Brendan Lemieux to have hearing for hit on Joonas Donskoi

Brendan Lemieux will have a hearing for his hit/interference on Joonas Donskoi last night.

This was the hit in question.

It was a very stupid hit by Lemieux. Any suspension levied will be in effect after whatever league-wide suspension that is coming regarding the coronavirus.

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  • A stupid and illegal hit but hardly an “unbelievable dirty” hit as suggested by Fitz. Yes he blindsided him, but It’s just shoulder on shoulder … at most it should just be a small fine IMO.

  • Come on,the “hit” was stupid but not egregious. It’s called hockey not two hand touch.League totally looks the other way when hits are on us.Tom Wilson is the closest thing to the Teflon Don on skates.Lemieux does not appear to have the INTELLIGENCE to be an NHL player.Maybe in “Slapshot II”?..Move him now.He IS NOT A TEAM PLAYER!

  • I like BL a lot. He knew the play was over and you can see what he wanted to do, he was gonna lay a heavy bump into Donskoi. Sort of to let him know he is there and he wanted to agitate him. Donskoi sort of turns and opens up his shoulder which made him more open resulting in a pretty nice smack to the chops.

    They is error on BL for sure but this plays results are not what was intended.

    The NHL doesn’t like BL that much.

    3 games

  • Not a big fan of Lemieux, but until we can replace his physical play with someone who actually has hockey talent, his presence is kind of necessary.

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