Live From The Blue Seats: Kreider re-signs, bye bye Brady, and get well Buch and Igor

Episode 4 of Live from the Blue Seats

In this special NHL Trade Deadline recap episode of Live From The Blue Seats, Becky, Rob and Dave discuss one of the most unpredictable days for the Rangers in recent memory. From the surprising (and scary) news of the car accident involving Igor Shesterkin and Pavel Buchnevich, to the 11th hour re-signing of Chris Kreider and the last-minute trade of Brady Skjei, this was a deadline day full of storylines. What does it all mean for the Rangers for the rest of 2020 and beyond? Listen and find out.

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  • I think that the moves, and the non-moves made yesterday will show what direction this team is going in the very near future. Also many more moves will come down the pike at the draft, and the potential of a buy out of Hank, which he as much as admitted to in an interview yesterday, things will look very differently next season, but the core has been maintained, which is the most important thing of all!!!!!!!

    • It’s all about long term……but we cannot field a bunch of 20 something year olds either….Like JD. stated…….we are young and will continue to become younger and we need players like Kreider to set examples and lead………Hank, Staal and Smith…..really good chance that this will be there last season in broadway blue…….

  • I’d simply ask people who think Kreider’s term is scary to consider Marleau. Look at his numbers from age 33-39 — and he’s far more of a perimeter player than CK20. Marleau is STILL an elite skater and so Kreider will be too. I think this signing will end up proving an extremely wise move by the FO. And to unload Skjei’s contract for a first rounder? I’ve been a fan of this team since 1962-63 and from my cranky old perspective this was a very productive deadline day for the NYR.

  • Kreider has been pretty much injury free — the clot isn’t a hockey related “injury”. He’s a fanatic when it comes to strength/conditioning, eating properly, and resting properly. His skating is technically very very sound, etc. etc. etc. As a general rule I hate to sign 28-30 year old guys to 6-7-8 year contracts, but there are always exceptions to the rule. Plus he took less money to be here — that’s somewhat important as well … and from what I understand the contract is structured well. I don’t even think Kreider has peaked yet.

    He’s so dialed in with Mika that it’s hard to think of someone else on his wing; he’s VOCAL, loquacious, jovial but serious, speaks 5 languages … and whether he’s named Captain or not, he’s a leader and a sterling example for the younger players. In a word, a TRUE professional.

    So, what’s not to like about this deal? Or should we quibble over the 6th and/or 7th year? Listen, we’ve carried a guy like Staal through his contract, we can stand an extra year of Kreider.

    Re: Brady … not the best deal for TODAY, but a very good deal for tomorrow — whether that’s the draft day in June and/or the cap space next October. Today we have to worry about Staal and Smith on the left side, but tomorrow there’s Robertson, Miller, Hajek, Rykov and/or Reunanen.

    It’s all good.

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