Despite diabetes, Kaapo Kakko will play for NY Rangers in playoffs

The Kaapo Kakko enigma continued this past season

Despite concerns about his diabetes and celiac disease, Kaapo Kakko will play for the Rangers during the playoffs this season. This was always the most likely scenario, despite the pre-existing conditions. The Rangers will need Kakko in the lineup, and hopefully a better version than they got in the regular season, if they plan on beating the Carolina Hurricanes in the play-in round.

Per Larry Brooks, personal doctors and Rangers medical staff evaluated Kakko. He was given the official go ahead to join the club once camp starts in earnest in July. It’s a safe assumption that the Rangers will be monitoring Kaapo Kakko’s diabetes regularly throughout camp and the playoffs.

That should read “if” camp starts in July, as the NHL had a set back yesterday as the Tampa Bay Lightning had to shut down camp due to multiple players testing positive for COVID-19. Florida is a hotbed for the coronavirus right now, so that isn’t overly surprising. Auston Matthews also tested positive in Arizona, another hotbed. This hasn’t altered the NHL’s plans to relaunch yet. In total, 11 players have tested positive since June 8.

Per Brooks, training camp is likely to last two weeks before teams travel to their hub cities to play an exhibition game. That is if the NHL doesn’t experience more setbacks.