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Rumor: Rangers listening to offers on Alex Georgiev

The cost is going to be high

Per Elliotte Friedman, the Rangers are apparently willing to listen to offers on goalie Alex Georgiev.

Good job by Tom here to capture the video. Friedman mentions that the Rangers do have three goalies and a good amount of defensive prospects, so teams are assuming the cost will be high. Friedman does mention that the cost is likely to be a young forward who is either NHL ready or very close to it.

Given the relative lack of forward depth – especially when you consider players like Chris Kreider, Jesper Fast, and Ryan Strome may price themselves out of New York this offseason – this price does make sense. That said, the playoff contenders that need a goalie are limited (Calgary? Carolina?), so this may not be a deadline deal.

The goalie market is very difficult to figure out, but Georgiev, as a 23 year old starter, could command a higher price than we expect. Or the Rangers could package him on draft day. There are options, and there’s no need to rush a trade.

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  • I dont think this 3 goalie circus is good for anyone . So… I’m not sure I like the idea of holding out for McDavid 2.0 in a trade.

    • I like Kapanans game but so does the Leafs. The Rangers would have to add a sweetener to pry him out of Toronto.

      • Kapanan is actually on the block, but he may go for a D man from another team, as opposed to for Georgiev. He is a surplus forward for the Leafs.

  • If–if–and I am very torn about trading CK20. He could be a valuable top/middle 6 forward well into his 30s. His workout regiment is insane. However, there’s the too real possibility where players become a shell of their former selves.

    With that said–if the do trade him–maybe package him with Georgiev and Lias. That could, potentially, bring back a treasure trove.

  • I think we need to tamp down the expectations of a major haul for Georgiev. If past deals by JG are an accurate barometer, we need to keep the expectations within reason. How about a #2 and a player(relatively the same age) off an active roster ready to contribute? Someone like a Kevin Labanc from SJ or an Athanasiou from Detroit? I really don’t know too much about either of them; just looking at rosters to see who might be of interest. At some point, they need to add players that can contribute now, instead of more prospects for down the road. I think they will be looking for a more “north-south” type guy than another skilled player. We’ll see.

    • If Ottawa is really interested, at 6’3 and 6’6″ respectively, Alex Formenton & Logan Brown would be just what the Rangers want. They could in NYC this season and be valuable contributors as early as next season.

    • If Ottawa is interested Alex Formenton (6’3″ winger) & Logan Brown 6’6″ Center) could be just what the rangers need. Big, skate well and look to be really good 2nd/3rd line players. Just not sure what the Rangers might have to add to get them from Ottawa.

  • Buffalo and CBJ definitely needs goaltender help as well. Moving George is the right move for the Ranger organization and the right move for him. He will stagnant playing 3rd fiddle behind Lundqvist and Igor.

  • Edmonton, Arizona, Colorado, Nashville. Put Georgie in Edmonton and they’re vastly improved. Nashville too.

  • They’ve been preaching about rebuilding with youth. Theres also a salary cap issue (what else is new). Well, why on earth would they trade Georgiev and keep Hank? From what I’ve seen, Georgiev is more than capable of playing a good game at a high level. I can also see clear as day that Lundqvists career is quickly coming to an end. Also, the difference between their impacts on the cap is astronomical. I dont know about you guys, but I’m more comfortable with Georgiev in goal…and I think the team is too. TRADE HANK, KEEP THE KIDS.

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