Rangers to play it safe with Kaapo Kakko during relaunch

Kakko has diabetes and celiac disease

The Rangers are not without their concerns off the ice once the NHL season relaunches. In the midst of this pandemic, people with pre-existing conditions are at the most risk. That includes Kaapo Kakko, who has diabetes and celiac disease.

This is 100% the right move, as health matters more than hockey. Kakko qualifies as an at-risk person in this pandemic due to both conditions. What the Rangers’ plans are have yet to be seen, but my guess is that unless there can be guaranteed safety, Kakko will either be monitored or simply won’t play. I would not be surprised if the Rangers hold him back temporarily to ensure his health and safety. I also would not be surprised if he insists on playing.

The situation today is fluid and much will change between now and July when the season is supposed to relaunch. The Rangers will likely take it day by day with Kakko. Hopefully in two months, we have some better news about this pandemic and treatment for the coronavirus.

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    • Maybe I’m misinterpreting what you said here, if so my apologies. 😉 If by “Only the Rangers” you mean “poor us, we’re the only ones getting screwed here”, well there are 3-4 other players in the same boat as Kakko from other play-in/playoff teams.

      I certainly understand the Rangers’ position here … Kakko’s as well.

      As to whether Type 1 Diabetes is really an issue the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund) offers this: “Experts further say that if someone with well-managed T1D does contract COVID-19, they are not necessarily at higher risk of developing serious complications from the disease.
      Those at greatest risk are people with consistently elevated blood sugar levels and those with a second chronic disease (such as heart disease or lung disease).” That makes some sense to me, Type 2 Diabetes is usually accompanied by other issues, it’s more of a prolonged lifestyle illness … whereas with Type 1, normally the individual is diagnosed early and lives with it by adopting a healthier lifestyle. So perhaps there’s hope Kakko might play.

      • Yes, I was saying “poor Rangers.”

        #2 overall pick, plays not even one full season, and now have a once in a lifetime pandemic that severely risks his life.

        • Better then to say poor Kakko. 🙂 …. and from what I understand poor Max Domi. Yeah it sucks, would have loved to see him in a playoff-like atmosphere.

      • You really need to get a grip on yourself. Your over the top criticisms are boring and add no value. I was merely pointing out that some people (and I named one organization, unlike the President’s tendency to never back anything up) believe the risks with Type 1 Diabetes are less than those of Type 2.

        I didn’t suggest he play, nor did I suggest he was at zero risk — as you wish to suggest. I don’t know who you are, but I know what you are — a troll.

        • If by debate you mean making it personal and attacking the other person, then no I can’t debate and you’re just being a troll. Your so-called criticism doesn’t speak to the issue at hand, doesn’t present an opposing viewpoint based on any facts or relevant information.

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