Live from the Blue Seats: K’Andre Miller, picking the next Rangers captain, and debating 2015

The Rangers were in the news for all the wrong reasons last week when a racist troll invaded an online Q&A with K’Andre Miller. Unfortunately racism remains an extremely pervasive issue, especially in hockey culture. Rob, Becky and Dave discuss the club’s response to the incident.

The gang also wonders why John Davidson won’t commit to naming a captain, and who that player (or players) should be when the time comes. Dave explains why he thinks the Rangers would’ve fallen just short in their quest for a playoff spot this year, then gets into a seriously heated argument with Becky about why that magical 2015 season didn’t result in a Stanley Cup.

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    • After the Presidents trophy season?

      After bringing this team on back to back trips to the eastern conference finals? Haha okay

      He wouldn’t have the horses on this team to make his system go. There is a reason why Philly is doing big things with him behind the bench.

      • What big things are Philly doing? The season is over. And seriously, Mint—shut up about the damn Flyers, they suck.

        • The Flyers crushed the Rangers twice after the trade deadline.

          Dislike them all you want, but they are far from a bad team.

          • The Flyers win the same thing the Rangers will win this year—nothing. And no matter what their record is, the Flyers are a garbage team. They have a history laden with violent thuggery, an owner who openly encouraged on-ice violence, and a fanbase that to this day would rather have Bobby Clarke playing for them than Claude Giroux. And that’s all without discussing how they ruined Eric Lindros’ career, rushing him back onto the ice after he suffered multiple concussions. The whole franchise is a stain on the NHL.

      • AV did all that?

        I seem to remember him having one of the best goalies of all time and a somewhat talented team in front of Hank.

        Did you know that almost 75% of AV’s regular season career wins are when either Luongo or Hank were in goal?

        Phil Jackson had 6 rings with the likes of Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen, Kobe Bryant, and Shaq on his teams. Then he comes to the Knicks and looks like a hack.

        AV is probably one of the most overrated coaches in all of sports, who happened to have very talented teams. Lots of regular season wins, no Cup.

        He, single handedly, cost the Rangers the TB series in 2015 and the Sens’ series in 2016. That’s what I remember about AV’s time here.

        There’s a reason he was fired 6 months after signing an extension.

  • Anonymous racist trolls are little cowards who hide and lash out from the safety of their anonymity. Fortunately, you won’t see them at any Rangers’ games doing the same thing. They’d be crushed and they know it. But, I’m sure the little vermin wasn’t a fan anyway.

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