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Zibanejad sends Rangers home happy with thrilling OT win

Exciting game ends with Rangers win in OT

The Rangers sure are making things interesting. They took a 3-1 lead into the third period in Brooklyn before surrendering the tying goal in the final 30 seconds. Then Mika ZIbanejad sent everyone home happy with a howitzer for the winner. Alex Georgiev stole the show in this one, stopping 42 of 45 shots to ensure the Rangers even had a lead in the third period.

The Isles really did control most of this game. The Rangers were under attack the entire game, allowing both quantity and quality to the Isles. This game also had some pace to it, with just even faceoffs in the first period as both teams played a track meet for most of the game. This was certainly an entertaining game for the fans.

Rangers 1, Isles 0 – Royal Road passes

What a passing play starting with Artemi Panarin. That was two Royal Road passes, with an excellent pass from Ryan Lindgren to Panarin, who circled around to the other side of the ice for the backdoor feed and goal. The Isles managed to lose the best player on the ice and left a passing lane open.

Don’t discount what Tony DeAngelo did here after receiving the first pass. He walked it back to the left side of the ice, giving Lindgren time to get open at the top of the circle. That’s an under appreciated little detail.

Rangers 2, Isles 0 – Adam Fox is good at hockey

Fox made this happen by simply controlling the play with the puck on his stick. Good recognition by Brendan Lemieux to cover the point with Fox going deep and getting himself into a shooting position at the point. After that, it was Greg McKegg with the deflection. Not much of an issue defending by the Isles here, just a good hockey play.

Rangers 2, Isles 1 – Weird bounces

This is just a weird bounce off the glass. Oh well. And of course it was JG Pageau.

Rangers 3, Isles 1 – Howden forecheck and deflection

Brett Howden got in on the forecheck and forced Nick Leddy into a turnover. After that the Rangers just moved the puck well, ending with a Howden deflection on the Brendan Smith point shot.

Rangers 3, Isles 2 – Picking up the man out of the box

The Rangers didn’t pick up Jordan Eberle coming out of the box, which put them shorthanded. That is admittedly very difficult to recognize. Good read by the Isles here.

Rangers 3, Isles 3 – The killer last minute goal against


The Rangers were completely gassed on this shift, working against a 6-on-5. The Isles eventually got the tying goal off a good deflection by Brock Nelson. This one hurt.

Rangers 4, Isles 3 – The Rocket

Panarin with the defensive play and then the brilliant chip to open ice. What a rocket by Mika Zibanejad.

Shot Heatmap – A (recently) rare defensive misstep

This is about what you would expect from this game. The Rangers surrendered quantity and quality for the first time in a while. This may have been a product of a suboptimal lineup last night, but it was not the Blueshirts’ best performance. A win is a win though.

Skater Results – More fun!

A lot of fun mixed with a good amount of bad, which again is to be expected. The fourth line had themselves a decent game, which is good to see.

After what could be viewed as an emotional roller coaster for the trade deadline, the Rangers stole a win against the Isles, and a much needed two points to keep them relevant in the playoff race. I never thought we’d see the Rangers pressing like this late in the season, but here we are. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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  • At this time of year, a win is a win, especially against a rival. Too bad it was not in regulation.

    Marc Staal has to go, he just has to. I mean DQ sending him out there at the end of one goal games is malpractice. But all the Ranger coaches “trust” Marc Staal. I would love to ask them why that is.

  • The Fishsticks came out with fire in their guts, Georgie withstood the huge push, and we score. Tough game all around, but we came out on top, so what’s not to like? LGR!!!!!!

  • To every Ranger fan who doesn’t like Trouba: I bet the Islanders don’t either. Last night Trouba played the most vicious physical game a Ranger has played against that team since the Torts Era.

    I remember lots of dumb Ranger fans didn’t like James Patrick either.

    • Trouba is everything the Rangers needed on defense. Big, strong, young, smart and a big hitter with a slapper too. Only those that don’t know much are down on the guy.

      • Agreed. Last nights game shows why he is the type of player you need in games like this and potential playoff series in the future. Hopefully this will put an end to “we should trade him articles”

  • We got 2 points, played a very competitive team and held our own. Looked like D Smith wanted to prove he can play.

    Not sure how long Buch will be out or if Hank gets a start in the next 3, but we keep winning and we will have meaningful hockey in March.

  • 1. Georgie stepped in and played huge. We have been getting some amazing goaltending.

    2. Smith stepped in and played huge. Big props to this guy for being flexible all season with a great attitude and playing well, all things considered.

    3. Best game of the season for the 4th line.

    4. How lucky are we to have the Lindgren/Fox pairing? I love both of these guys, they played together on World Juniors, and they are both (checks notes) only 22 years old.

    5. Trouba is a beast. It was said above, but he brings something to the team that no one else does. He is a moose in front of the net and that hit was beautiful.

    6. That was ugly but a huge team win over a very good rival in their building. 4 points out — keep it going!

  • WOW!

    Di Giuseppe

    All had Solid Games Plus Outstanding Seasons . . . for the most part.


    • DOH… I forgot to add . . .

      Chris Kreider

      to the list of Outstanding Seasons…

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