2020 NHL Draft: Looking at options in the middle of the first round for the Rangers

While we still don’t know the plan for the 2020 NHL Draft (or if/when the 2019-2020 season will resume), we do know that at some point the draft will actually happen. We don’t know how the rules of the draft lottery or trades will play out, but we can guesstimate where the Rangers will pick. This helps us figure out which draft prospects to look at.

As it stands today, the Rangers would have the 13th pick and the 23rd pick (from Carolina). That gives us a starting ground. I reached out to our own Josh Khalfin about who the Rangers might be targeting at those spots, assuming the draft goes as expected with no one going off the board in the picks before.

It’s worth noting that I am no draft expert. I did a lot of googling here. You should be checking out sites like Future Considerations, Elite Prospects, Dobber Hockey, and others on Twitter (@SternScouting, @ManUtdTobbe, @aj_ranger, and I’m sure I missed a bunch).

Noel Gunler – RW, Lulea

Gunler is a guy who is viewed anywhere from top-five in talent to top-20 in results. He’s a kid that has a high ceiling, perhaps the highest outside of the bigger names in the draft, yet he seems to be slipping in draft rankings. He has one of the best shots in the draft. His 4-9-13 line this year doesn’t seem overly impressive, but that is more about his lack of usage than his skill set. Remember, he’s an 18 year old playing in the SHL, an incredible feat. If anything, that helps the Rangers out, as he may slide to them at #15.

Gunler, at 6′ and 170 lbs, is an offensive force. He creates offense by driving the net, has superb skating and passing skills, and good vision to go along with that lethal shot. He’s a Swede too, which means he’s solid in all three zones by default and carries a high hockey IQ. The talent is there, but he’s not perfect. If he’s available to the Rangers at #15, this would be a solid pick.

Jan Mysak – C, Hamilton Bulldogs

Mysak is another name that comes up a lot in social media. He’s a name that divides a lot of folks, as his play in the Czech Republic didn’t produce anything to write home about (5-4-9 in 26 games). However once he transferred to the OHL, his points exploded with a line of 15-10-25 in 22 games. However like Gunler, there’s more to his numbers than just the numbers.

Mysak plays a smart game, with a quick release and good skating with elite top speed. He’s a goal scorer with great hands, something that is tough to come by. He plays in all three zones. He plays on special teams. He’s overall solid across the board. This is the type of player you look for in the middle of the first round.

One of the concerns is that he may not generate offense on his own, and could pan out to be more of a complementary player than a primary driver. This should sound familiar, as David Quinn has said the same about Lias Andersson and the lack of continuing offensive pressure. He also hasn’t performed well on the international stage. Concerns like these are common for players outside of the top-five, but Mysak’s raw tools should mitigate some of this risk.

Seth Jarvis – RW, Portland Winterhawks

Jarvis rounds out the middle of the round reviews, at least for today. He has the sexiest stat line in the offense heavy WHL (42-56-98 in 58 games). Jarvis is rising up the ranks because the line matches with the talent. That said, remember to take WHL scoring lines with a grain of salt.

As for the talent, Jarvis may be a little short at 5’9″, but that shouldn’t mean he’s not worth the pick in the middle of the first round. Jarvis’ offensive talents –hands, skating, vision, playmaking– are all there and among the best in the draft. He’s another guy that also excels in all three zones, and is one of his team’s top penalty killers. He has great acceleration that makes separation easy for high quality chances. He also gets to the net and has no problem with the physical aspect of the game.

Jarvis’ draft stock was impacted by his slow first half, and to be frank, a likely old school thinking regarding his size.

If the Rangers get to pick between Jarvis, Gunler, and Mysak, they will come out ahead.

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  • Another name I have heard is Dawson Mercer. Most rankings I have seen have him between 9 and 16. He is a winger with good hands, but did not have gaudy numbers. Probably more than a year away from sniffing the big club

  • Any chance the Rangers package their two first round picks and a prospect for one of Ottawa’s 2 top three picks

      • Yeah I don’t see them being interested in any of the Rangers prospects. The younger guy who might make a package work would be Adam Fox. Chytil unfortantly isn’t in that category. Bottom line this club needs some real borderline elite talent to come in.

  • All very interesting choices. Mysak has fallen a bit in the rankings and he might be available at #23. No one playing now is making it tough to judge the prospects. But there are a lot of interesting options in our range. And of course someone may slip.

    Dylan Holloway is a player I would keep an eye on. He strikes me as a Quinn type of guy. Connor Zary is another player I could see us taking at #13. Again all speculation at this point. Just glad we have 2 picks in the first round.

    • Absolutely, Holloway and Zary are 2 most interesting personages who Rangers should be interested

      • We’ve probably had a good look at Holloway too as he played in Wisconsin with K’Andre Miller.

