Despite diabetes, Kaapo Kakko will play for NY Rangers in playoffs

Kakko has Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease

Despite concerns about his diabetes and celiac disease, Kaapo Kakko will play for the Rangers during the playoffs this season. This was always the most likely scenario, despite the pre-existing conditions. The Rangers will need Kakko in the lineup, and hopefully a better version than they got in the regular season, if they plan on beating the Carolina Hurricanes in the play-in round.

Per Larry Brooks, personal doctors and Rangers medical staff evaluated Kakko. He was given the official go ahead to join the club once camp starts in earnest in July. It’s a safe assumption that the Rangers will be monitoring Kaapo Kakko’s diabetes regularly throughout camp and the playoffs.

That should read “if” camp starts in July, as the NHL had a set back yesterday as the Tampa Bay Lightning had to shut down camp due to multiple players testing positive for COVID-19. Florida is a hotbed for the coronavirus right now, so that isn’t overly surprising. Auston Matthews also tested positive in Arizona, another hotbed. This hasn’t altered the NHL’s plans to relaunch yet. In total, 11 players have tested positive since June 8.

Per Brooks, training camp is likely to last two weeks before teams travel to their hub cities to play an exhibition game. That is if the NHL doesn’t experience more setbacks.

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  • Monitoring will be very necessary. Although the virus is more deadly for old folks, young people who get it and recover often have permanent scarring of their lungs and other problems that are serious. It is not something to be cavalier about. I hope all the players will be safe.

    • Less than 5% a symptomatic positives. Those players will be fine as will the rest who test positive. This won’t stop the league from playing. Nor should it. Just my opinion

      • It’s really up to the players, or it should be, as opposed to what Bettman is telling them to do.

        I do not believe any of the stats relating to this disease. It is in the financial interest of doctors to make the Covid 19 prognosis for govt grants. So the stats are biased and tainted IMO.

        • Yes yes, Doctors are all so dishonest and without a shred of integrity. I like this conspiracy theory, especially all those people that have contracted the virus and have found themselves on a ventilator. Oh and let’s not forget the greed of all the nurses and other healthcare providers. 😉

          • Guess you never heard of Medicare audits.

            And yes, there is a benefit to calling diagnosis or deaths Covid 19 related health events.

            I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true.

          • I am sorry Tony but the reported cases of the disease to the CDC are made by local health departments. In fact, all health officials agree that the deaths are being under-reported, not over-assigned.

          • Peter, it’s based on what is reported from the doctors. that’s the only way that the local health depts would know.

            My neighbor works for a doctor and she said that EVERYTHING is reported as related to Covid 19. And that by doing so, the doctor gets grants from the state.

            That’s what she said and based on what else I hear, I agree with it.

          • Tony it’s as simple as subtracting the normal total death count of a particular period of time from the death counts we’re seeing now while Covid-19 is a “thing”. The same has been reported throughout Europe, if anything the count is on the low side. 122k and counting.

  • Shut it down. It’s clear that Covid is going to continue to hamper any league attempting to start up / restart its league in the next several months. Shut it down and get a solid plan in place for the next season where Covid will still be a thing.

  • It’s really not up to the fans. Do you have his medical records in front of you ? If you knew every single medical decision made you probably would be pretty upset. Therefore If you are so offended dont watch.

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