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Winnipeg Jets (1) / Rangers (4) Game Thoughts

Trouba and Lemieux's Return

The return to Winnipeg for both Trouba and Lemieux. Both players had great starts to their respective careers while in that organization. Elsewhere, the team played incredibly well in front of Shesterkin and Lundqvist both. Chris Kreider leading the way with some timely goals helped too (Trade value going WAY up). But enough of this, let’s get to the thoughts on this game.

  • The NHL and it’s entire community need to stop putting Bobby Hull on my television. The guy is a trash human being in every sense of the word.
  • The Winnipeg Jets should consider making these Navy and Red jerseys their full time home jerseys, they look great. It has been a good year for throwback jersey designs and the Adidas style jerseys.
  • For more relevant matters, the Rangers played extremely well at the start of the game all things considered against this pretty stacked Winnipeg team. I thought going into this one that they would struggle mightily against their forward corp, but the defense and the forwards both played guys like Connor, Laine, Scheiffle, and Wheeler extremely well.
  • Igor Shesterkin had a nasty scare tonight however as DeAngelo carelessly pushed Andrew Copp into his head and had him sent to concussion protocol. This forced Lundqvist to come in for relief for the last 6 minutes in the first. Lundqvist had to make only one save, but a hard one at that with a heavy shot.
  • In the final minute, Buchnevich threw the puck up ice to a streaking Kreider who then beat Hellebuyck with a great fake forehand, backhand, tuck behind the skate move.
  • In the 2nd, with Shesterkin back in net after coming out of concussion protocol, Kreider wouldn’t stop there as he was the recipient of GREAT puck luck created by a Strome shot pass off Hellebuyck’s pads right to his stick and to the back of the net. While not all puck luck isn’t created equal, Kreider may very well finally score 30 goals in his career. I still think had he not gotten injured last year, he would have easily gotten there.
  • I am amazed at Shesterkin’s ability to give up little to no rebounds on his shots against. He is going to not just be a good goalie in this league, but a REALLY good goalie in this league. Dare I say…an elite goaltender?
  • Panarin having 74 points in his first year as a New York Ranger is indescribable. He has been worth the contract and more. The playoff’s will be a farfetched outcome for the team this year, but the Rangers may very well be there next season and it is going to be exciting what he does then for this team.
  • The Jets pushed hard in the third with a power play goal and plenty of chances, but Shesterkin’s goaltending was the difference.
  • Kakko is growing more and more confident each game and it is showing in his game. He didn’t end up on the scoresheet tonight, but he had a great chance by bringing the puck on his stick from behind the net and taking to the puck to the slot for a shot. I don’t think pre-All Star break Kakko would have done that. I cannot wait to see what his potential becomes. He has all of the tools to be a fantastic Ranger.
  • Getting ahead of my self here, but the Rangers all time leading goal scorer is Rod Gilbert with 406…I wonder if a guy like Kakko could become a lifelong Ranger and break that record?
  • Great road win for the team, and good for Shesterkin. What a start to his career.

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  • I know every team has some Dopey fans and Winnipeg is no different Shesterkin. Got hurt in the first. And when he came off the ice a couple of the fans on the way out while waving goodbye to him just no class

  • Great game by all. I was actually happy they scored a goal so Igor would not be robbed of the win. He was outstanding especially in the 3rd when they let up. Kreider in true beast mode.

    • I’ve said it for a month now, Kreider playing like he knows that he’s staying, or that he knows that he and the Rangers will work out a contract.

      It’s like he threw a switch and has played markedly better. He’s playing elite hockey right now. Dominant.

      Trade Georgie now, before it’s too late.

      • I’ll say this… Kreider did NOT get excited on either of his goals last night. No roar, no fist pump, no real celebration at all…which I found very unlike him. The second goal where he faked cutting across the net and tucked it in was really sweet. He had virtually no reaction to his own goal.

        And I’ll say this too… my sons and I met Kreider the other day before the Kings game. There were not a lot of fans around, so he didn’t get too tied up with autographs. But he looked MISERABLE… everyone commented on it. He even took a half step as he was walking in to look up and almost take in the Garden. A few of us noticed that too. The while thing was just a little odd. We met about half the team, and everyone else seemed much more upbeat. We met JT Miller a few seasons ago in the same way, and he also looked miserable. He was traded 2 days later. That was his last game as a NYR that day.

        Just speculating… maybe CK had some personal stuff going on. But it stood out compared to all his teammates.

        • While my feeling is that the Rangers will try to re-sign CK, it is far from a done deal.

          If CK INSISTS on a 7 x 7 deal then I do not think that the Rangers bite.

          If the Blues or the Bees come up with a knock out offer then the Rangers may take it. If the Bees relent and give up DeBrusk, the Rangers HAVE to take that deal.

  • Thoughts and prayers to Boowmeester who collapsed on the bench last night. Very scary. Get well soon!!

    Sign Kreider!!
    Sign ADA!!
    Fox is elite!! Man what a play on that 3 on 1 when the game was close. Not to mention his vision on passes. That touch pass in the neutral zone was subtle but very effective. This kid has all the tools to be a top pair D man some day.

    Very good all around game for the team against a very tough bunch of forwards, especially when they are at home.

    Shesty now #1, just in case Ranger fans did not think so before last night’s game, lol.

    • Tony

      Shesty has stopped 42 shots in two consecutive games, the kid is like a wall. When I started reading about Igor my thought was he a product of the hype machine that is the NY press. Man alive, he is all that was written, plus some, are you watching Hank? Love his game!!!!!!!

      • Walt….I told Richter last year…co-worker of mine brother been watching Igor since he was 16…… stated this kid is the real deal……I started watching highlights of this kid years ago and was impressed with his calmness under siege…..the torch has been passed..unofficially

        • I couldn’t agree with guys more… watching a rerun of Hank storming out of the gate and taking the starting job from Weekes. Igor’s athleticism, glove and puck-moving ability is really something special to watch!

      • Exactly Walt. I had been following Shesty since he was in the KHL, and while Shesty was on one of the better teams in the league, he was stellar.

  • Foxy looks to be a super in the making…….Good road win against against a physical team…Czar is such a polished goaltender and very intelligent…..

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