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What is defense?

After the high of Henrik Lundqvist recording his first shutout in 2 seasons, I was really hopeful the Rangers could come out and actually put on a good 60 minute effort. The first few shifts were great, but a costly penalty derailed all the momentum for them in more ways than one. Let’s hope a game like this means the front office will sell and not buy at the deadline. But enough introductions, let’s get to the thoughts shall we?

  • I love how much Buchnevich is just shooting the puck. His underlying stats have been fantastic for weeks, but it’s even better when those metrics are producing visible and tangible results as well. At the end of the day, it is the team who scores the most goals wins right?
  • Henrik absolutely would have been my guy to start tonight, guy played a fantastic game in Detroit–a place he historically does not win a lot at. That being said, uh, man he had some bad luck against him tonight.
  • Not every goal was on him, he had absolutely no chance on those Pavelski goals. Pavelski will probably go down as one of the greatest net front guys in the history of the game by the time his career comes to a close. Along with his nemesis Blake Comeau–who did an absolute snipe high glove from the circle that was just a perfect shot in every sense of the word–it is amazing that a player who primarily has played in the west scores that much against Hank.
  • One other note on the Pavelski goals, boy it’d sure be nice when the NHL implements video review for stoppages of play, that the equipment could you know, ACTUALLY CATCH THE INFRACTIONS.
  • To add insult to injury, Quinn challenges it, the goal stands, Quinn is assessed a delay of game penalty, and Pavelski scores again seconds later to make it 2-1 Stars. That whole sequence changed the game.
  • Review gate wasn’t over though, as Howden banged in a puck he caught and batted in with his stick, the refs called it off immediately for what they thought was a puck batted in with a glove. Which was just incompetent because Joe and Sam could see from the booth that it was dropped, then hit in. NHL refs need some accountability, and not just behind the scenes. Would love what the NBA does with their officials to be a thing in the NHL where they break down every call and non-call.
  • I did not agree with Quinn’s decision to bench Lundqvist after the 2nd. going into the 3rd only down a few goals just felt a little immature to treat a legend. Since when does Lundqvist need a short leash on a team that should not have cup aspirations this season? Lundqvist is a veteran goaltender who understands where the Rangers are in this rebuild. Did not understand that move one bit.
  • Quinn thought it was necessary in the 3rd period to demote Buchnevich to the 4th line and promote Di Giuseppe to the top line. Again, do not understand how that helps a rebuilding team when Buchnevich was buzzing for two periods.
  • Thank God Adam Fox was ready to play in the NHL this season. Makar and Quinn Hughes are having better seasons, but Fox should be in that conversation being one of the better rookie defenseman in the league. Never forget people being mad online when the trade was announced for two 2nd round picks. What a season for the rookie.
  • Obligatory fire Lindy Ruff into the sun thought.
  • Game set match, hopefully by playing Georgiev in the 3rd, a team will trade for him sooner than later.

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  • Totally agree this game wasn’t on Lundqvist:
    He faced many high danger shots
    The Rangers have no defensive system
    Marc Staal keep screening him
    Poor gap control by Skjei
    He getting used to his new pads
    It’s Girardis fault….

    • lol

      But, honestly, which goal should he have stopped? The deflected goal? The totally uncontested shot right in front? The snipe that hit just inside the goal post and crossbar?

      Which one?

    • Any fan who blames any Ranger loss in the last 4 years on the goalies isn’t watching the game…instead they’re merely blaming the wrong player. But I love the semiliterate group of Ranger fans who blame goalies for every wrong, especially when their posts read like a small child drawing in the dirt with a stick, struggling with vocabulary and grammar and spelling simultaneously.

  • Benching Hank was asinine, but not quite as bad as benching Buch. What the heck is DQ thinking? Hank could/should have stopped that 3rd goal and even arguably the 4th (although it was a helluva shot). But he also made 2 or 3 spectacular saves on odd man rushes. I was sure he was hurt and dumbfounded when I discovered that Quinn pulled him because of a “feeling.” The guy in no way deserves this crap.

