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Philadelphia Flyers (5)/ New York Rangers (3) Game Thoughts

Another loss to Philly, this time it just happens at home.

After a 5-2 loss to the Flyers on Friday, the Rangers lose 5-3 in their second outing against Philadelphia in the last three days and their third game in four days.

The team was missing an important piece in Chris Kreider, who suffered a broken foot when he blocked a shot last game. Phil DiGiuseppe gets the promotion and was called on to play on the top line in Kreider’s absence.

Henrik Lundqvist got the start after Alexandar Georgiev made two appearances in back-to-back games Thursday and Friday.

With the Rangers two points out of a spot in the playoffs, a win against the division rival Flyers (now in first place in the division with this win) would have been nice. The Blueshirts will have to wait for the next time to pick up the points they need, and hope Columbus and Carolina lose.

Some thoughts on today below:

  • Play in front of Henrik Lundqvist was absolutely atrocious in this game. While Lundqvist did not play his best game and was giving up some big rebounds, the defense didn’t do much to take any of the pressure off their goaltender.
  • The Flyers were able to capitalize on three powerplay opportunities, scored shorthanded, and added an additional goal at 5-on-5. The Rangers three goals on the power play meant all but one goal between both teams was scored with special teams on the ice.
  • Rangers took some really bad penalties and did not look great on the penalty kill. All three of the Flyers power play goals were scored within the first minute of their man-advantage opportunities.
  • It took five minutes for the Rangers to record a shot on goal. However, shots on goal ended up at 26 a piece, in part due to solid play on Blueshirts powerplay chances throughout the game.
  • All game, the puck movement on the man advantage was great. Brett Howden got a look on the top unit in the third period and ended up contributing on the Rangers third goal.
  • This was arguably one of Ryan Strome’s worst game in a Rangers jersey. He took some bad penalties, made some mistakes in the neutral zone. By the third period, Filip Chytil was centering Artemi Panarin and Jesper Fast. Strome spent most of the time on the bench.
  • In the last ten minutes, Quinn ended up swapping up lines moving Panarin to the top line with Mika Zibanejad and Pavel Buchnevich.
  • Despite the bad start, Rangers prove once again they will not go down easy.
  • Disappointing to see this happen to Lundqvist in his first outing since February 3 – I expect we will not see him again for a while
  • Kakko down to the fourth line again 🙁
  • Di Giuseppe played a solid game in the top six
  • Adam Fox is still good
  • God bless our number one center Mika Zibanejad who finished the day with two goals, three points
  • Career-high 13 game point streak for Artemi Panarin and his 27th multipoint game this season
  • The Rangers still struggle in the first 40 minutes
  • We definitely miss Chris Kreider
  • Is there a chance see a call up from Hartford after this one? TBD.

For more commentary on today’s game you can check out my Twitter @krredpath.

See you against the defending Stanley Cup Champs Blues on Tuesday.

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  • Honestly speaking, Kakko should be in Hartford. He has been mostly bad most of the season and isn’t NHL ready quite yet. It’s an unpopular opinion but it is true. He has had some good games here and there but his skating is really holding him back. The Rangers really need to get him with a great skating coach

    Time to give Kravtsov a shot even though he isn’t lightning it up either.

    • His skating is just fine, but he’s often lacking the explosiveness we saw in his draft year due to fatigue — AGAIN … he may possess some good strength for a rookie 18 year old, but his conditioning is nowhere near what it needs to be for him to be consistently successful. He’ll play a few good games and then he’ll disappear for just as many. I would love to go back and look at a schedule because again I suspect he lacks NHL level conditioning. The battle level in the NHL is miles above the Elite League and even the WJC — even at the WC he started off on fire and then played just “ok”. This could also be related to diet due to his condition (either a poor diet or the wrong diet) … I would suggest a modified ketogenic diet, but that’s a bit controversial.

      • There is no such thing as a modified Ketogenic diet, you are either in ketosis or not. The level of carbs to get to ketosis is not suitable for an athlete of any sort let alone a professional.
        As a celiac and type 1 diabetic the Rangers should hire a specialist dietitian for him. You need carbs for the level of activity he has, the T1 and celiac will impact how much and what types

        • Being in ketosis is easy, especially when you combine a low carb diet with intermittent fasting, whether that’s a 16 hours off food, 8 hours on, or 20/4 or OMAD.

          The true Ketogenic diet was developed with 5% carb consumption (daily). It was created for pediatric epileptics. The modern version stands around 10% carbs per day … or no more than 50 grams per day. Right there that makes it MODIFIED. Besides, every individual has a different tolerance with carbs, some people need to stick to 10-20g carbs a day to remain in ketosis, others can go past 50g.

          So please, don’t tell me there’s no such thing as a modified Ketogenic diet because there certainly is — like there’s dirty Keto and clean Keto, or Mediterranean Keto (which is becoming very popular) … and the bottom line is, often times when you eat even a low amount of carbs you temporarily exit ketosis for a short period of time.

          I know, I’ve been practicing the Ketogenic diet for almost a decade — and the reality is your energy actually goes through the roof when you’ve become adapted. The only issue with regard to professional athletes are a few studies that question whether high-intensity, short-duration sports might see drops in performance on the ketogenic diet … as opposed to endurance gains. Hence I used the words Modified Ketogenic Diet because it would have to be tailored to his condition, his body and the needs of the sport he plays.

