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Chris Kreider stock going up!

Happy Valentine’s to whoever may be reading this, and hope you had a good time watching this game. This game was definitely more upbeat than last night given the shot differential; even if it was more Blue Jackets than Rangers for a time. I’ll eat crow on this one, Georgiev was a tremendous difference in this one. He battled hard and gave the Rangers a chance. Let’s get to the thoughts on this one shall we?

  • No Tony DeAngelo in this one, so Adam Fox got the bump to power play unit one which he showed he belonged with some really savvy play with the puck. I am still amazed this guy only cost two second round picks. He may very well be the team’s number one defenseman pretty soon.
  • When I saw that Georgiev was the starter for this one, I admit I was a little taken back that Hank wasn’t getting the nod here. It would be nice to hear tangible evidence of what is going on here and what the plan is for Hank going forward.
  • If you follow football, you wonder if the Rangers are just doing what the Giants did this season with Daniel Jones and Eli Manning. The big difference being Lundqvist by all accounts based on his workload, and by many of the analytic charts out there shows he is not only a good goaltender, but a really good goaltender. Maybe he’ll get in on Sunday.
  • The puck drops and oh my goodness it’s already in the net. What a deflection by Buchnevich. There is some great debates out there about the importance of face-offs and if they really are a catalyst to your possession metrics, and I am one of those who absolutely thinks face-offs matter. A face-off allows the puck to come back to Trouba, he slaps it on net, and Buchnevich tips it 22 seconds into the game. Buchnevich has been on fire since the all star break, and it’s nice he is producing. He may very well crack 20+ goals again.
  • The officiating nearly cost the Rangers a goal when Buchnevich went off for a penalty, and then got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for what looked like nothing. Tale as old as time when it comes to the Rangers and officiating…
  • So Columbus boos Panarin now huh? Bold strategy. Couldn’t understand why players want to leave that market when they become UFA.
  • Oliver Bjorkstrand is a massively underrated Columbus Blue Jacket, always have been a fan of his game. He also has become a bit of a Ranger killer this season. Too many bodies in front of Georgiev and he just couldn’t see the puck and Bjorkstrand tied the game in the final minute old the second. That goal carried the momentum into the third as it was all Columbus.
  • John Tortorella knows how to matchup his lines against the Rangers to get a defensive kind of night. Other than the top line, it was really tough for lines 2-4 to really get anything substantial as far as chances consistently throughout the game. Playing the night before absolutely could have had an effect, but then how do you explain how Georgiev played?
  • Did it confuse anyone else why Joey Keane–who got called up this morning–didn’t get to make his NHL debut tonight? I thought with DeAngelo out, they’d want another defenseman who has that offensive upside to his game, but Staal just had to play.
  • Torts reaction to the too many men on the ice call…gotta love that man for all that he is.
  • Georgiev can thank the posts on that Jenner breakaway while on the power play.
  • The Rangers put all the pressure on the powerplay after the Jenner breakaway attempt and caused the penalty killers to be out for extended shifts, and then a BEAUTIFUL bump pass from Zibanejad for a quick one-timer from Kreider gave the Rangers a 2-1 lead with a little more than 3 minutes to play. You just HATE to see Chris Kreider scoring against John Tortorella.
  • Ryan Strome sealing it with an empty netter from Di Guiseppe and Panarin allowed for the Rangers to get to 4 wins in a row for the first time this season. Yet another gutsy win by this group.

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    • The Rangers are only 3 games over .500, their record is 30-23-4….otherwise known as 30-27. Yeah, math!

  • Lundqvist is a very good goalie with a losing record and a mediocre save percentage. Perhaps the Ranger organization wants to move forward and take a run at the playoffs. Igor can take them there. He is the goalie of the Ranger future, Henk is the goalie of the past.

  • Kreider is just killing it. He could have scored 30+ last year and he’s going to this year (barring injury). Maybe that waiting for him to put it all together has finally come — so of course, trade him. Kreider’s body is his temple, he’ll be going strong into his mid-30’s.

    They need to keep this group (aside from Staal, Smith, Hank and any “placeholders” – sorry Hank) together. Move forward through subtraction.

    • Agreed about keeping the group together. The problem is cap space or lack there of.

      Buying out Staal and Henk (sorry) gets them some cap room . Fast could be moved as he is likely looking for a big pay raise. The organization has plenty of bottom 6 prospects that can replace him.

      • Nobody is good enough (bottom 6 wise) to replace Fast at this point. In his own way he’s a special player. Not flashy or high scoring but a consummate player and professional nonetheless. Yeah he’ll want a raise, but I think he wants to stay in NY — he doesn’t strike me as the type that would leave what he’s comfortable with for a couple of dollars more.

        • Kreider and Fast need to get traded at the deadline. It would be stupid for the Rangers to give Kreider a big contract. He’s not going to get better, but he can and most likely will get worse as he ages. He’s the definition of a streaky player. He will cool down soon like he always does.

          Fast has been on the wrong line all season. He provides no offense and should be on the 3rd or 4th line. He is replaceable. There are plenty of 3rd/4th liners in fre agency every season.

          The Rangers will be making a huge mistake if they don’t trade both of them at the deadline. They are not making the playoffs this season and hanging on to them to try is dumb. Especially if they walk at the end of the season and you get nothing.

  • There is no bigger Henrik fan than me but if we beat Boston Sunday I wanna get to 10 games above .500 ……. At that point I would (at least ) listen to what I could possibly get for him ………Lets Go Rangers !!!!!

  • Lundqvist is caught up in a rebuild, a youth movement. He is simply not part of tomorrow’s team. Sad but time caught up to the beloved Eddie Giacomin as well when Emile Francis realized he had to tear down the early 1970’s Stanley Cup contenders. Waived outright, some of us remember Giacomin quoted as saying” they threw me away like a piece of garbage.” Who replaced him in net? John Davidson. Three years later, the Rangers were in the Cup Finals. The organization has to start assessing who they can count on in goal going forward, as this young team matures, hopefully into Cup contenders. If anyone knows that, it’s JD.

    I can’t think of an elite professional athlete in any sport who would be content to sit at the end of the bench in a baseball cap like Hank, rather than be out there in the game, competing.

  • I think the Rangers will trade Skjei and maybe Fast. Next year Staal and Hank get buy out and Smith goes to the AHL. That savings keeps Kreider and DeAngelo.

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