Social Media, Analytics and Life on the NYR Beat w/ Vince Mercogliano

Episode 2 of Live from the Blue Seats

The Rangers came out of the All-Star break with two solid wins against lowly Detroit, but couldn’t keep it rolling against Dallas. Despite a mediocre record, there are legitimate reasons for optimism, as the team has been playing much better over the last couple of months. The crew breaks it all down, and then Rob and Becky chat with the first ever guest on the podcast, NYR beat reporter Vince Mercogliano. Vince dives deep into the current state of the team and covers some hot button issues, such as which players are active on social media (looking at you, Tony DeAngelo), how the organization uses analytics, and what the Rangers will do before the February 24 trade deadline.

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  • My old hockey buddy is the head coach of St Lawrence football team… He’s tight with the assistants hockey coaches over there along with a decent amount of their team. How come they see all of Buch’s faults that the Twitter fingers don’t see? I guess experience really is the tipping point in hockey fans who are spectators vs who played the game.

    I use to be a fan of his until the end of last season. How he’s ended up trash talking AV and sent shots to Quinn over the summer… I just can’t take his game that seriously now and ever since than I’ve noticed the major warning signs in his game. The only fair thing to say about him is that he’s probably Kreider level good in being a 20-22 goal scorer who can put up 45 points(give or less). People on here can give him a pass all they want but business wise, he’s failing hardcore right now. This team has had players who can had put up similar numbers in more strict roles (Hayes and Miller). JG isn’t going to feel bad because he’s setting Buch up to put up points and get paid big bucks by 2022 and run NYC as the next era of NYR’s. That’s on the player, not management, coaches etc who gave him numerous chances. I saw it coming that he won’t be for long as a NYR, should have re-signed Zucc and traded him on a high note with more term after last season.

    • Hey Avery—the real question is how often do you cry over the fact that your boy is on the Flyers now? After a year’s worth of posts where you said he was better than Zib? (Answer: Hayes isn’t. ) And a years worth of posts where you said Kreider would go instead of Hayes? (He didn’t.)

      I’d be ashamed if I were you. No wonder you’ve changed your username, too bad you can’t honestly face the truth.

    • Pavel says: “Sorry AveryFirst, I’m not a perfect hockey player.”

      Talk about exaggerating a player’s faults.

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