout, but God forbid we trash the team that has gotten beaten to every loose puck on the ice.

        I remember Hank making a stop, putting the puck behind the net, where there were, not one, but two Rangers, who stood there, and allowed a Cane to come in and take the puck from both of them. That on Hank too?

        That play typifies all 6 periods of play. The coach was not prepared and neither are his players. Did you know that the Rangers did not practice the PP, after going 0-7? Did you know that? How, in any world of common sense, so you not practice the PP after going 0-7? Coach’s answer: We were one of the best in the league, FOUR MONTHS AGO.

        But, Hank…

        • Omg the #11 seed is down 2-0 to the #6 seed. They have scored 3 goals in 2 games. My god get that goalie out of there before he loses more games!!!!

          • I’m sorry I took it out on Tanto, but I am pretty sick and tired of hearing “but, Hank…”

            Especially after the complete embarrassment we are witnessing in this series.

            Anyone saying “well, the Canes are the better team” has no clue what they are watching. This is a complete lack of preparedness, from the coach all the way down

          • Georgiev handles the puck better than Hank does. Down two goals at the start of the third, you put him in. So why not? The answer is that this is all about Hank. When you are blowing off a legitimate Cup chance to please the King, why expect the skaters to give maximum effort? I even suspect Shesterkin is not hurt and this is just a game.

          • Tony, I told you before: Don’t be that optimistic with the coach who can lead us to promise land. I’m easy on the result as I expected exactly like that. This team can have future but they need structural system to play. nor DQ neither his helpers fit the roles. They try to run Ziba and Panera to win and making goalie play like a super human. If something out of that “structure”, team is the worst in NHL

          • The Rangers are a better team without Lundqvist. He’s past his prime. The sooner the club moves past him, the sooner the wins will come.

          • Cmon Richter. Yes they look outclassed completely but you can’t be surprised by this. Take an Eastern conference finalist from a year ago and face them against the youngest team in the NHL who happen to be 6 seeds lower who wouldn’t have qualified for the playoffs in a normal format and what do you get?

        • Tony

          I was all for Igor being the starter for the series, that is for sure. But the losses to the Canes don’t have anything to do with Hank, that is for certain. He has played well. Most of the rest of the team, especially the key guys, have not. The coach, in my opinion, also has not had them ready for what they should have known was coming.

          Carolina is a very good team and they are playing disciplined hockey. That is all there has been to it thus far. The Rangers are in a deep hole, but we can hope for a miraculous recovery!

          • Peter: It’s not all on Hank, but he has to stop the first 2 goals … and the 1st goal in the 1st game; he’s just going down way too quickly.

    • Funny that the same thing was said about AV when he was coaching the team. AV was extremely poor at making in game adjustments….but currently has the Flyers with the look of a very dangerous and experienced team……. as much as I despise the ribeye’s from Rocky town, I hope they beat the Bruins….

  • Nobody:

    A small NYR crowd: Chytil is 2c, Trouba is a 20+ min shutdown work horse, Buch has elite ability, Kreider is a beast and Lindgren is good at D.

    Honorable mentions: Guth is going to end up as a good 3rd liner… Lem can play too… We just need Smith back in 2017 playoff form..

    I’m fine these results unless if the Rangers don’t win a top 3 pick. Giving Buch something like 4.3×5 would be a mistake.

  • they have played faster than us, out muscled us, beat us to the loose pucks..they’ve clearly been the better team in every aspect of the game. Without Bread, Kreider, Zbad, Fox and ADA playing at the top of their games we don’t stand a chance…let’s hope we can turn it around for game 3.

    • Don’t forget Carolina almost made it to the finals last year. They are prepared to do it again. The Rangers are first learning what playoff hockey is all about. They will be ready next year. Right now, let’s hope they win the next one

      • Stevesse

        Can it be that the youth on this team need to go thru this experience, and learn to play with that additional intensity. There are so many factors that are coming into play, but this is a part of the learning curve for the players, and the entire coaching staff as well………………………DQ is also being out coached by a top flight guy named Rod Brind’Amour!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • regular season records since 2013:

    Lundqvist starts 183-183
    other goalies 112-84

    The responsibilities of a goalie are complicated. The one thing about Lundqvist that we know for absolutely certain is that the team is more likely to lose if Lundqvist is in goal.

