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Rangers send Julien Gauthier and Brett Howden to AHL in paper move

Both eligible for AHL playoffs

The Rangers have returned forwards Brett Howden and Julien Gauthier to the AHL for the next five minutes or so, and both will be called up shortly thereafter. This is a paper move, as any player not on the AHL roster as of 3:01pm today would not be eligible for the playoffs. If the Rangers miss the playoffs, both Gauthier and Howden will play for the Hartford Wolf Pack in the playoffs.

Notable players not sent down: Kaapo Kakko, Ryan Lindgren, Filip Chytil, and Igor Shesterkin.

The Rangers will have used two of their four post-trade deadline call ups for these paper transactions.

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  • Could they even have sent Shesty down considering he’s injured? That’s a rhetorical question. lol

    I would call this a blow to Howden’s status on the team since he’s never even seen the AHL before — but it’s about time. He needs the confidence that can only come from scoring consistently and playing huge chunks of ice time. he could come back a better player (and he needs to).

    • Tanto

      I think you may have misread the point being made. Howden, and Gauthier both are going nowhere, this is a move only to get them on the roster of the Pack, in case we don’t get into the PO’s, then they would qualify to play in their PO’s. This is an exercise for the secretarial pool to keep them busy, LOL!!!!!!!!!

      • No Walt, I understood it perfectly. I was suggesting that on paper they couldn’t send him down because he’s injured. Let’s be honest, if the Rangers wanted the Pack to win an AHL championship at any cost then the 1 player you would send down is Shesty — if he played in the AHL all year he surely would be the MVP of the League.

  • Lindgren, Chytil, and Shesterkin have all spent time in Hartford this season–so they did not need to be sent down to be playoff eligible? Weird that they wouldn’t do the paper transaction for Kakko as well. If the Rangers miss the playoffs–why not give him the experience in the AHL?

    • They didn’t send anyone else down because they need to keep 2 call ups available in case of injuries to Rangers’ players in the playoffs, or before them.

    • Injuries. He is our lottery pick and he just turned 19. He will use that time to rest…this is the most hockey he has ever played professionally and he is playing it in the best league in the world.

      It is an unneeded risk.

  • I think this is a mistake. This gives them very little roster flexibility. The Rangers need to call up a defenseman to replace Skjei and it is not at all clear that they will get that person right the first time.

    Do you go for the veteran Raddysh? the inexperienced Rykov? the awful Hajek?

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