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NY Rangers Goal Breakdown: Special teams fall flat in Game 1 loss to Carolina

Hockey returned yesterday with the Rangers and Hurricanes playing a special teams bonanza. It felt like the first two periods were almost entirely played on special teams, with very little 5v5 play. That unfortunately drove the narrative of this game, as the Rangers laid an egg with the man advantage. You can’t win if you go 0-for-7 on the powerplay. It just doesn’t happen.

Henrik Lundqvist, who made a last minute start for Igor Shesterkin, was great in this game. He’s really the reason why the game was close through the first two periods. None of the three goals against were weak goals, and really none were stoppable.

It’s a five game series, so the Rangers need to get their acts together on Monday if they want to have any hope of surviving. Going down 2-0 would be killer.

Canes 1, Rangers 0 – Missed Assignments

Jacob Trouba was in the corner using excessive force when the puck wasn’t near him. Brendan Smith had to cover the man in front, leaving the back door open for Jaccob Slavin. Jesper Fast, who went to the locker room after this shift, missed the back door cutter. Hank stood no chance.

Canes 2, Rangers 0 – A tale of special teams

Carolina converted on their powerplay on this one. Sebastian Aho found the seam in the slot with Justin Williams already drawing attention. That’s how they drew it up. Very little Hank could have done on that.

Canes 2, Rangers 1 – Pavel Buchnevich is good

Pavel Buchnevich started this whole thing with driving the zone and getting a good chance that was broken up. The Rangers kept up the pressure, with Buchnevich drawing attention in front of the net. That left Mika Zibanejad partially open to deflect Ryan Lindgren’s shot from the point over Mrazek.

Canes 3, Rangers 1 – Staal own goal

This just isn’t a good play.

Rangers 3, Canes 2 – Staal makes it interesting

This was a shorthanded goal that no one expected. David Quinn put out his big guns to get a goal, and that they did. Staal ripped it from the point and it got by Mrazek.

Shot Heatmap – Carolina owned the middle of the ice

Carolina got the overwhelming majority of their shots from the middle of the ice. It wasn’t all red, which is good. The Rangers weren’t that bad defensively in this game, but they did give up some good chances. They also lacked sustained offense

Skater Results – Lots of dull and bad

This really shouldn’t surprise anyone, since the game itself was sloppy. Carolina controlled most of the even strength game, all 3 minutes of it. It’s so tough to gauge a team on their first real game back in 5 months, but it’s only a 5 game series. They don’t have much time to get their legs back under them.

The Rangers lost this one because they laid an egg on the powerplay. Logically speaking, that won’t happen again, but it’s a short series and it’s the Rangers. If they don’t score, they can’t win. It’s one of the keys to winning in hockey, putting the puck in the net.

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  • The Canes had the puck most of the game, even with the constant penalties called.

    0-7 on the PP and terrible 5 on 5 play by our top 6, except for Zib and Buch, who had decent games. Kreider giving up on the 2 on 1 with Kakko, allowing a juicy rebound to go harmlessly to the side was terrible, even though it was at the end of his shift.

    Smith and Kakko were very strong, so was King, who basically kept them in it, with no less than 5 highlight reel saves to keep the game close.

    Not many Rangers played well, especially the big guns. Gaut needs to get more minutes and Howden less. Splitting up Chytil and Kakko was dumb as they did some nice things early in the game.

    DQ fave Staal continues to kill the team. Same with Howden, who can take penalties with nary any ramifications.

    Hope Fast is ok. But does not sound good. Oy.

    • The Lundqvist and Fast debacle led to the first early Cane goal. The Rangers were chasing the game after that point. With the offence firing on only one cylinder it’s not a position the team wants to be in if they want to win series.

      • While I agree that the first goal set the tone of the game, if that’s all it takes for the wheels to fall off, then the Rangers have no business being here.

        Hank also kept them in the game, to at least have a chance. Sound familiar? The Ranger forwards, were dominated and taken to school. At least most of them anyway.

        The Canes’ coach had them ready to play. But even if the Rangers get swept, it’s a great experience for the young players, so it’s not a waste.

    • “except for Zib and Buch,”

      I can’t tell if you give wayyyy to much credit to Kreider normally… Or if you actually believe Buch had a good game. Zib would have looked like a half step slower Connor McDavid yesterday IF JUST ONE OF HIS LINE MATES could have kept up with him. Aka Buch sucked… If he was as you claimed than Zib would have looked even better and that PP2 with KK could have looked semi dangerous.

      “Smith and Kakko were very strong, so was King,”

      The fact that you put up Smith with either of those names, lol. ***Kakko played well after the 1st period and Hank had a HOF type of game.

      “DQ fave Staal continues to kill the team. Same with Howden, who can take penalties with nary any ramifications.”

      Staal’s deflection was as flukey as it comes. His skate was set perfectly in a east/west position. That’s how some of the best shot blockers do it… I wasn’t skilled enough to do those but 8/10 times that was the way to block far out shots. Your top PK’ers in the league will do that to gain a rebounds to go the other way. That puck whipped in, it didn’t even look like deflection. Staal was at least breaking up some plays from behind his own net.

      The 4th line did alright and Howden was apart of that… It seemed that they were starting their shifts in the dz and nz.. Then they were able to either get it in deep or get it in deep and work the boards. Either way they allowed the top 9 lines to jump into the flow.

      • Buch did have a good game especially the first half of the game.

        Staal had zero reason to stick out his foot. It was a lazy play and it cost the Rangers, like he costs the Rangers time and time again.

        Howden is a lifetime AHLer made into an NHL player by his coach. Look at the charts above. While a lot of the Rangers stunk up the joint, Howden is where he always is now on these charts. In the “bad/dull” areas of the charts. Every game.

        I expect Fogarty in for Fast as I doubt that Krav sees the ice this series.

  • Particular story when statistics doesn’t tell whole story. IMHO Chytil and Kakko where probably on of the best on the ice and their stats are somewhat….

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