    • Kakko isn’t strong enough in the legs with the puck , he gets pushed off it to easy this is to be expected hes only 19. he hasn’t had a NHL preseason yet, he should work on his leg strength over this preseason

  • I had to turn it off. Strome is so selfish. You have to hit the net on an odd-man rush. Penalty the other end. 1 – 0. Then Strome misses a pass and lightly slashes a guy. Penalty. 2 – 0.
    When an opposing player is closer to our goal than you are, you HAVE TO LIFT THE GUY’S STICK.
    Philly gets touched on their hands and falls to the ice an gets a power play. Why don’t we do that?
    Did DQ want The King to fail on national TV? Or, maybe DQ saw the game Friday and wanted to protect Georgie?
    When Skjei flourishes, maybe we can decide we have seen enough of Lindy? I know he is a great guy. But if we are going anywhere, we need better play from our defence.

    • Well said. From top to bottom.

      The time to start Hank was on Friday, because even if he bombed, it was on the road, in a game they were not expected to win anyway, with so many games in so few days.

      While his rebound control was not the best, the stats showed that he had a tougher game than Georgiev did on Friday, and they gave up the same # of goals. Though to make the point further, 4 of the Flyers’ goals were on special teams, not even 5 on 5.

      Ruff has to go, but JD is thrilled with the direction of the team so I won’t hold my breath.

      • What?? Now you want to shelter Hank’s starts? That’s hysterical. He’s only been the team leader for 15 years. Played in every big game in that time and you want to shelter him. Laughable. How about he prepares to play when called upon and proves the coach wrong for starting others. He had the opportunity in this game and he failed because he cannot get across the crease or stop a rebound.

      • Here are the actual stats:

        2005-2013 Lundqvist record 276-229
        other Ranger tenders 52-65

        That is what a HOF goaltender looks like.

        2013-2020 Lundqvist record 183-183
        other Ranger tenders 110-84

        Advanced metrics tell us that Henrik has had a 366 game run of bad luck. Really?

        • You’re so biased it’s ridiculous, Ray. Hank can still play, I hope he crams it up the posterior of you and every hater out there next year with another team.

          If any of you cynical jackasses who gleefully dismiss the greatest Ranger of the past 20 years can read a full article, there is a good piece on Forbes today about Hank and Antti Raanta where Raanta speaks in detail about the respect he has for Lundqvist. Raanta also sympathizes with Hank’s situation, and talks about Hank’s position as “the heart and soul of the team, for a long time”.

          • Look at those numbers for 2005-2013. Starting out, every single Ranger fan was biased in favor of Lundqvist. We want to celebrate our heroes, not to denigrate them. Like everyone else, I supported the contract extension back in 2013 (or early ’14) and would have been absolutely horrified if the Rangers had let Hank walk. And I will likely always believe that Game 5 against the Penguins was the greatest single game by a goaltender of all time – when Hank alone beat a superior team after the rest of the team had packed up and gone home. And on a given day, e.g., the 2019 All-Star game, we sometimes see the Hank of old.

            We are all biased on some points but the Hank bias on this site is pretty much entirely pro-Hank. What I offered are just W-L records. They are actually slanted in Hank’s favor as he has played a smaller percentage of the games when the team was less competitive.

            My big issue here is really secondary metrics. Primary metrics are important – wins, losses, goals scored, goals given up. That is what decides the Cup. The problem with primary metrics is that sample sizes are small and so luck is a huge factor. hence people have developed secondary metrics – possession stats, high danger shots, etc. These are more accurate, but have no inherent meaning. If one can demonstrate a strong correlation between secondary and primary metrics, as has been done in baseball, then secondary metrics become superior. However, I am skeptical even of possession stats. In the case of goalie stats, checking is near impossible.

            I have not disparaged Hank’s character IMO. In fact, I have not been among those who have criticized Hank for refusing to be traded.

  • Adam Fox needs to learn to pick his spots on the rush. He hung his partner and his goalie out to dry when he was caught up ice. I know he is this blog’s new golden boy and he does indeed have a lot of hockey talent. However, Fox need to learn how to keep it simple and not to try to do too much.

    • Fox is very good, but no one is perfect.

      Sure, he gets caught up ice sometimes, and sometimes he gets stripped of the puck. However, usually he makes deft passes and defends well, espeically with his stick. For a 21 year-old rookie, he has played very, very well. His hockey IQ is quite impressive.

      • Perhaps I am mistaken, but I think I recall the play that Bloomer is referring to and – at least on that play – the announcers did not find fault with Fox. The object of their criticism was Howden. It is not uncommon for a defenseman to pinch and a forward to stay back. Howden was back, but was too aggressive, leading to a 2 on 1.

        In that situation, the forward must think like a defenseman and Howden did not.

  • Hey, at least they did not give up, so kudos for that.

    Howden on the last 2 PPs, while down 2 goals was special.

    Gaut got less minutes than Strome, who was benched for practically the whole 3rd period. Put him with Zib and Buch to see what he can do.

  • Hank haters look how they played in front of him, tuff watching where
    was the defense. we have some gamers on this team, but there were a lot of dogging it.

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