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NY Rangers 2020 Trade Deadline Predictions

Because no one asked and we are doing it anyway

The calm before the storm. When all seems quiet on the trade front for the New York Rangers, yet we know better. We know Jeff Gorton is working the phones and assessing the situation. Much has been speculated. We’ve seen rumors about Chris Kreider, Alex Georgiev, Jesper Fast, Henrik Lundqvist, Brady Skjei, Tony DeAngelo, and Ryan Strome. Yet nothing major has happened. Naturally, we here at BSB have some predictions.

Dave – Rangers will not make a big sell off

The Rangers are cruising right now, and they don’t want to disrupt that. The difference between this year and the previous two is that they are turning the corner and identifying pieces they want to keep around, and not just build to a future. For this, it means managing the cap and possibly holding out for better deals until the draft.

I think Fast is the first to go this weekend. The “where” is impossible for me to figure out because he’s a fit everywhere. Cost – a 2nd round pick.

Kreider will not be traded – he will be extended. Twitter will lose its collective mind.

All three RFAs (Strome, Georgiev, DeAngelo) will remain with the club, for now.

Lundqvist will not be traded.

Tyler – The UFAs are as good as gone, but don’t ask me for what

Kreider traded on deadline day to Colorado.

Fast traded over the weekend to Dallas.

DeAngelo/Strome/Georgiev all stay and are dealt with over the summer. Georgiev specifically on draft day I think.

Becky – Short and sweet

I think they re-sign Kreider, trade Fast, Strome, and someone from HFD (just to spice things up) and then deal Georgiev at the draft.

Rob – The blockbuster no one expected

Chris Kreider re-signs with the Rangers for 6 years, $7M AAV.

Jesper Fast is traded for a couple of mid-round draft picks.

Brady Skjei is traded in a “blockbuster” with Brett Howden and a draft pick that brings back a legitimate C with term. I’ve seen Vincent Trocheck’s name floated in rumors recently, so maybe it’s to Florida.

Karly – So long Kreider and no one else

Kreider is the only one who moves at the deadline — I think for a roster forward + first round pick + conditional pick. Past couple of years this deadline has been about selling, this is the move for the future as much as I’d love to see them try to make a run for a playoff spot.

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  • Rob … seriously??? Just kidding …. BUT …. Trocheck coming back and yet we don’t move Strome? Trochek @ 4.75M per for 2 more years? I think Strome signs for a tad less (2 or 3 years) and we already know he has some chemistry with Panarin and is great in the room. I don’t see this.

    Now Skjei and Howden? Possible … but what does our LD look like next year and please don’t say Lindgren, Staal and one of Smith, Hajek or Rykov???. I think the Rangers hang on to Skjei one more year to wait on Miller and Robertson. I think Smith is a goner and Staal retires or gets bought out (the latter is wishful thinking on my part, DQ seems to love Staal … too much).

    I’m betting no one gets it right aside from JG and JD. I want to hear their predictions. 😉

    • Presumably, if the Rangers acquire Trocheck, Strome gets moved down the road. As he is an RFA, this is easy enough to do. With Trocheck cheaper than Skjei and Strome gone, the salary cap issues go away. Not a recommendation on my part, just an observation.

      I would not hang on to Skjei just as a one year stopgap. The Rangers can move DeAngelo to the left side and achieve a solid top four without Skjei, Staal, or Smith. So they just need a third pair and frankly you can probably create a passable third pair with low cost UFAs. I don’t know about the timing, but I hope that one or more of Rykov, Miller, and Lundqvist can step into the breach. Management has a better feel here presumably than we do. Frankly, Staal has been decent this year in that role, but of course he will be a year older.

      • I hear you ray, but Strome will more than likely be cheaper than Trochek and he’s already established a level of play with us and some chemistry with Panarin …. why upset the apple cart for what looks like a lateral move?

        Yeah Staal has been decent, more so than the last couple of years … but another year older and at a greater cost than the younger better skating Skjei. Skjei plays the hard minutes and it weighs on him at times, but who is better at this stage? Skjei or Staal?

        Re: Tony, I would welcome the move to the left side but I can’t see him playing with Trouba … Lindgren is a real good fit with Fox … so, moving Tony to the left side again just upsets an apple cart. I have a thing with apple carts today.

        Re: passable 3rd pairs, that isn’t a winning formula and why bring in marginal UFAs when we have kids that can handle the job? One of either Rykov or Lundkvist should be ready … there’s also Hajek and I wouldn’t be surprised if Robertson shows well again in camp — same for Reunanen. So screw the annual signing of the marginal cheap UFAs, we have damn good prospects now who can probably handle the job. This isn’t the Rangers from the last few years … but this is all just my opinion and my perspective, time to close the book on rebuild and open the book on some marginal retooling —- and that starts with removing dead weight.

  • If Kreider isn’t moved by the deadline then it’s pretty obvious he’s signing here.
    So… where’s the $$$ coming from to sign him and DeAngelo? Are we trading:

    I can’t see all this activity coming down on Monday. Can Gorton risk things coming together in the offseason? And possibly losing CK for nothing? Does he risk an arbitration mess with the RFA’s?

    I hate to say it but I’m of the firm opinion that Kreider is a goner and I hope it’s for a good return.

    • This reminds me of Zucc, the ball is in Kreider’s court to sign or be traded — then again the sticking point may not be the money or the term, but the negotiation of a NTC/NMC.

      Personally I don’t worry about Kreider, his character appears to be top grade, he’s pretty smart and he’s religious about treating his body like a temple. I think he pretty much maintains his physical prowess into his mid-30’s. He reminds me of those few players that can seemingly play into their late 30’s without a great diminution of their skills or physical prowess.

  • Tyler, Karly I think you’ve got it right in some combo. UFA’s past the deadline will be a nightmare for the FO, not that the FO don’t deserve it. For the teams sake keeping the cap manageable on a current basis is worth at least a couple of #1s’.Zib needs some as well as ADA, Fox and Shesty and all to soon.

  • Appears Boston is OUT of the running by trading their 1st rounder to the Ducks … probably think it’s wiser to just try to sign Kreider over the summer as a UFA, if they’re really interested.

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