    Of course, these numbers are misleading. A higher proportion of hank’s starts were when the team was better – and he is not as good as he was at the start of the period.

    Why on earth do you start your third best goalie?

    At this point, I wish Henrik Lundqvist had never been a Ranger – not clear if AV could have won the Cup without him; we know he couldn’t win it with him.

    • Ray

      As I stated above:

      “Maybe the dejection on the part of the team is they feel much more comfortable with Igor in net, and have lost faith in Hank.”

      The numbers don’t lie, it’s there in black, and white.

      I love Hank, and Staal as well, but they are well passed their prime, and I suspect that DQ is giving these guys a change to play their swan song. Hank may well be gone next season, along with Marc, which would be a vast improvement for the team. No emotions here, reality is he name of the game!!!!!!!!!!!

      • There is one huge difference between Hank and Staal. Options. Libor Hajek is awful. Alex Georgiev is not.

        Also, you may note that Staal is being given a diminished role, something you cannot do with a goalie.

        I agree that DQ is giving the long ago king his swan song. I don’t think he understood that the Cup was there for the taking and that more chances are not guaranteed.

  • Watching the the Rangers today annoyed me. A playoff game and your team is out of sync, and nothing is being done to try and change that. The coach had a great opportunity to get the team’s attention, an opportunity afforded to him by Hank’s play. Pull him out and it should’ve got the team out of their fog. The Rangers were passing the puck to the opposition, repeatedly. Not sure if it would have caught Kreider’s attention, he was doing his disappearing thing.

    I am a Kreider and Hank fan, but this is the playoffs. As for the coach, he always looks like he is in a fog. Today that could be because he knew Hank should’ve been pulled, and couldn’t do it. But why not? This is the playoffs, he is behind the bench to lead the team, at least try to, the game clock wasn’t waiting for the Rangers to get it together.

  • A lot of you fools wanted Torts out of here in the worst way- an absolute Bozo, everyone said. Then when Vigneault was here, most of the idiots on this thread wanted him out of here in the worst way. Clarabelle, the Gumchewer…..blah blah blah. Have any of you geniuses checked recently as to who two out of the three finalists for Coach of the Year? Hmmm…? Umm, yeah. So here we go again- half of the morons below have the same reaction. The coach is a fool, he’s a dope, he should bo back and coach high school. Yes, by all means, let’s take coaching advice from the posters on Blue Seat Blogs. Yep.

      • orangemike

        No need to attack peckerhead, the man lost the locker room at the time, and the team needed a real change. Tort’s is a good coach, but not for our team at that time.

        As for AV, what can you say, Tanner Glass should be in the HOF, or so he thought. The man never took a team to the promised land, but had some of the best talent playing for him for years starting in Montreal, then Vancouver, Sedin twins anyone, then us.

        Go on and attack us, and me all you want, your another analyst who has his head up his anus…………….

    • No Orangedude, attacking you is being you. No thanks. You don”t agree with an opinion, ok. Stay within the hockey world, particularly the Rangers. Why start throwing things. Control your emotions. Put your big boy pants on.

  • DQ better take note of this series. His team was unprepared and he does not manage in-game situations all that well.

    Hank needs to retire

    Howden is a 4th line player at best

    Maybe we won the lottery pick

    • We don’t have enough depth just yet. We are a super top heavy team. Hopefully this will change soon enough. And yes, I have seen enough of the super nice guy Howden….Good guys finish last……..

      • Rocky Ranger

        There have already been moves that were made during the lock out, such as the signing of Morgan Barron to name one. The others names don’t come to mind, but there were two others as well. Things will change for the better!!!!!!!!!!!!

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