Breaking: Devils to hire Lindy Ruff as head coach

Per Kevin Weekes, the New Jersey Devils are set to hire Lindy Ruff as their head coach.

This comes after a few weeks of speculation that Ruff was the front runner for the head coaching job. Ruff has spent the past three seasons with the Rangers as an assistant coach with mediocre results. Ruff was in charge of the defense while he was with the Rangers.

While Ruff has been in charge of the defense, it is worth noting that him going to New Jersey does not solve all of the Rangers’ defensive issues. It does ,however, perhaps give the Rangers a fresh look on the defensive pairs.

Lindy Ruff going to the Devils does not solve all of the Rangers’ problems, but it is certainly addition by subtraction.

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  • So the Devils will now be Ruffians. Wish him luck, but it seems like it could be rough sledding in Jersey!

    I wonder who will slide into his spot for the Rangers?

  • Now that JD is off the banquet circuit presidential celebrations, unfortunately due to social distancing, I hope he gets off his fat-rump and has some input on the new defense coach.

  • I’ve saw Hughes got a lot bigger over the break. If he contiues to develop physically than watch out. NJD are going to have a nasty 1-2 center punch in the near future. Nico is already a 50 point shutdown center. Subban and Palmeri can have bounce back season’s.

  • Good for Ruff, great man and a great coach.
    That puts alot of egg on faces of the moronic comments here about Ruff being an issue.
    Only issue was the loud mouth idiots, acting like they know more about hockey than Coach Ruff.

    Just for the record…. you are all that stupid when it comes to hockey. Coach Ruff has forgotten more than you will ever know combined.

    Now just shut up and wish the man well.

    Phukin children!!!

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