2019-2020 NY Rangers Player Report Card: Tony DeAngelo

Tony DeAngelo entered this season with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. The Rangers played hardball with him and only gave him a one-year bridge deal. He answered that with a career year where he led the team in defensive scoring. That performance will certainly earn him a lucrative new contract.

DeAngelo put up 15-38-53 in 68 games, which put him fourth on the team in scoring. He also forced his way onto the top powerplay unit, moving Jacob Trouba down to PP2. DeAngelo beat back any doubters of his on-ice performance with this season, at least for now. Of course the question is going to be whether or not he can repeat it.

Of course play without the puck is going to be a discussion point, and DeAngelo excelled offensively. He simply drives offense as one of the top transition defensemen in the game. The interesting thing here is that the Rangers generated more offense from in front of the net with DeAngelo on the ice. This likely means DeAngelo excelled at getting pucks on net for rebounds.

Defensively though, that’s another story. DeAngelo could use some work here. He’s one of the best at defending zone entries, again playing into his strengths as a transition defenseman. But coverage in the defensive zone isn’t his strong suit. The offense outweighs the defensive faults though. It does make you wonder how those defensive numbers would look if he wasn’t dragging Marc Staal around the ice.

The powerplay also excelled with DeAngelo on the ice, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. He did put up 3-16-19 with the man advantage and was on PP1. The focus here isn’t the difference in powerplay unit effectiveness, it’s how that first unit performed. They were one of the best in the league.

There’s not much else to evaluate with Tony DeAngelo this season. His performance was great. He has a specific role on this team, and while you hope his defensive play gets better, as long as the offense is there it’s easily overlooked.

Grade: A

Charts provided by Hockeyviz and chartinghockey.

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  • A for sure … and his defensive shortcomings are generally overblown. Plus he gets an A for being such a character and another A for fighting, when necessary.

  • Tony this season became the player many of us thought he could be if given a shot.

    When he is on the ice he is another offensive weapon added to Panarin and Zibanejad and whether it is 5 on 5 or on the the power play, he makes the Rangers that much more difficult to keep off the scoreboard. He makes passes most other players cannot make, and consistently gets the puck on the net on the power play. I think my biggest surprise was how well he operates down low around the net like a forward with deft passes while most defensemen tend to work from further away.

    He brings a feisty New Jersey kid attitude and doesn’t take crap while also defending his mates. He will never be a shut down guy defensively, but his other qualities in my opinion override his defensive deficiencies. Big forwards can push him around when they are deep in the Dzone, but he is quite good at defending entries. I do think he worked on his Dzone play and is better there than he was.

    A solid “A” for Tony D. I think that he has made that Stepan trade a winner.

    • At some point I’d like to see ADA on the wing. His offensive skills would be maximized and his defensive weaknesses minimized.

      Hopefully one or more of our defensive prospects steps up and gives us the flexibility to experiment before we have to make a hard decision about ADA’s future

      • We have Smith filled that
        “At some point I’d like to see ADA on the wing”

        I just wondering why Leetch and Zubov didn’t play on the wing

  • A+ I love this kid. have never doubts about him. Too bad people hate him for his support of Trump. I don’t give a shit about who he is on social media b/c I love him what he is doing on the ice. Keep it up Tony

    • I am far from a Trump fan, but I could not care less about Tony’s politics. Rather, I just want to watch him play the best he can for my favorite team.

      • It might be that Trump isn’t best President but trust me it’s better than bringing socialism to this country as other think it will be good idea. People, see Cuba and few other country. Don’t trust theory

    • I think his support of Trump is another positive. Guessing he thinks communism will not be a good look on this country! I concur.

  • ADA is really a decent person, and I also enjoy his podcasts.

    I just hope we can keep him around for a number of years for all the reason already posted. Besides he a piasano of mine………..

      • Lol only if ADA was aware that his fan club over here has never played a competitive hockey game in their lives yet. We all know how Tony loves hockey fans that have never cradle a puck in their life. (sarcasm ).

        He is an amazing player, probably borderline elite until he hits 30 yrs of age or older. What I don’t get is this butt sniffing contest of how good of dude he is.

  • I give credit to Quinn’s tough love…..and Tony has responded… I hope that we can sign the kid…

  • I guess we can put to rest the whining about trading Stepan, considering ADA had more points than Stepan.

    ADA is a must keep, but if they do trade him, then it better be for an elite player.

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