Rangers, Knicks refuse to make statement on George Floyd killing

Jim Dolan's internal email leaked, Knicks players furious

New York Rangers and New York Knicks owner Jim Dolan has received a lot of criticism recently, along with both organizations, about their lack of a response or statement following George Floyd killing. Fans are wondering where the statement is, and players are starting to get uneasy.

Per Pablo Torre, Dolan has stated internally that neither club will release a statement. Above is an internal email that came from Dolan to MSG employees, which obviously was going to make the rounds once it was sent.

There is no “where you stand” on this one. There is no place for racism in this country. This is not politics. This is straight up human rights and human decency. Dolan has never been a favorite among fans, and this is likely another incident that furthers the divide. For every moment where he pays his employees through a pandemic, there’s multiple non-statements like this.

Sports are the definition of a social matter. We socialize at the games. Some aim to socialize with the players. We come together in support of our teams. It should be a place for all to feel safe, yet incidents like this show us that it is not.

For the Rangers, this is an incredibly poor decision given what happened to K’Andre Miller less than two months ago. The country is on fire, and releasing a statement condemning racism shouldn’t be something to think about. It’s the right thing to do.

Hockey is supposed to be for everyone. The lack of a statement for the Rangers show they are simply going through the motions. It is time for Dolan to start putting his money where his mouth is.

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  • The Rangers should be upset too. The media only pointing to the Knicks being upset is just wrong, and feeds into separating black and white Americans. The Rangers are a top product that Dolan owns as well. They should be as upset as the Knick players are. Kudos to DeAngelo for speaking out in favor of Mr. Floyd (RIP).

    While a racial issue, this is more of a human being issue. This crap (social injustice) has got to stop. It’s like enough already.

    • How can you stop another person from being an idiot! If you are raised a certain way that’s what you become as an adult. If you are raised to believe, (as I was) that GOD created one race of people and that’s the human race! then you treat other with the respect you want to receive. However one bad cop should not make people go out and become criminals, arsonist, and thieves.

      • Violence is never, ever an answer, no matter how “justified” people think they are, in doing it.

        Not to mention that the business owners are of different ethnic backgrounds. So, in some cases, the victims of the violence are black business owners.

  • Why do we need another opinion? Why is the news media interested in how MSG feels? I guess they just want to stir the pot. It’s evident that the idiot cop who caused Mr. Floyds’ death needs to pay the price and his partners as well. Knowing how the media operates, the next question would be about the protest and riots.
    It is a no-win situation. It only will stir controversy. What do we care about how Dolan feels? Stick to hockey and basketball questions.

      • The reporter wants Dolan to make a statement about the death of Mr. Floyd. Will it make everyone happy if he says MSG is dismayed on the tragic death of Mr. Floyd at the hands of four policemen. I’m sure that would not be enough. I don’t know the exact question or answer the reporter needs but your response points to a statement about racism. Do you want to respond to that or the death of Mr. Floyd?

  • after whats going on in the streets right now blocks from msg – im happy they didnt. time to restore order.

  • Statements to me are worthless, TAKING ACTION is what’s important. So many people make these statements for one reason only and that’s because everyone else is!

  • When did MSG become experts on race relations anyway? The far left continues to push buttons that do not need to be pushed.

    Maybe MSG should answer questions on the space launch too.

        • You don’t need to be an expert on anything to know that racism is bad, and a statement goes a long way to at least showing you care.

          • No one is denying racism is bad. We should look to people whose opinion really matters and can enact change. A Dolan statement won’t stop cops from over-reacting just like a Dolan statement won’t stop insane rioting and looting.

            All too often people look to high profile people to have opinions that echo what is “righteous”. I do not need to hear the opinion of a sports owner or the mayor of Atlanta to know racism is wrong. Your own social thermometer should work well enough.

  • Not sure what Dolan’s hesitancy would be about offering at least a small statement hoping for healing and against racism. What could that hurt? Especially in view of the fact that the vast majority of his Knicks are African-Americans, it shouldn’t be so hard for him. It would be a small gesture, of course, in the grand scheme of things, but it seems that it would be appreciated.

    Regarding the Rangers, good for DeAngelo for speaking out some, and K’Andre Miller too. Miller, who was targeted by some racist moron, has stayed classy. I guess Dolan is leaving it up to the players to show him the way.

    • Tony D is special … I may not agree with everything he says or does, I don’t in general agree with his politics … but when it counts he makes himself counted. He’s a strange character, but he’s our character —- and I would happily go to war with him, you can always count on him in the trenches.

  • Just because Dolan didn’t put out a statement, doesn’t mean he don’t care or is a racist. Everyone deals with this stuff differently. I give him credit for having the marbles to not follow what every other team did and make a statement to condemn racism. I’m not a huge Dolan fan but I can’t kill him for this. Plus, both the Knicks & Rangers have PR departments and social media directors. IMO this falls on them more than Dolan.

  • Of course I lean towards just denouncing racism, calling for both calm and for reform. In this day and age there’s no room for this garbage … and what’s the cost of making such a statement? Will racists all over the world boycott MSG? Will the stock price fall thereby violating some sort of fiduciary duty? I think not, on all scores. So where’s the harm?

    On the other hand do we want every corporation, business and every individual to denounce every single issue, whenever it arises? The airwaves, the internet, etc. are already filled with enough comments and statements of support, disapproval, etc. When does an issue or an incident rise to the level of requiring such a denunciation?

    That said this appears to be a large enough societal issue requiring comment of some sort — I’m just not sure we should rake a specific individual or corporation over the coals for occasionally being “inactive” — especially when they don’t have a history of being on the wrong side of the fence.

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