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Rangers dominate Isles in big win at The Garden

The Rangers gave up a goal early, but then dominated the Isles for the next 59 minutes en route to a big 6-2 win at MSG. The Rangers were on top of the Islanders all game, never really giving them a chance to get things going offensively, and then capitalizing off turnovers.

  • Get home, put my stuff down, turn on the TV. Oh hey I got home in time for puck drop. Awes….and now they are down 1-0. Defensive zone breakdown and a goal. Where have we heard this before?
  • And now a fight. Micheal Haley is in the lineup apparently. Guess I missed that Pavel Buchnevich was still sick.
  • Another fight, this time Brendan Smith and….Matt Martin? This won’t end well.
  • Smith held his own against Martin – good for him.
  • Raise your hand if you knew about that two fights in the same whistle rule. Your hand is up? Ok you’re a liar.
  • The replay shows that the linesman pump faked Smith and Martin into an ejection. Kind of funny.
  • Good news! Nassau Suffolk Dek Hockey changed their commercial!
  • Worth noting that Jesper Fast knocked Nick Leddy’s stick out of his hands on that first goal – should have been a penalty.
  • I’m very surprised that Chris Kreider goal wasn’t ruled a high stick.
  • And Adam Fox catches Semyon Varlamov napping on that one. Looks like he was anticipating the pass to Ryan Strome. Kudos to Strome for moving to the slot to present that option.
  • There appears to be a different forecheck going this game. Rob and Rob mentioned this to me last week, but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to really sit and watch. Wonder if it’s truly a new forecheck or just them executing. More to come.
  • Alex Georgiev is looking solid – boosting that trade value.
  • Artemi Panarin is having himself a night with that breakaway goal.
  • And another for Panarin – and another goal created with two men in deep and F3 forcing a turnover.
  • It’s officially a massacre – set play off the faceoff and Jacob Trouba gives me a goal for my fantasy team.
  • Oh hey the Isles scored. Forgot they were here.
  • Tony D challenging Johnston to a fight is comical, although I have to give Johnston credit for not actually accepting. That’s a huge mismatch. Did Tony a favor there.
  • Big win.

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  • Nothing sweeter than beating the fishsticks……they must stink because we….nice win though

  • The Breadman has a shot that is absolutely lethal. Which brings up the so call shot heat map. The map provides the interpretator with the location of where the shots were taken. It doesn’t tell you who took the shots. Or who took the shot. Was it a shot taken from a sniper like Panarin or was it from some plumber. What was the speed of the shot? Was there traffic in front of the net, was the goalie screen. Quite frankly with so many variables, the shot heat map is a useless piece of information.

    • It’s not useless. It gives a visual on which team is getting more high danger chances. You get an idea of which team is getting to the net more frequently. Gives context to quality of shot.

      • A weak wrist shot taken in the “high danger area” is not the same as a one timer bullet taken from the same spot on the ice. The shot heat map is the most idiotic thing that I have ever seen. Hockey is a dynamic sport, with many moving parts, played at a very fast pace. Trying to quantify it with simple assumptions is a waste of time. Hockey isn’t baseball. And let me guess…your Red Sox fan.

        • No need for the Red sox fan insult (I’m not for the record). Just happen to disagree with your assertion.

  • Having some Bread with Fishsticks ! Man it’s a real treat watching this guy play ! He’s great with the puck , getting the puck , loosing the puck , without the puck , thinking about getting the puck …. etc etc etc


  • I think Chytil and co needed to be in a bullets…. Really impressive, hope the get rid of Strome and unite Chytil and Kakko with 🍞 man

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