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Rangers/Kreider camp talking, but history with Hayes/Zuccarello lingers

The precedent has been set already

Per Pierre LeBrun, the Rangers are finally talking to Chris Kreider’s camp about a contract extension.

This is obviously good news for the keep Kreider camp, as everything was quiet out of both sides for quite some time. With the news that they are talking, there is a hope of an extension if the sides can agree.

The thing is history isn’t with the Rangers here. They started “negotiating” with Kevin Hayes and Mats Zuccarello in the same manner before they were eventually traded. This could be one of those publicity stunts by Jeff Gorton, stating that he tried before he eventually trades Kreider.

There is one difference between this year and last, and it’s that it is a year later. What happened last year, while it shouldn’t be ignored completely, doesn’t necessarily matter. In that year the Rangers have added Artemi Panarin, Jacob Trouba, and Adam Fox. They’ve seen tremendous development from Tony DeAngelo and Filip Chytil. They probably moved their rebuild up 1-2 years with the offseason.

As stated on our first podcast, it’s about building a true contender for the 2021-2022 season. This season isn’t it, and neither is next season. The juggling act is going to be Kreider with potential diminishing returns on a contract, and how that plays into contract extension for other, younger players.

Reports are that Kreider wants to stay in New York (so did Zuccarello). Reports are also stating his market value is around $6-$7 million for 5+ years. That’s a tough pill to swallow for a guy who is closing in on 30 years old. But if he’s coming in at less cap hit or less term, there might still be a deal to be made.

Then again, Jeff Gorton has set a precedent with opening negotiations this late. It’s going to be a bumpy couple of weeks.

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  • The difference is that Zucc was almost 32 years old and in Hayes case they wanted to open up the middle of the ice for Chytil (I also think that Hayes skating will eventually catch up to him as he goes past 30). Kreider on the other hand can’t be replaced for the immediate future, trading him opens up a hole they can’t fill – 1 step forward, two steps back.

    The UFA market this summer won’t be an option, we can’t find “improvement” there. Also if there’s any player I trust to maintain his skill set into his early 30’s it’s Kreider, not to mention his leadership skills — he sets a great example for the younger players as to what it takes to be a true professional in this game.

  • He’s taken his game to a higher level. Has mojo with Mika. Nobody on this team can replace his skill set in front of net on PP

  • Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice (or in this case, a dozen times) shame on me. I’m not buying it. This current streak won’t last, sell high. I won’t get fooled again.

  • I understand the diminishing returns, but what about replacing Kreider’s attributes?

    It will take more than one player to replace what he brings. And we’re so young, that it will prob take 1-2 seasons before we plug those holes (and this is IF you find the right players). If the deal is great and has the right players coming back, then go for it. But if it’s draft picks again and we have to wait, then I’d just sign him. By the time Kreider begins to diminish, I think we’d still be struggling to replace what he brings if we trade him now.

  • This team is keeping CK20.

    28 in Kreider years is 26.

    I all but guarantee it baby!

    JD is at the helm, this team is not last years in terms of what they need to do to build.

    Done deal, unless its a massive opportunity for the team on the value, CK20 is a Ranger.

    Done Deal Baby.

    • Then the Rangers are incredibly stupid. You have to trade him. The return will be good and his contract will be expensive.

      • he’s the straw that stirs the cocktail baby, make room for him by losing others, theres plenty of dead weight within a few other players…

        this isn’t about return anymore, its about the next 3 years and CK20 is the powerhouse the club can’t do without. I don’t care what you get in return, we need CK20 now and in the next 3-5 years and the team needs to make room for this train baby, because it’s rolling.

        Get on Board


        just like ADA, CK20 has forced the hand of MGT to make it happen or face the backlash of a much more stupid decision of keeping others.

        • Difference is DeAngelo is still on the right side of 30. I don’t like the idea of giving him a 7×7 contract. He’s the biggest name left on the market. They have to capitalize on that.

          • my disagreement lies in how physical a guy he is and how important his type of game is in the next 3-4 years, in which, he will still be a beast. IMO

            Lets hope it all works out whichever way it goes…

            Getting on the LIRR for tonights game in moments, LGR!!!

            Beat the step brother sabres baby!


  • I have a lot of thoughts here. But in summary, it’s hard for me to see any return that will help the next 2-3 years in a way that make the trade worth it.

    Obviously there’s the enthusiasm that comes with a new prospect and potential of pick 27-31 . But as weve seen with the second overall pick that enthusiasm ends once the puck drops in October.

    Of course it’s one thing if the sides are just too far apart .. and the return should be a good one. However let’s be clear here there is no immediate replacement in the wings.

    I think when the letter was put out the selling would stop at kreider , no offense to hayes and zucc but he is one that teams actually are concerned about. … I still have a chance to be right.

