Dallas Stars (5) / Rangers (3) Game Thoughts

After the high of Henrik Lundqvist recording his first shutout in 2 seasons, I was really hopeful the Rangers could come out and actually put on a good 60 minute effort. The first few shifts were great, but a costly penalty derailed all the momentum for them in more ways than one. Let’s hope a game like this means the front office will sell and not buy at the deadline. But enough introductions, let’s get to the thoughts shall we?

  • I love how much Buchnevich is just shooting the puck. His underlying stats have been fantastic for weeks, but it’s even better when those metrics are producing visible and tangible results as well. At the end of the day, it is the team who scores the most goals wins right?
  • Henrik absolutely would have been my guy to start tonight, guy played a fantastic game in Detroit–a place he historically does not win a lot at. That being said, uh, man he had some bad luck against him tonight.
  • Not every goal was on him, he had absolutely no chance on those Pavelski goals. Pavelski will probably go down as one of the greatest net front guys in the history of the game by the time his career comes to a close. Along with his nemesis Blake Comeau–who did an absolute snipe high glove from the circle that was just a perfect shot in every sense of the word–it is amazing that a player who primarily has played in the west scores that much against Hank.
  • One other note on the Pavelski goals, boy it’d sure be nice when the NHL implements video review for stoppages of play, that the equipment could you know, ACTUALLY CATCH THE INFRACTIONS.
  • To add insult to injury, Quinn challenges it, the goal stands, Quinn is assessed a delay of game penalty, and Pavelski scores again seconds later to make it 2-1 Stars. That whole sequence changed the game.
  • Review gate wasn’t over though, as Howden banged in a puck he caught and batted in with his stick, the refs called it off immediately for what they thought was a puck batted in with a glove. Which was just incompetent because Joe and Sam could see from the booth that it was dropped, then hit in. NHL refs need some accountability, and not just behind the scenes. Would love what the NBA does with their officials to be a thing in the NHL where they break down every call and non-call.
  • I did not agree with Quinn’s decision to bench Lundqvist after the 2nd. going into the 3rd only down a few goals just felt a little immature to treat a legend. Since when does Lundqvist need a short leash on a team that should not have cup aspirations this season? Lundqvist is a veteran goaltender who understands where the Rangers are in this rebuild. Did not understand that move one bit.
  • Quinn thought it was necessary in the 3rd period to demote Buchnevich to the 4th line and promote Di Giuseppe to the top line. Again, do not understand how that helps a rebuilding team when Buchnevich was buzzing for two periods.
  • Thank God Adam Fox was ready to play in the NHL this season. Makar and Quinn Hughes are having better seasons, but Fox should be in that conversation being one of the better rookie defenseman in the league. Never forget people being mad online when the trade was announced for two 2nd round picks. What a season for the rookie.
  • Obligatory fire Lindy Ruff into the sun thought.
  • Game set match, hopefully by playing Georgiev in the 3rd, a team will trade for him sooner than later.

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