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Rock out with your....

Kaapo Kakko. That’s the Intro. Let’s get to the thoughts on this tilt shall we?

  • The puck drops and boom, Adam Fox goal. Panarin got the puck in the neutral zone, took it in, stopped at the blue line, sauced it to a streaking Fox, and he buried it 19 seconds into the game. That’s how you respond to such a flat effort overall from Saturday at home against New Jersey.
  • The fun didn’t stop there, as Zibanejad would pot his 40th minutes later. Guess he worked on his game huh? Some tenacious puck possession by Brendan Lemieux and a hard pass to the crease led to a greasy one for  Zibanejad. He’s matched his point total now in 27 less games…
  • Since his debut with the Rangers, I’ve tried very hard to watch Gauthier every shift he’s out there. This was his best game as a Ranger. His combination of his speed, his strength, and willingness to go to the net were excellent to watch in this game in particular. His first goal eluded him yet again, but he is so close and is doing all of the right things. It will come.
  • With all the good from tonight though, we of course can’t have nice things all the time as Chytil would go down and out with a lower body injury from a hit by Stephen Johns in the 1st period. Hopefully nothing too serious. Be SUPER interesting to see what happens if they have to call someone up for Colorado tomorrow.
  • The Rangers played some of the best hockey this season in the first 2 periods. Shesterkin didn’t need to make a ton of saves in those first 2. Helps when all of your lines are clicking too.
  • Kaapo Kakko had his best game yet in his very young career with a two goal night including a highlight reel type one from a beautiful feed from Zibanejad. Faked out Bishop and tucked it in backhand a lot like he did at the World Championships this past year. If his confidence takes off…look out
  • Though the Rangers dominated the first 40, Dallas came out hard and heavy in the third and were throwing everything they could at Shesterkin. They would get a goal early in the third on a power play and continue some high danger chances against the Rangers.
  • The Rangers weathered the storm tonight though as they really took advantage of a defense that likes to jump up in the rush and pinch in the zone. Because of this, the Dallas forwards have to play defense and the Rangers ate them alive with solid cross ice passing–including a clinical puck possession cycle while on a 4 on 4.
  • Cogliano would cut the lead in half with a gritty kind of goal by the net that Shesterkin couldn’t stop.
  • Despite not having a ton of action in the first 40, Shesterkin was sharp and making saves like his old self again. Just an unbelievable athlete.
  • Incredibly gutsy win. An even bigger test tomorrow in Colorado awaits this group that is decimated with injuries. Gonna be a wild one.

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  • Fox was on tonight for sure. Not only did he score, he moved the puck out quickly and was dead on with his outlet passes.

    Shame the Rangers didn’t play this well at home as there was lots to put on the highlight reel. I guess that’s the thing about a young hockey club. One night they will look like world champions the next night…el stinko.

    • Very true but I think they are learning to play that way more often as the season wore on. This is the most time many of these kids have been away from home. Add in the 82 game grind.
      Depending on what Gorton is able to do this summer, this could be a tough team next season.
      Of course the cap may force many players to be traded. Setting them back a bit.

  • I actually thought Gauthier lacked the skating explosiveness (on his two best chances) that I had seen in some past games — in his defense it was at the end of a shift and it isn’t like DQ has conditioned him properly with actual ice time … ahem.

    3rd period was a stinker tbh, the first 2 were textbook.

  • I think this time the Rangers are playing without Kreider will tell us a lot more about this team than with him. The Rangers are obviously a better team with Kreider in the lineup than out but with injury comes opportunity. A chance for us to see what kind of metal these kids are made of. So far Quinn has done a great job but now he’s gonna have to coach the Sh*t out of this team. We saw him using all sorts of line combos against Dallas. This time to the finish is going to be fun.

  • With the Kakko kid scoring twice, maybe he’s getting to play like a true NHLer. He will be a force real soon!!!!!!! Good game for the boys!!!!!!!!

  • Dallas is a mess, the Benn and Seguin contracts have sunk that franchise for the foreseeable future. 5 years left on Benn’s contract, that one’s as bad as the
    Tavares contract. 7 years left on Seguin’s contract. Zibanejad has outscored the 2 of them by himself this year. Dallas will pay nearly $20 million to Seguin and Benn, and they have 36 goals between them. I’d have been drunk every night if I was coaching Dallas too, I feel somewhat sorry for Jim Montgomery.

    Glad to see Kakko killin it last night, and I hope Chytil isn’t hurt badly. Real test for NYR tonight against Colorado.

  • Normally I’m the guy who wants to slow time down from St. Patrick’s Day until Halloween.


    This team and its leadership has me wanting to blow right through to preseason again. Second year in a row!


  • Canucks did the Rangers a favour last night by beating the Fishsticks. Ranger outcast JT Miller scoring in the shootout to give his Vancouver squad the victory.

  • Consistency,how can we find it?An outstanding effort.Some of the players i’ve been critical of had an outstanding game:Buschnevich,Kakko and Howden.SMH how they can look so good and so bad on alternate nights.Still they have serious trouble getting out of their end on the forecheck.Watching Bruins/Flyers game you saw 2 teams that excel at that very thing.Shesterskin was outstanffing again given the breakawayd and odd man rushes.None of the media gave DiGiuseppe his due for hanging in there on the 3 on one.Lindgren had a great game and will be a great Ranger.Is it just me,or does he pivot to the wrong side (Mohawk) when he wants to chase puck into his own corner?Something i think Staal and Skeij are fairly smooth at.Lindgren seems to have a hitch in his step.

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