AHL cancels remainder of season and playoffs

Will the NHL follow?

As was expected, the AHL has voted to cancel the rest of the regular season and the playoffs. The league, like all other sporting events, had been suspended due to COVID-19, and the league voted today to just hit the ground running for next season.

For the Hartford Wolf Pack, this comes as the team had slid from first place to fourth in the Atlantic Division. The club was gutted by recalls, losing their three best players in Igor Shesterkin, Ryan Lindgren, and Filip Chytil to the New York Rangers. They also lost Joey Keane to a trade to the Carolina Hurricanes.

The leading scorer on the team wound up being Vinni Lettieri, with a line of 25-22-47 in 61 games. Adam Huska, who took over the starting goaltender job when Shesterkin was recalled, struggled mightily with a line of 11-8-6, a 3.03 GAA, and a .894 SV%.

The Pack finished with a 31-20-6-5 record, but a 2-7-1-0 record in their final 10 games. The organization has already begun retooling the Pack for next year, adding three undrafted free agents and inking highly touted K’Andre Miller and Tyler Wall to entry level contracts.


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  • As far as the season being stopped, that is not a surprise. The bigger surprise is how the Wolfpack performed this year. They were much improved, which can be attributed to JT and Drury. The hired new coaches with a fresh attitude. They readied more players for the NHL. While I am sure they wanted to be in the playoffs, the Hartford team should be proud of a very positive season.

    • I don’t agree with this opinion at all! Shesty was the only reason for the minor positive down there.

      Since the letter, all the draft picks and prospects have done what so far? Minus Shesty of course… If we’re going back to the summer of 2018 people had Chytil, Lias and Howden as the team’s 2c,3c and 4c within 2020. The very least those guys were predicted to be a lethal AHL core. One of those guy’s had a alright AHL stint. The other one should have started out down there but due to early puck luck, got a free pass to develope in the NHL. Than the suppose future “leader” of the pack ran back home when things got tough.

      The overall sucess for this club will be off the sacks of Zib, Panarin, Fox and Shesty. Only one of those players is a true Ranger prospect who spent time developing culture down there. The AHL will continue to have weak call ups and miss the AHL playoffs. If the D core develops at the regular pace than don’t expect much change anytime soon. This summer’s draft is huge!!!! Low key the cupboard is a bit low and stale in the forward department. JG and JD got lucky with that Kakko pick, Fox being a oringal fan and Florida not having the $$ to bring in Panarin. Take away two of those name’s out of three and this team looks wayyyy different in a bad way.

      • When JD came in, he specifically said that he wanted to improve the whole org, from top to bottom.

        Hartford has better players, better coaches, etc., so Hartford got better results.

        But, IMO, that does not mean that it is a better pipeline for the Rangers, because it isn’t. Hartford is merely a short stop over for true Ranger prospects. Not a year or two, but a month or two.

        The Hartford players that are there now, very few of them have even a shot at the big club. Substantially all of them will stay there to make the AHL team better.

        • The Wolfpack now have a positive environment, where kids like K. Miller and others can groom their talents. Sure the current crop might have only 1 NHLer among them, but the additions to next years team will really help Hartford become a breeding ground for the big club.

          • That’s my point Sal, agreed. It is now a good “stop over” for our legit Ranger prospects, as opposed to the dumpster fire it was before JD.

      • Typical stream of meaningless gibberish from our pal Mint Avery-Hayes. Name another NHL franchise last season that had 4 midseason callups that turned into 2/9 of an NHL starting lineup.

        Connecticut provided Igor Shesterkin, Ryan Lindgren, Filip Chytil, and (through the trade of Joey Keane) Julien Gauthier. That’s a starting goaltender, a first-pair left defenseman, a third-line center, and a 4th-line right wing with skill and size.

        As usual Mint/Avery, you’re way off base, just like you were when you made up several months’ worth of quotes alleging that the Rangers wanted to trade Zibby and keep Hayes.

        By the way, did you notice that Zib had as many goals this year (41) as Hayes had total points (41)? And for $1.75 million less dollars to boot.

        • Hello Far Queue, As usual poorly thought through response by you. But given your own stream of jibberish and poor analysis, I’m not surprised. Far Queue did you ever think that maybe the reason why so many of our call ups stayed was because our roster had holes that needed filling, or did you think we were as good as Colorado, Boston or Tampa? Get your head out of your ass and post something insightful and not child-like lame brain.

          • Last time I checked Colorado, Tampa and Boston weren’t going through a rebuild … so less “holes to fill”.

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