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A Chris Kreider/Josh Anderson swap doesn’t make sense

Over the past two months, Larry Brooks has been pushing that the Rangers should be pursuing a trade with Columbus for Josh Anderson. In a vacuum, that’s fine. Anderson is a decent middle-six power forward (or a good bottom-six) who has been improving every year. At least until this year. This year he has a line of 1-3-4 in 26 games while spending the majority of the season injured. There’s a chance he could be a prime buy-low candidate.

The Rangers and Chris Kreider are “working on a new deal,” but we’ve seen this story before with Mats Zuccarello and Kevin Hayes. It’s more than likely a trade is coming, even with the current win streak potentially altering fan perception of their plan. Kreider is currently the top trade target, something the Rangers haven’t had at the deadline. The price, given what the Lightning gave up for Blake Coleman, could be big.

Which brings us back to Anderson. A fine player on his own, Anderson will be 26 years old in May. Not exactly the prime target for the best player available at the trade deadline. A Kreider/Anderson swap would be a major loss for the Rangers, as they would be able to fetch a far better package from another team. The only “need” that Anderson fills is that he’s an NHL ready player at a position of need (RW). There is no other legitimate reason to consider the swap, which makes it a non-starter.

Even the cap argument is silly, since you’re getting a far worse offensive player who is only marginally better, if that, defensively. And keep in mind the defensive numbers for Kreider are from the past three seasons, when the Rangers have been a relative train wreck in their own end. If you’re looking at Anderson as a poor man’s Kreider, then you get what you pay for. One is not a replacement for the other. This is all about asset management.

This doesn’t mean the Rangers shouldn’t look into Anderson in a separate deal. It just means there are other methods of acquiring him, if he is indeed a target. Trading your best trade chip for a 26 year old middle/bottom-six winger isn’t that deal. The name of the game in a rebuild is asset valuation, and the Rangers would be doing themselves a disservice by trading Kreider for Anderson.


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  • The position of NEED is LW, not RW where we have Buch and Kakko with Kravtsov not far behind. Trading Kreider actually creates a need on the LW, not to mention a speedy and skilled winger that can EXCEL on the PP in front of the net.

    This is getting a tad silly, they need to sign Kreider and they’re being shortsighted … yes, shortsighted despite the argument that in the long run this makes sense, because if this team has any hope of competing over the course of the next 2 years then they need Kreider. I say sign Kreider, give him the 7 @ 7M, as long as there’s no NMC or full NTC over the last 3 years of the deal … or go 6 @ 7.5M …

    Unless someone can you blow you out with an offer that’s definitively better than what TB just overpaid for Colemen (essentially 2 1st rounders, the step backwards isn’t worth it (at this stage of the rebuild).

  • I’ve been waiting for the punch line on Brooks’s plus a first our way? Hard pass on this idea

  • TSN, a few weeks back, suggested the Blues might be willing to trade Sanford, a 1st and one of Kyrou or Kostin. Could Kreider and piece such as Hajek get Sanford, Kyrou and Kostin?

  • Chris Kreider/Josh Anderson swap makes no sense to me. If Anderson is hurt, why trade for damaged goods???????

    There is a deal to be made for Chris, assuming we don’t resign him, let’s look at the best possible return that we can get. There has got to be at least a #1 pick, and a NHL ready player. Entertain all offers, then evaluate them all, and go from there. Bottom line, sign Chris if possible, or get the very best return we can get!!!!!!!!!

    • The Rangers are building a new foundation. Starting in goal with Igor and George. They improved their blueline with Trouba, Tony and Fox. They have plenty of veterans, Bread, Mika, Strome, Kreider, Fast and Buch and a talented group of young talent starting with Chyil, Kappo and Lemieux. The Rangers organization have built a pool of young talented prospects to give the team depth and to make them competitive. These young players are the future. Out with the old in with the new.

  • Actually this is not like Hayes and Zuc, because the Rangers never negotiated with them at all, before trading them.

    Kreider is different because the Rangers actually want to keep him. They’re talking, but honestly, the Rangers should know that CK will want a 7×7 contract, just like Hayes, and more importantly, just like Anders Lee, a Kreider comparable.

    The hope against hope is that CK buckles and takes a hometown discount. Only CK and his agent know if he will do that. But this will be CK’s last contract to cash in, so why should he?

    I would think that if he is traded then the Bees, Blues, and Avs would be at the top of the list.

  • If traded…Chris Kreider will be traded for prospects and or draft picks….Leadership mandate building from the bottom/up…
    My hunch is that Fast, Smith will be traded…..maybe some prospects to entice the Smith trade. Not sure about Hank or Staal being moved this season….Georgiev is coveted, but Ranger want to fleece for his services for G might not be moved until draft night…I would also move Strome…..

  • Toffoli just got moved to the Canucks. With one more forward off the market, that’s got to raise the stakes for Krieder. He is certainly worth more then Josh Anderson in a trade.
    Should the Rangers move Krieder at the trade deadline, not only would they receive a good bounty for him. The Rangers will save themselves the 7 million for 7 seasons that he is asking for and give themselves some cap flexibility in the offseason.

  • I’d trade Kreider to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Boone Jenner, and their 2020 first round pick, plus l’d try to squeeze a conditional 2021 draft pick, NOT for Josh Anderson.

    • Yet if the Blue Jackets want more for Jenner, their 2020 first round pick, and a conditional 2021 draft pick, then I’d throw in the drama queen Lias Andersson, but that’s as far as l’d go with Columbus. Yet l’m sure there are teams out there who will make better offers. Kreider for Anderson is laughable.

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