        • Yep, and he was one of the youngest guys in college hockey, and in compare to article 3 he is a self sufficient

  • Gunler has pretty good production considering he was buried in the lineup every single night, 13F more often than not. I don’t know what he does to piss coaches off, but he does it. All he does is score when given a chance.

    Mysak’s production against men is one of the better rates for a U18 in the Extraliga, decent production in the O for the pick range, scored at the rates you’re looking for as an underager. Good H/W ratio. Good thing they didn’t play Ottawa in the playoffs, otherwise he might not even be available at 13.

    Jarvis went on an obscene scoring tear starting in January, but 1: he was feasting on bad teams and 2: he moved to wing with Jack O’Brien(2021 eligible) centering him. When I saw them, O’Brien was the player that stood out, even as Jarvis was scoring.

    Great edgework and has the puck on a string; but didn’t have enough speed to have WHL D show their numbers. Needs to have the change of speed to induce D to play a tighter gap, then turn them. In the final 1/3 of the 1st rd, he would be a great pick for a middle 6 winger who can PK.

    • I like Gunler from what I’ve seen …. with 2 1st rounders I would like to see them swing for the fences, he strikes me as the type of guy that 5 years later they’ll be saying he should have been drafted higher.

  • It looks like there are going to be a number of excellent choices in the range where the Rangers will most likely be drafting. I’m kind of liking Hendrix LaPierre, myself.

  • Every defensive prospect taken before us, pushes a forward down. It would be great news if 4 defensemen are taken by the time we have our first pick.

  • I don’t care who, just please draft someone with some size, grit, and an ability to play a physical game. Preferably an American, I know it’s a cliche but, European players tend to be pu$$ies. And anyone who knows hockey at all knows you need a certain level of physicality in the playoffs to win.

    • Panarin, Zibanejad, Ovechkin, Hedman, Pastrnak, and Vasilevsky beg to differ with the ignorant garbage you posted. Just for starters. Even guys like Chytil and Kakko would probably stomp you out.

        • Would wager any amount of money to say that Chytil would smash you into the pavement like a hammer hitting a nail.

          • Chytil will never have his name on the Stanley Cup, mark my words. And if the Rangers think he’s a #2 center they are dilusional.

          • dilusional?! Are you having trouble with your video conferencing school work? lolol

          • Far Queue
            May 9, 2020
            Pretty sure they’re not “dilusional”.

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          • So what is it that you are saying about Hank? Because in all probability, his name will not be on a Stanley Cup either.

            No one player on any team in the modern history of the NHL ever won the Cup by themselves.

          • That’s a helpful comment Far Queue. You must either be a carpenter or a moron or most likely both. Sadly America is deteriorating because of idiots like Far Queue – ignorance is bliss, eh Far Queue?

      • Do you even watch hockey Far Queue or are you just a 12 year old with nothing to do in the lockdown? Euros in general are soft and not very durable.

        • Do you even think about anything without using tired and stupid ethnic stereotypes?

          Just to remind your dumb self: Ovechkin is the best goalscorer of the past 25 years, Lidstrom is the best defenseman of the past 25 years, and arguably Lundqvist is the best goalie in the last 15 years. Why don’t you save your corny BS for a crowd dumber than you?

          • Far Queue, do you even watch hockey or do you just Google crap and then post what comes up to rile people? No one cares who is best or who is worst. It is a useless argument and a waste of time. Let’s talk Ranger hockey and not some dribble you’ve dreamed up because you are boring.

      • FART Queue I have news for you. The only rugged player of the ones you listed is Ovie. The others are pure skill guys. You must be Euro too. We don’t play a soft game like you do in Europe with your soft hockey and soccer. It is a disgrace. If you like it so much go back home or watch golf or tennis.

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  • We need to fire Gordie Clark. He is awful at evaluating talent. He has been an abysmal failure since he was hired in what was it 2003? Our first and second round picks since he has been with the Rangers have been terrible except for a FEW like Step, Brady and JT. But I think we can count on ONE HAND the good players he has hired since he has been here. The latter rounds do not count, as if we found good players, we were lucky rather than good, otherwise we would have selected them sooner. Honestly who we pick is not as important as who is doing the picking.

    • Completely agree! Hope John also recognizes that the problem is management talent not the talent that is out there.

    • “The latter rounds do not count, as if we found good players, we were lucky rather than good, otherwise we would have selected them sooner.”

      Actually no, the idea is to select the player you like as late as possible … why pick that player 1 or 2 rounds earlier than when you can get him?

    • Music to my ears Joey!
      Clark’s drafting record is horrible yet all is
      well at the Ranger Country Club. If Davidson fired him
      it would give me some hope that they finally
      are going in the right direction.
      Long overdue!
      How does he keep his job when underperforming for 15 years?? Other then a few first rounders, we hardly have any of our own draft picks on the team.

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