2020 NHL All Star Game Recap: Kreider scoreless in Metro Division loss

Chris Kreider, the lone representative for the Rangers at the 2020 NHL All Star Game, was held off the score sheet as the Metro Division lost to the Atlantic Division in the first round. Kreider actually had the most ice time for all Metro players at 7:45, but finished with a -3 rating in the 9-5 loss.

Former Ranger Anthony Duclair had a hat trick and an assist in the game.

The Pacific eventually won the All Star Game.

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    • Did Hayes get in? I heard he was looking for a ticket outside the arena.

      Avery, you’re as shameless as your current namesake: have the guts to take the heat for the endless stream of BS you foisted on this site last year about Hayes and how he wouldn’t be traded. Instead, that soft fella is gonna help sink the Flyers’ salary cap for the next six years after this one. You’re as gutless as your favorite player for not facing the music on your endlessly wrong predictions from last season.

  • The highlight of this dog and pony show was watching Green Day. Otherwise it looked like a bunch of hockey players just going through the motions. That puck tracking gizmo takes marketing to a whole new era of stupidity. Image watching a NFL game where the football has a tracking tail. Bettman is losing it, he needs to be put out to pasture.

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