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Minnesota Wild (3) / Rangers (4) Game Thoughts

Happy Birthday Kaapo Kakko

This was at first a snoozer of a game, but then became chippy, competitive, and dramatic. They finally get a shootout win this season, and Panarin made an unbelievably sick move in the shootout. Let’s get to the thoughts for this one shall we?

  • I found it interesting that Georgiev was who Quinn decided to go with tonight. Georgiev has been quite pedestrian since Shesterkin got the call up and lessened Georgiev’s consistent playing time. Georgiev just couldn’t seem to get in position or react fast enough on some of the goals against tonight.
  • This brings up a whole other point where you wonder what on earth the organization is doing to Henrik Lundqvist. Or they trying to play the kids so he waives his NMC? Or they hoping he retires? Will they buy him out? (Please for the love of God, do not do this Jeff). This just seems weird how much they are jerking Lundqvist around and putting his legacy in jeopardy. Marc-Andre Fluery is passing him in records due to his lack of playing.
  • To further my point in my intro of the Minnesota Wild and their style of play, there is just little to no pace. They clog up the neutral zone, try to force turnovers, and take advantage of flat-footed defenseman from those turnovers. Makes for very boring hockey and all the more frustrating for how much they scored on Georgiev tonight.
  • Panarin’s elusiveness when he has the puck on his stick is so refreshing to watch every game. He seemed to be the only Ranger who could figure out getting through the neutral zone without having to dump the puck in and hope for maintaining of possession from Strome or Fast.
  • Speaking of Fast, can we have a conversation that he just does not look good with Strome and Panarin anymore? I know they don’t want to mess up the chemistry of Chytil and Kakko, but it would be nice for a more skilled player to be on the opposite wing of Panarin. Offense just seems to not be there for Fast.
  • Tony DeAngelo continues his terrific offensive production with yet another assist tonight. This guy is going to play himself out of the organization if he’s not careful, he’s going to be awarded like $7 Million at arbitration.
  • I was very disappointed in the power play opportunity tonight, that was a chance to get back in the game, and they were sloppy. Not generating a single shot on goal doesn’t help either.
  • Mika Zibanejad needs to be this team’s captain as soon as possible, maybe even after this game. The guy is just solid in every category.
  • Where would this team be honestly without Zibanejad and Panarin?
  • Why didn’t Kakko play any OT time?
  • I can’t believe they counted that Panarin shootout goal. That was filthy though beyond belief.
  • Gutsy win for this group, let’s have more fun in Columbus!

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  • Panarin shootout should not have counted. Totally agree about them jerking Henrik around but Georg is suffering from the goalie carousel as well. Really happy to see him battle through it and get a good win. As for Hank I am hoping he accepts a trade if they can find a taker so he plays some meaningful hockey again instead of this bs.

    • The NHL rule book states in section 24.2: “The spin-o-rama type move where the player completes a 360 (degree) turn as he approaches the goal, shall be permitted as this involves continuous motion. However, should the puck come to a complete stop at any time during the shot attempt, the shot shall be stopped and no goal will be the result.” Although Panarin didn’t make a spin, he also never let the puck come to a complete stop, so the play continued, and it was a good goal.

      • It wasn’t a good goal, Rangers got lucky. The shootout is garbage. Panarin clearly went sideways and backwards at the end of his move. I’d bet money there’ll be more said about this play at the league office.

        • I agree the SO has it’s downside. I totally agree with the decision to count the goal though, the move he was making involved shifting the puck all over the place, at no time was the puck moving backwards in a way that showed he lost control of it’s movement away form the goaline. He’ totally owned everything that happened…

          GOAL BABY! Stop Crying Bruce!


          Cheers, LGR!

  • Will you please stop trying to read Lundquist’s mind, or telling him what to do? He’s never been shy about speaking his mind, and he committed to this rebuild right from the start. If he wanted to be traded, or wants to retire, or is pissed off about the situation, I’m sure that he’ll let the FO know it, and take action.

  • “This just seems weird how much they are jerking Lundqvist around and putting his legacy in jeopardy. Marc-Andre Fluery is passing him in records due to his lack of playing.” So what. Hank is a legacy. Forever will be loved. This is about today…and the future. He has been richly recognised and rewarded but this is the proper way to run a pro franchise. See Bill Belichick.

    “Where would this team be honestly without Zibanejad and Panarin?” Not sure the point? They are vital…the core who pace the whole show. But where are the Bruins without Pasta and Bergeron? Caps without Ovi and Backstrom…..

    • Totally agree about Hank. He will be forever loved, and his number will be retired someday. Also see Eli Manning. Also agree about Zib and Bread. Your point is?

      • And yeah Panarin’s shootout goal shouldn’t have counted. So what? The referee blew the call; so sue me. It’s about time the Rangers had a dicey call go their way for a change. Two points. On the plane to Columbus.

  • Hank should see the writing on the wall but has 8.5 million reasons to be happy.

    Fast needs to go.
    The FO has some decisions to make.

  • Noone is jerking the King around. It obviously is in the Ranger’s best interest to play Georgiev as the back up to Shesty, if for no other reason than to build up his trade value. Georgiev’s stats, and play, have been as good as Hank’s anyway so its not like he hasn’t earned it.

    It is unfortunate that the situation played out as it did for Hank but it is what it is. If he is concerned about his legacy, stats-wise, the Rangers offered him the opportunity to go to a contender and he decided to stay. I’m sure they would try again if the current situation changed the Ling’s mind. As great as he was (greatest Ranger ever IMHO) they don’t owe him the net at this juncture when it is not in their interest to do so.

    And regarding next year Hank only earns 5.5 even though it is a 8.5 cap hit. It would be in everyone’s interest for Hank to help us out and gracefully bow out one way or another. The cap relief would be immense. He could be a franchise glad hander, like Gilbert, for years to come and earn far more than the 5.5 and go out in grand style with an enormous event in his honor next season. That is what would be best for everyone.

  • Henrik is not the NY Rangers, he is part of the organization, I like seeing the FO play to win not play to make a player’s legacy grow. He is the king but at the end of any players career decisions are made, the Rangers are making there’s continuously with regards to the future of this team between the posts.

    I thought Panarin’s SO goal should have counted, he threaded the line of moving forward but he raped the goalie to his knees with the moves. If this were reversed and the Ranger goalie left his jock on the ice I would not feel bad giving up the goal. Stop Crying Bruce….

    Cheers all, TGIF and a game night!


  • What Georgiev suffered mostly from last night was a case of Skjei-itis. He made several close-in point blank saves, in traffic, stoned Zuuc on a breakaway, and kept the game close. Skjei on the other hand deflected another goal into his own net, couldn’t handle Greenway on his tip in, and skated like he had a case of a little too much home cooking to digest. It’s a sad day, but Lundqvist has gotten caught up in a youth movement.

  • Georgiev gave up three goals in three deflections. I don’t know what else he could do. He was in position on all three goals

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