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“Most popular” restart model has Rangers out of the playoffs

But they'd get a top-seven pick?

As ideas get tossed around to resume the NHL season, Mark Spector noted a popular method of restarting the season would have the top-six teams in each division, as currently situated, compete in a modified playoffs. The seventh and eighth placed teams would be out of the playoffs. The rest of the regular season would be canceled in this scenario.

For the Rangers, this would mean they finish outside of the playoffs, despite being one point behind the Islanders (Isles have two games in hand) and two points behind the Blue Jackets with a head-to-head matchup likely getting canceled. This would also mean the Anaheim Ducks and their 72 points would make the playoffs. Not ideal, but we’ve seen this happen already with the current wild card format. Rarely do the top-16 teams in the league actually make the playoffs.

The consolation prize for the Rangers would, at least we assume, be a top-seven pick in a loaded draft, whenever that occurs. That gives the Rangers the potential for another pick with an elite level ceiling, much like Kaapo Kakko. That’s a solid consolation prize for what would have been a first round exit (most likely).

The biggest concern with the above plan isn’t the one team that feels left out, it’s the hundreds of millions of lost revenue by basically cancelling the remainder of the regular season. Even teams like Ottawa miss out on revenue from TV deals, concessions, and ticket sales by cancelling their remaining games.

Nothing is set in stone, and the league does have a little bit of time to make a decision. Most states don’t “open” until mid-May or early-June. If the league is really willing to let this go into this coming Fall, then there is no need to rush the decision. We are going to hear a lot of proposals over the next few weeks. It’s going to be tough to see which proposal is actually the leader.

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  • Not liking this scenario. We need to stop worrying about adding picks and start playing meaningful games. We are only a few points out, and have nothing to show for it. A top 7 pick will get us a 2022 player. The only news that is relevant is that we won’t be playing any home games.

    Shesty, Panarin, Zibby and Krieder could make us dangerous. Not to mention playoff experience for Chytil, Kakko and Fox. Either play the season out and see who is actually in or out or let the top 24 make the playoffs.

  • this really sucks . imo if they don’t finish the season it will feel gimmicky regardless but still great experience for the young guys.

    I know the top 7 pick blah blah .. tbh I don’t have a 3 year outlook anymore as a fan sorry I just don’t. so obviously if we were picking then id want the best possible player – that’s not my goal as a fan.

    ***** this just underscores the importance of not taking off shifts in key points in games which I think we left at least 2-3 points on the table. the cbj game and mtl games come to mind. those games need to at least get to OT. rainne strome im talking to you.

    ******* finally how dumb is the point system? nyr have SEVEN more reg wins than nyi . rewarding mediocrity – the bettman way – we deserve byfield just for that.

  • Dave, you are so sure the Rangers would make a first round exit. I disagree with you. With Shesty, Lundqvist, Panarin, Zib, and Kreider, not to mention how the unknown youth would do in the playoffs, I think they could steal the first round, at the very least. After that, anything can happen.

  • The Bruins, Lightning, Capitals, Flyers, Pens, Jackets and Canes would all defeat NYR in the playoffs. Rangers might have a shot against the garbage Islanders but that’s it. Get real. Plus this keeps Panarin and Zibby from getting hurt in a meaningless first round while giving an improving Ranger team a top 7 pick. Not to mention that Igor & Kreider won’t risk reinjury. Only a fool would have a problem with this potential outcome.

    • Nothing is normal right now and to assume each team would be clicking and playing at their absolute best after taking 3(!) months off is a fool’s errand.

      A tournament this year more than any other would be a real crapshoot. No one knows how that would play out.

      I love the prospect of a top 7 pick, but give me an opportunity to make a run with top end talent and a goalie we all believe in. An early exit still gets the Rangers a nice pick anyway.

    • your first part is incorrect. your second part is right on. And how are the Rangers getting a top 7 pick in this year’s draft?

  • I’ll gladly take the top 7 pick. Deep draft so we would get a really good player.

    I don’t think any of this is possible anyway.

    • Yeah I wouldn’t mind getting a high pick in this draft. Maybe someone like Holtz could fall to the Rangers

  • Take the pick. End of the season is so screwed up not worth the effort of gearing up for weeks in these insane times to most likely get bounced. Honestly I dont think they were going to make the playoffs anyway. Rangers have talent just not enough to make a deep push. Take our pick and the other first from carolina/maple leafs and it is a nice infusion of top end talent, to say nothing of any trade that might happen with georgiev.

  • Good! They can try calling it the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but everyone knows its just an excuse for the owners to grab some cash. Take the pick, and continue the rebuild. Its an asterisk * season anyway….who needs it? But really, IMO, I don’t think they’re going to be able to pull it off anyway, so who really cares? Better to come back next year when/if they get the all-clear.

  • Anyone who wouldn’t want to see the NHL playoffs with the Rangers a participant is definitely not a fan in my eyes. Who cares about a draft pick, this Rangers team would have as much a chance as any team to win a championship.

  • Who knows. The Rangers were very close to a playoff berth. Surprisingly close. They could have gotten hot and ran the table at the end. Or, they could have been smoked in some games. We will never know at this point. The season has been broken and the plain truth is that no matter what, any attempt to repair the damage will fall short in some way.

    Whatever happens, I am thankful that the team played well, that some of the youngsters showed what they can do, and that guys like Zibanejad and Panarin, and Kreider (before he was hurt) and D’Angelo and Fox had fine seasons. I am very optimistic about the future once we get past this pothole.

  • Good morning Dave! Hey brother, help me out here I’ve been responding to this epidemic in and out and have not been up on my sports (except for the NFL Draft) – I thought we were picking 13th – how did we get to 7 – was there a re-alignment or something? Thanks!

    • Josh – it’s just speculation – if the current format they want to impose stands the NYR would be out of the playoffs, putting them in a top 7 position. I think its a free for all – 1 in 24 to win the Cup, or 1 in 7 in getting the top pick? I say come back healthy for 2020-21 and take the pick – better odds. Good to see you and Peter back…

  • “Most popular” restart model has Rangers out of the playoffs…….

    So how many times do the Rangers have to be screwed by the NHL for them to at least talk up????

    Buttman is at it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The season should be scrapped… Resume in October. Besides by October, we will have a clearer picture in regards to this virus…..IMO it would be risky to resume the season with so much uncertainty still in place….

  • “Mikko Lehtonen leaves KHL, Rangers should pursue him now?”

    This could be a great fix for next season, on the cheap at that. Mikko plays the left side, is leading the KHL in scoring for a d-man, has played with Kakko, Georgiev, and Andersson. He could be a great running mate for the Kakko kid, as he transition to the North American game.

    If there is a multi player buy out that won’t go against the cap, here is a quick fix, short term while Miller develops. If the Rangers buy out Hank, and Staal, we clear $14 million cap space, and get a replacement for $925,000 entry level contract. I suspect management will look at this option, which would make sense to me!!!!!!!!!!

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