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Rumor: Lindy Ruff to be targeted by the NJ Devils

The latest rumor from Elliotte Friedman has Lindy Ruff on the short list of potential head coaches for the NJ Devils.

The other candidates for the Devils are Alain Nasreddine, Gerard Gallant (Florida/Vegas), Peter Laviolette (Nashville), and John Stevens (LA Kings). The most successful on this list are Ruff, Gallant, and Laviolette.

The Rangers hired Ruff before the 2017-2018 season as an assistant to Alain Vigneault. He does have the head coach pedigree with Buffalo and Dallas. Put in charge of the defense upon his arrival, his best results have been mediocre. That is within the head coach’s system, though.

Ruff’s effectiveness has been questioned each time a defenseman leaves New York and succeeds. Ruff has had minimal success defensively, both with the Rangers and with his head coaching stints elsewhere. It is worth noting that Vigneault and David Quinn hold most of the responsibility for the defensive shortcomings.

This is just a rumor, but given how teams like to recycle coaches, it wouldn’t shock me to see Lindy Ruff get that coaching job with the Devils. Even if that happens, don’t expect an immediate turn around defensively for the Rangers.

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  • Depending on what the Devil hierarchy believes their team needs I think they’re crazy to not go for either Gerard Gallant or Peter Laviolette, but hey if they want Lindy they can have him. A fresh voice running the defense here wouldn’t be unwelcome.

  • We should be so lucky!! Please NJD, take Lindy. He’s the answer to all your problems. Any his subtraction from NY is the answer to some of the NYR issues. Lindy in NJ helps the Rangers in multiple ways. Chief among them is Obviously that he’s not in NY and 2nd that he’s in NJ.

  • This would come as no surprise to me, and to be perfectly frank, I’d welcome the move. I have never, ever cared for the man, his style, and coaching technique. Should he go to NJ, our defense improves immediately, mark my words. I’ll help pack his bags, show him the door, and say AMF!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • In all honesty our defense should improve regardless of whether he stays or goes. One more year for both Lindgren and Fox should be a good thing … and I would bet Trouba, feeling more comfortable here in NY, might show an improvement as well.

      A “new” system might actually delay the above, but in the long run it would be a good move to have a fresh and more new school voice.

      • tanto

        I looked at the overall record of Ruff coaching our guys, and based my opinion on it. They should improve as you stated correctly, but we still can do considerably better as soon as he’s gone. Bey bey Lindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Well one could argue that he didn’t have a lot to work with defensively … but what he did have wasn’t handled well (i.e. Pionk, Skjei). Ruff did a decent job with some good teams (Sabres, Stars), but nothing that screams he’s even remotely an adequate defensive coach.

    • he will stay here b/c much better candidates for this opening. If we hired DQ then nothing would be better than his friends to tank NY Rangers

  • I think that is a very fair assessment on Ruff as a Head coach and assistant coach. I always liked him and thought many fans used him as a scapegoat for the inferior talent and or style of play dictated by the head coach. The defense is a five-man job. I think he is up against some very good competition.

    • He was an average (given the teams he had) coach, nothing more … but yes, he took the brunt of the blame for our defensive woes.

  • I’m laying odds on Ruff …

    3577:1 Devil’s HC

    2:5 Ranger defense continues to bleed shots

  • If NJ wants Lindy, then he must have great knowledge. Lindy, while not a great defensive coordinator, did supply DQ with NHL knowledge he did not have. This has made the DQ era more of a smooth transition.

    Goodbye and good luck Lindy!

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