Dolan continues to miss mark; allows team to make two sentence statement

Jim Dolan just doesn't get it

The NY Rangers finally released a statement on Twitter about the George Floyd murder and about racism. Suffice it to say, the statement missed the mark.

The eloquence and complexity behind such a two sentence statement really shows why it took Dolan two weeks to approve its PR release.

If I understand the workings of how the Rangers release statements properly, then this went through multiple layers of approval before being released. The statement was an attempt to at least “do something” while also keeping Dolan’s wish to stay silent.

A statement itself, or at least a more detailed statement, doesn’t necessarily do much, but it at least addresses the situation publicly. The Rangers participate in Hockey is for Everyone. Their ownership should be less ignorant to what that means and how a simple statement –beyond two vapid sentences– can at least be symbolic of all the work the team does in the community.

It’s not hard. Release something with meaning, that shows empathy towards the current state of police brutality and racism, and shows the team is an active participant in facilitating much needed change.

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  • He doesn’t comment, you crucify him. He makes a statement, you crucify him. While you seem to loathe James Dolan, isn’t it at all possible his statement is just succinct?

    We are very quick to judge others instead of just doing the right things ourselves.

    Would you be happier if he climbed on board and asked that all NYC Police be restructured?

    People still have the ability to voice their opinions and statements, even if they do not coincide with other people’s thoughts. Some 1st amendment somewhere.

  • Fine, I agree that it’s safe corporate speak on the issue and they could have said more … but at least their actions over the years align well with the spirit of the statement and that is more important than words alone. They’re speaking softly but they carry a bigger stick.

  • The other side of police involvement often gets overlooked.

    Check out The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C., United States, at Judiciary Square, that honors 21,183 U.S. law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty protecting us. They had families, children, people who loved them.

  • At least they finally said something publicly. He shouldn’t have needed a hammering to do it especially when his employees were clambering for it. But, at least it has finally been accomplished.

  • This “controversy” is ridiculous.

    Dolan has exhibited so many negative qualities over the years. Only two positive qualities come to mind: (1) awesome owner for the Rangers (vs. Knicks) as he lets the professional managers make all the player decisions, doesn’t interfere, and funds the operation to the hilt, and (2) he has been incredibly progressive on race issues – extensive outreach to minorities with programs in the minority communities and invites to the MSG, plus he has hired African Americans in most of the Knicks management positions and stood by them even as they seemingly failed to produce much as the team has mostly stunk.

    It is incredibly easy to issue a statement that fits the mood of the day. And its moslty meaningless corporate-speak. What counts is actions and this is one area where Dolan has stood out vs. almost all his ownership brethern.

    At least on this one – give the guy a break.

  • I am not a fan of Dolan. I think he’s jerk. Maybe MSG, The Rangers and Knicks should have made a statement sooner. But they didn’t. Now they made a statement. And candidly, any statement they made was never going to change the world. If only it was so easy. But to now complain the statement isn’t enough makes me wonder if you will ever be happy with what they say or do? And I find that an unfair position. You mentioned their role in Hockey for Everyone, but I don’t see you mention the role The Rangers have played in supporting the Hockey in Harlem program since 1987. And many Rangers players have been involved in that program over the years. As you know this program has helped and continues to help disadvantaged inner city kids get access to Ice Hockey and provide a positive environment for these kids. the program also goes beyond just hockey. Actions do speak louder than words. They were also very quick to make a statement condemning the horrible racial incident involving K’Andre Miller, on the zoom call, in the spring. Although sadly I don’t recall seeing what really happened there or anyone be held responsible. You can look for the negative and/or the positive in a person or an organization. It’s a your choice. And a choice only you can make for yourself. But no one and nothing is all good or bad. Life is a little complicated like that.

  • Dolan is a business owner. He is not required to pacify the masses with lip service.If he doesn’t want to make a statement, so be it. That’s his prerogative. Get off this guys $&$ already!

  • What did you want him to do? Write a dissertation on the history of racism? Then a few empty platitudes and some virtue signal empty gesture?

  • SEE, I posted here and said, any statement made would lead to other questions. It would not satisfy some people. Thanks for proving my point.

  • Let’s Go Rangers!

    Let’s Go Rangers!

    Let’s Go Rangers!






    HEY!!! HEY!!! HEY!!!

  • I agree with just about every post here. I also hesitate to respond because these issues are lightening rods, however, I feel duty bound to just say one thing. I am extremely disappointed to read “current state of police brutality and racism”. I would ask you all to step back for a second, think about the police people you may know, you must know someone if not many in law enforcement. I know I do, and everyone of them are good family people who want to live their lives in peace, watch their kids grow to be productive members of society, and enjoy what life offers them. Due to my years in the fire service, I have interacted with law enforcement many times, both on the job and socially. Never once, in any setting, have I heard one of these people say they can’t wait to strap their guns on and go violate someone’s civil rights! Not once! Everyone I know want to do their job to the best of their ability and come home to hug their family at the end of their shift, after putting their lives on the line for all of our safety. George Floyd’s murder was a complete and utter travesty. Please, don’t paint the entire law enforcement community with the broad brush of a few bad apples among them. Think about the ones you know or have interacted with and always remember the dangers and unknowns they face every day. What happened to Mr. Floyd was not the result of systemic racism and police brutality. It is a much larger issue than that that needs to be resolved. If you can’t see that than I am very sad for you.

    • Joe, I agree to a point. I know plenty of great people that happen to be involved in law enforcement, but given the spate of civil rights violations we’ve seen over the years we have to admit that there’s something wrong with the system. You could argue a bad apple here and there, but there are a few too many bad apples — so at a minimum we have to start with reforming the way we select POs, the way we train them and the way we oversee them. I mean what are the odds that the 4 POs involved in this ONE case could all be bad apples?

      This isn’t about vilifying every PO, this is about acknowledging that an organizational system is broken and needs to be fixed, from the ground up.

      • tanto , I also agree that there needs to be changes in the law enforcement community, as do most of the cops I know. I was commenting on the blogger’s specific comment that I mentioned. As for the other officers, you should note that two of them were trained under the killer cop and the other was also relatively new on the force. They were scared to say or do anything. That’s one of the things that need to change, among many others. Again, while I am fully supportive of change of policies, training, and supervision in the police depts., I was referring to the comment the blogger noted which is unequivocally wrong and short sighted. That sort of thinking will not lead to the changes he was proposing, but rather more of the same old, same old, perhaps even worse, IMHO.

      • Civil right violations, really, grow a brain before posting nonsense, and also do your homework, not what the main stream media is feeding your small brain.

  • My apologies to all who came here to read about hockey, I didn’t want to post a political response however this was a political article and not a hockey article.

  • Pretty feeble comment but imo it’s not their role and quite honestly I don’t want to hear it from them either . (The miller was an ’employee’ related incident so it is way different).

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