    • Here’s a switch. I thought the 4th goal was a perfect shot that only can be stopped by a goalie who isn’t positioned correctly. Hank was definitely the better of the two Ranger goalies tonight.

      Still, one thing I have always wondered about is playing a goaltender with more offensive skills when you are behind. For an extreme example, if you have Lundqvist and Rinne at the top of their games, you choose your third period goalie by the score not by the starter – Hank with a lead, Rinne if trailing.

      Happy for you on Saturday

  • Let’s focus on the positive. Another night of buzz from the Chytil line … but benching Buch because DQ “didn’t like his game at all”, c’mon give me a break.

    • Buch turns the puck over right inside blue line 24/7… He did it in multiple fashions last night that lead to numerous chances for Dallas. He’s the definition of lackadaisical hockey.
      – Turns pucks over inside the blue line due to trying to be cute.
      -Turns pucks over inside the blue line due to making the wrong reads (what kind of forward leaves a drop back saucer pass for the D at the end of a PP?)
      – Turns pucks over inside the blue line due to being weak on the boards aka if he’s covering for a D than he automatically becomes liability unless if he has 2-3 seconds.

      This was why he couldn’t hack it under AV’s uptempo puck possession system. It requires you to HAVE TO WIN those battles a few feet after each blue line.

      • Hey Avery! How’s Hayes doing in Philly? I guess your guarantee is as meaningless as every word you type here….

  • Hayes is already setting a franchise record once again in shorthanded points/goals. Of course he’s leading the league in shorthanded goals… Could have used some of that vs Dallas PP…. The dude is already their Zuccarello.

    Trouba doesn’t make up for his D with his limited puck skills. I’m glad Brooks will forever remind NYR fans how JD botched that for his attemp to make his “mark” on the team.

    • Avery—Hayes is overpaid. Shut up. Not only is he overpaid, all he cared about was his payday, he admitted as much publicly.

    • Kevin Hayes
      53 games
      17 goals
      15 assists
      32 points

      Chris Kreider
      50 games
      18 goals
      17 assists
      35 points

      But somehow Hayes is worth $7 mil and Kreider not worth $6.5?
      Time to polish the Kevin Hayes shrine again Gekko?

  • The Stars had quality shots, not quantity. But, 4 goals in 15 shots, so it’s all on Hank (lol).
    Skjei and Staal are horrific D men and should never wear Ranger sweaters ever again. I would rather see Smith on the back end.
    BTW, I wonder what Smith’s penalty minutes per 60 minutes he plays is. He plays like 5 minutes but gets the inevitable penalty. But yet, he’s out there every game. Meritocity.
    Strome holding the puck on a 2 on 1, let everyone (even the Stars and its goalie) in the building know he had no intention of shooting the puck, so of course none resulted since another misguided pass occurred.
    Buch is the reason for all things bad on the Rangers, just ask the coach.
    I guess the playoffs, are a no go this year?

  • Lots of smart coaches demote players for scoring goals. David Quinn is smart! Just listen to him, he will tell you he is smart. On a night when his challenge cost his team dearly to boot. What a coach.

    • I’m done with this guy and will even go on to say that I don’t care what players they bring in, they will not win with this guy. Let’s get all north-south, gritty players who can’t score goals and let’s jettison all talented Euros who do not fit DQ’s mold. That’s a great idea!! This is the NHL pal (DQ), not college.

      Completely over matched.

