Morgan Barron named first team All American

Morgan Barron, the New York Rangers’ 6th round pick in 2017, has been named a first team All American in the NCAA. Barron, finishing up his junior year at Cornell, put together a line of 14-18-32 in 29 games, leading the team in scoring. The 6’3″, 215lb forward has made a name for himself in that second tier of Rangers prospects and is a kid that could hit his ceiling as a middle/bottom six forward.

Barron still isn’t signed, and all signs point to him finishing out his senior year at Cornell. The Rangers have been good at ensuring their own players don’t bolt for free agency, but this is a situation to monitor next season.

While you are all here: Work is finally slowing down, and this is likely my last weekend working. I can dedicate a little more time to writing. There isn’t much fresh content to produce other than little tidbits like this, so I’m going to poll you guys. What do you guys want to read about? Are there any topics you want us to tackle?

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  • Well, that’s good news for us Ranger fans, and I’m sure that JD, JG, et al, will make young Mr. Barron a very enticing offer. Dave, thanks for all the work you put into this. We realize that there’s not really much hockey news these days, so, at least for me, just about any little tidbits that you pick up will be more than welcome. Draft info, as TG suggested, would be great, but don’t bust your back working on it.

  • How about offering an article in support of K’Andre Miller that denounces racist “fans” and racism in general?

  • What…wait…not enough topics to discuss?
    How about that the Rangers dropped the ball on teaching our centers how to take a draw?

    How about an article on how Howden to retain his career in the NHL could at least teach himself how to be a superior penalty killer, faceoff man and hit everything that moves, but hasn’t done squat.

    How about Buch’s resurgence

    How about looking though each teams rosters and looking for good trade ideas for us to acquire a #2 center

    How the defense should look like in 2020/21 with Smith gone

    Or how about how the virus break allows Henrik To retire IMMEDIATELY UPON RETURN

    If you need other suggestions, let me know…
    training doesn’t stop
    Ideas don’t die
    And the pen never runs outta ink….. writing 101

  • Howden….. Hajek…… and Roykov.
    please tell us the truth. are they really as worthless as they seem to be?
    Joey Keane played better then both the def. this year. tell the truth
    we got nothing for Mcdonaugh and Miller! did we?
    (by the way Pionk had a better year then Brady Skeij)

  • are Hajek and Rykov still serious considerations? Trouba, D’Angelo, Fox and Lindgrom are for real. Add D’Andre Miller and Linquist that is six.

    Hajek and Rykov?

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