MSG in May (Deadspin)

The coronavirus has shut down the sports world. It has shut down several countries, and it looks like the US is next to completely shut down. Resorts are closing. Bars and restaurants too. All in an effort to shorten the curve.

It took a while to digest some of this news. Personally, I distanced myself from social media and the sporting world this weekend, save for the occasional news post here. I felt it necessary to understand what was going on and how best to assess the situation from a personal standpoint.

We are hoping you are all finding ways to stay safe. Follow medical professionals orders. Practice social distancing. But also doing so in a responsible manner.

In times like these, it is our individual responsibility to not only take care of our loved ones, but ensure the safety of those around us. That includes too many things to list out, but it all boils down to not being a jerk. Don’t be a jerk.

As for the site, we will continue to produce content, but as you can imagine it will be a little difficult with everything shut down. Expect the content to be less frequent. Seems weird to say, but unfortunately that’s how it is. This site has survived a lockout, a hack, and 2 crashed servers. We’ve found a way to produce content, and will continue to do so. But more importantly, your health and safety is of the utmost importance

If you feel sick, stay home. If you were exposed, stay home. Better yet, just stay home. And remember that toilet paper is neither nutritious nor edible.

There is a meme going around that some generations were asked to go to war to save future generations. Well those generations now need us all to stay home so they aren’t put at risk. Do your part.


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