  • So, why do we as Rangers fans want to extend Kreider for another four to five years?
    He has been wildly inconsistent during his current contract!
    Is he now committed to playing a tough a north south game with continued point production, or is it because he will have RFA status and is trying to collect a windfall for his new contract.

    Personally, it feels more like fool me once , shame on you. Fool me twice , shame on me.
    I just think that either Boston, St. Louis , or another wild card team will pony up and give the Rangers a bucket load of picks and young players that will help hasten the rebuild

    • CK was inconsistent, 2-3 years ago, with glimpses of beast mode, 2 years ago he had issues with his power, blasting guys into the boards and crashing up the ice. last year he started to get it together, he had a crazy injury and has since come back with a passion and has hit his prime now.

      trading him is just dumb because you can’t grow or trade for what he is and will be for at least 3-4 years.

      He is what all teams want, aside from the bully factor that is Wilson on the caps, CK20 is a mover, a player that is not replaced.

      we are keeping this guy… end of story.


    • That is always a possibility. If it is ‘sky high’ then the Rangers might just take it. But, I believe that the more likely outcome of a trade will be that the Rangers don’t get equal value for Kreider (which is due to his being a player that is difficult to replace.)

  • I completely disagree. He will be fine traded by the deadline!

    You answered your own question. The Rangers won’t be able to compete for a championship for a few more seasons with or without Kreider.

    No thanks for the albatross around the Rangers necks. Kreider isn’t going to sign for less than 6 plus over the next 6-7 years.
    When players hit 30 plus, they start losing their speed and quickness. That is a huge part of his game!

  • Admittedly I haven’t been a big fan of the streaky/inconsistent Kreider, buuuut that was before he put together these past 2 months. I don’t think I’ve seen him play with this much confidence and determination before. He’s a force out there. I think I’m being fooled (again), but I say sign CK20! We’re a better team with him if he plays like this all the time. Maybe he’s finally developed consistency. LGR!

    • There is no question that Kreider has unique attribute that make him extremely difficult if not impossible to replace.

      Its also true he has been inconsistent.

      For me a big question about his inconsistency is how much of his inconsistency can be attributed to the blowback from the Carey Price collision and Vigneault’s passive philosophy? Is it possible that Kreider is now fully healthy and Quin has given him the green light to play his game?

      We’re a young team and need leadership. Kreider sets a great example with his professionalism and training routine. He speaks Russian which I think is an important but overlooked factor in that we have several young Russian players.

      Its possible Panarin might be able to be that support but he is also new to NYC and the Rangers

      We should keep Kreider especially if he is willing to give us some kind of discount!!!

  • The Rangers may be competitive before we think. The Rangers made the playoffs in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 with what was pretty much a crap team. Think of why that happened and look at Mr. Shesterkin.

    • Big difference between making the playoffs and REALLY competing for a SC. If we move Kreider it’s 1 step forward and 2 back — that said if the right deal comes along, like a 1st rounder and a top prospect (Kaut or Kyrou), it might be too good to pass up.

      • We are actually agreeing here. I am saying “Don’t be so quick to write off next year” — and trading Kreider for futures is sort of writing off next year.

        • Possibly a month or two….nobody knows. But I do know that superman always turns back into Clark Kent.

          • Do you have even the slightest bit of hockey knowledge? Kreider has been one of the Rangers’ most consistent offensive players over the past 4 seasons. His goal averages have been nearly identical over those years. This year he’s actually ahead of his career average and on track for 30 goals.

          • Seriously FarQ? Perhaps consistently under performing 1st line expectations. This is the first year where he looks like a legit 1st liner in actual performance.

          • Kreider’s last 4 seasons w/NYR:

            2016-17 28 goals in 75 games (.37 goals per game)
            2017-18 16 goals in 58 games (.28 goals per game)
            2018-19 28 goals in 79 games (.35 goals per game)
            2019-20 19 goals in 51 games (.37 goals per game)

            .35 goal per game average overall, with 91 goals in 263 games played. That average was brought down slightly by 2017-18, when Kreider suffered through a life-threatening blood clot condition. His playoff goals per game average is .30 (23 goals in 77 games played).

            I often wonder what games some fans are seeing. Kreider’s offensive production for the past 6 years has been solid to excellent as well as consistent; he’s an underrated defender; and his speed creates havoc for opponents even when he’s in one of his cold streaks. He’s literally one of the best wingers in the game in front of the net. And despite the up-and-down nature of his game, the numbers are always there at years’ end.

          • Superman is ALWAYS Superman. He only acts like Clark Kent when he has to. Just sayin. Keep CK20 unless we are ridiculously blown away by an offer. Fast, Strome, ADA…I want them all lol

  • I hope they keep him. I was going back and forth. But he is a beast when he is clicking on all cylinders. If he does get traded let’s hope it’s not to Tampa. They always abuse us in trades.

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