  • Look you could make the case that taking Hank out last night was the wrong move. Fine. But…am I the only one who is getting just a bit tired of Hank holding a 100-year-old franchise over a barrel because he doesn’t want to leave? He has to know he’s not going to win a Cup here, doesn’t he? We have to believe that Jeff and JD, and maybe even Quinn, have had heart-to-heart discussions with him over at least the last year and a half. JD played the position IN THIS TOWN, for crying out loud. In my mind, and I can’t possibly be the only one, since I’m not that smart, we have here a pretty good facsimile of the Eli problem. Everybody loves Hank. Everybody. He’s clearly a Hall of Famer. But IMHO it’s gotten to the point where it appears as though he’s hamstringing the organization. Are you telling me there isn’t anywhere he’d be happy for a year and a half, welcomed with open arms, and get to make two Cup runs? And forgive me for saying this, but he doesn’t have two trophies in his den like Eli does. I mean really. What does he think is going to happen? He’s going to play here for another five years? He’s not. The reality is, even under the best of circumstances, he has two more years, then the organization will move on, and it could possibly be in mid-April. If they don’t, they aren’t serving the franchise. There has to be a better way of handling this, and Hank isn’t doing it right now. Just MHO.

    Regards- orange

    • Orange

      Your right on all counts, but he’s (Hank) in the drivers seat, and you have to blame management for this situation being what it is. Time and again, management has signed long term contracts that will hamstring them for years to come, and then the icing on the cake is no trade clause. If you want to be pissed off, blame Sather for this, not Hank. All he did was have a smart agent negotiate with a dip stick, with a mouth full of cigar!!!!!!!!!!

    • Why should any athlete be blamed for fulfilling the terms of their contract? And how in the world is it Hank’s responsibility that the Rangers are struggling with the cap?

      It’s 100% on the front office. Only Sather, to be specific. Add it to the pile of contracts like Staal, Girardi, or Brad Richards. All contracts that were too long in term for where the particular players were in their career agewise. Some value was given to NYR by each player before Father Time came calling.

      • Far- it’s not Hank’s responsibility, you’re right. That’s not really what I’m saying. And Walt you are absolutely correct I should be blaming primarily Sather, and I should have added that as well. The only thing I’ll say about Sather is that his rentals and long-term contracts almost, almost, resulted in a Cup. Six years down the road, this particular contract appears to be three years too long. All I’m saying is that at this point in the process (Sather’s been gone, what 2 or 3 years?) it would seem reasonable to me for Hank to listen to trade possibilities. Maybe he is, behind the scenes, but we haven’t really ever heard a peep of anything in that regard. Nowhere have I heard that they’re asking him to take a pay cut, and the only thing I’ve heard is the Rangers offering to pay half of whatever the new team would pay. It seems pretty clear that in October 2021 he’s not going to be on the team. Maybe on a really good team he would get an extra year? I just don’t get it, and I don’t want the franchise, however you feel about DQ, JD, or Jeff, to be in the position of just letting him go for nothing next April. That’s all.

        Regards- orange

    • Staal – $5.7M
      Skjei – $5.25M
      Smith – $4.25M
      Trouba – $8M

      That’s $23.2M for those scoring at home. For a D that is awful, and trust me, I wanted Trouba here.

      At least Hank is still playing to his contract.

      • There’s still hope for Trouba and Skjei. Quinn is a buffoon, Ruff….well, I guess he’s a ruffoon. They need a real NHL coach, and damned quick. Gallant or Laviolette would do nicely right now. A new D system that actually attempts to slow down the opposition coming through the neutral zone would do wonders for every player on this defense.

        • I 100% agree on Trouba pal and 100% disagree on Skjei, and I defended Brady for a long time.

          Going to the games and seeing how Skjei loses the puck almost every time he has it, makes me very proud to be a season ticket holder, lol.

  • feel bad for Hank, not much help in front of him. I am starting to really not like this coach.

  • I said when the organization brought in Quinn that I would give him a chance before I passed judgement. Not that he had been horrible, but I think there are other coaches out there that can bring the Rangers to the next level. Gerard Gallant is that guy. He will get the club playing with a fire in their bellies and bring in a system where everyone is on the same page. At this juncture of the rebuild he is the seasoned successful coach that Rangers need behind the bench.

    • Have to agree, and right from the beginning I saw thru his BS, but he is a good ole boy, and management won’t show him the door. He is a two faced phony, but he has the FO convinced that he knows what he’s doing. How sad is that???????????????????

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