NBA suspends season; NHL to evaluate and make decision on Thursday

Update (10:56pm): Rumors are the season will be suspended tomorrow, with the standings being frozen and the playoffs beginning in April.

Update (10:42pm): The NHL will have a call with teams tomorrow. The NHLPA will discuss with its players.

Update (10:13pm): The NHL is punting the decision to tomorrow.

Update (9:59pm) Per Darren Dreger, the NHL is not suspending play….yet.

Original Post (9:55pm) Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the NBA has suspended their season.

The NHL has stated they will release a statement tonight regarding the remainder of the season.

It is expected they will follow suit and suspend the rest of the NHL season.

Stay safe folks. Read up and get informed from medical sources, not social media, not politicians, not your neighbor. Medical sources. Wash your hands. Keep social distance.

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