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Rumor: Rangers/Hurricanes working on Brady Skjei swap

Per Pierre LeBrun, the Rangers and Carolina Hurricanes are discussing a potential deal that includes defenseman Brady Skjei.

Skjei has been rumored to be on his way out, but nothing concrete had been rumored until now. Skjei has four years left at $5.25 million on his deal. The 25 year old is currently the 1LD for the Rangers, and would be an asset for Carolina. However cap space is certainly an issue for the Hurricanes in getting this kind of deal done.

Rumor is a 1st rounder is a part of the deal, if it goes through.

Update: With Sami Vatanen likely headed to Carolina, it looks like this one fell through.

Update 2: Or not…

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    • I would tend to agree with you, but they could use the cap space — now if they tossed in a 2nd I’m all over that … couldn’t say DEAL fast enough, but no such luck. lol That said we’re going to have to take something back in the deal, salary-wise … I just can’t see it tbh. This would be a better deal made at the draft.

      • It’s a funny situation where you have to balance market value and value to the team. From a team perspective, Brady for a 7th rounder is a good trade since his contract is problematic. OTOH, no matter how badly you need to unload a player, you want to get back what the market will give.

        I tend to think a first rounder is a good price, especially with Shesterkin hurt and the playoffs no longer very likely this year.

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