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Avs score two early, but Rangers get Igor Shesterkin first NHL win

The Avs jumped out early, but the Rangers stormed back for a big win

The Colorado Avalanche scored twice in the first seven minutes –par for the course for the Rangers– before the Rangers came storming back for the 5-3 win. The Rangers would score four of the next five goals through the next 30 minutes to grab that 5-3 lead. They then turtled through most of the third to preserve the lead and hand Igor Shesterkin his first NHL win.

  • Folks I am excited, we have the stellar team of Mike Milbury and Pierre McGuire!
  • I think we all had the same reaction when Igor Shesterkin handled the puck, and that reaction was “holy shit a goalie that can handle the puck.”
  • NBCSN just said we call Shesterkin “The Prince.” False. He’s “The Czar.”
  • Welcome to New York, Igor. Two goals in the first seven minutes – one from a deflection and one from a giveaway. Meanwhile on the bench, Henrik Lundqvist feels strong empathy.
  • Chris Kreider is still the best net-front presence the Rangers have.
  • Looks like Tony DeAngelo’s pass got tipped, and the change of speed messed up Cale Makar covering Mika Zibanejad. The team DJ skated to the puck and got a clear shot for the goal.
  • That was a clean, and thunderous, hit by Ryan Lindgren. Wow.
  • And the refs got it right – they called Nazem Kadri for the instigator.
  • Ryan Lindgren won’t return – probably a face injury.
  • The Rangers are having themselves a game against one of the better teams in the Western Conference right now. They are spending less time in their own zone. I’ll check the stats at the end of the second to see if it backs me up.
  • Also – fewer lazy stick penalties.
  • People are so quick to blame Marc Staal for everything. And yes, he deserves blame on Compher’s second goal, but that’s a clear miscommunication on the play with him and Tony DeAngelo.
  • And then almost immediately Ryan Strome scores after the Avs forgot he was there.
  • Of course the Rangers are rotating five defensemen instead of, you know, using their sixth defenseman that is Brendan Smith.
  • Shesterkin has really settled in – none of the three goals thus far were on him. He’s made some difficult saves look easy.
  • All the proof you need that Pavel Buchnevich is good and will be just fine – Mike Milbury just called him out as being lazy.
  • And he just said Shesterkin “doesn’t look like a superstar” after two periods. Why is this guy still employed by NBC? If I were as bad at my job as he is at his, I would’ve been fired long ago.
  • Not a good penalty by Strome there.
  • That was a solid kill.
  • Holy crap Smith is on defense. Someone check on Rob.
  • The Rangers are really turtling on defense right now. 11 shot attempts to 2 right now, that won’t be enough against this team.
  • Lazy Buchnevich draws a penalty on the forecheck.
  • What a blast – too bad that was offside. The Rangers really started trying to press after they turtled for half the period.
  • Panarin empty netter, such a stat padder amirite?
  • Big win – not a big fan of turtling like this, but I’ll take a big win over a good team. Trending up.

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  • After giving up 2 early goals, Shesterkin was cool calm and collected. He was good for his first NHL game.

  • Tsar 1-0. 29 saves, a calm presence in nets despite 2 early goals. Played great in the 3rd, that’s a good team Colorado has.

  • The young netminder gets the W in his first NHL start. Nice slapper by Skjei too. I would like to see him use that cannon of a shot a little more often.

  • “I really thought I’d secure the center position behind Mika [Zibanejad], I was really happy,” Andersson said. “But it’s not enough with me being happy with my play. Other people have to be happy as well. It’s tough.”
    Wait, What? 2C behind Mika? I bet Lias was reading BSB too often.

      • More from the Andersson interview:
        “It’s been a lot of incidents, I have not been well on a personal level because of those incidents,” he told GP, the newspaper in Gothenburg. “This decision may be stupid when it comes to my hockey career, but I have to think about how I feel as a person … Family, friends, health — that’s more important than a hockey career. I’ve taken this decision for my health.”
        There’s a lot more to this story, I think.

  • Igor settled in, but let’s give credit to the team playing a strong game in front of him (after the early hiccup). Can we see more of this team? The Rangers team that played tonight can win a lot of games.

  • I welcome the Tsar’s first win! I am sure he had the butterflies at first, but he settled in nicely. With his stellar work in the AHL and full access to Bennie, I look forward to seeing him play more.

    Altogether I was happy with the game the Rangers played after the first period. Good win, they needed one after having a hard time out west. Three stars, Panarin, Strome and DeAngelo all deserved too.

  • After I yelled out “holy shit a goalie that can handle the puck.” (LOL)
    I yelled out…

    That puck just went down ice from Igor to Kakko then to Lindgren who took a shot that Holden tried to tip in front…
    seconds later fox had the puck on his stick… then Chytil too.

    I couldn’t help but get pumped up for the years to come!!!!

    L G R !!!

    IGOR!!! IGOR!!! IGOR!!!

  • Chytil was really strong on the forecheck, he has improved steadily this season, love it!

    Lindgren is going to be a power player when he ages a tiny bit more.

    FOX….. nuff said
    Jericho in da house !

  • Igor is the real deal…..Hank, please retire…It’s time to bring up the rest of prospects and move all the vets…….and then let’s see if Quinn can keep his job past next season.

    Long Live The King……

  • Igor is 1-0 lifetime for the Rangers!!!!!!!!
    Nice game for the kid after an early shaky start, but then settled down, and became a wall for us. The team overall played well, and started using their bodies, some real nice checks thrown by us, Lindgren in particular. Nazem Kadri threw some nasty shots at Ryan, who just couldn’t get his hands loose to defend himself. Mark my words, this won’t be the last time these two dance together.
    Breadman was all over the ice last night. He played one of his best games of the season, and when it was over, his reaction when he went over to Igor was priceless. Strome, ADA, Zibby, Fox all played well, and Trouba used his body to hand out some nasty checks. As far as I’m concerned, this team showed what they can do, but they have to do so ongoing!!!

    Nice job boys…………..

  • That was a fun exciting game to watch. Rangers played very well after the first 8 minutes. They back checked effectively and threw some big checks around for a change.

    The past few games I’ve actually noticed the third and fourth lines when they’re on the ice. The kid line looks like it’s developing a little chemistry and the 4th line has been good on the forecheck in Vancouver and last night. It’s a good sign moving forward. LGR!

  • for anyone who wants to get rid of Tony D., should really start watching a different sport or team. He is one of three guys who have balls on this team, Pepe and Lindgren being the others. Everyone loves Fox and so do I…but put Lindgren with Tony and you will see Tony’s numbers explode even more.

    Kadri should have had his lunch handed to him and Tony sure was willing to give it a go….but where is Smith?

    So tired of reading about Lias…did the Rangers hurt his feelings…what a waste of a pick.

    Can we please, please start drafting guys with balls and enough of the 5’10 175, quick first step guys….i mean, how many of those guys do we need.

    • Kadri destroyed Lindgren. What are you watching? The dude can throw. Lindgren doesn’t fight that well for a pugnacious fella, he needs to stop dropping the gloves.

      • i was watching last nights game…Kadri went after Lindgren…he wasn’t prepared to defend himself but Kadri definitely started throwing before the kid knew what to do…Kadri is a weasel. Tony was barking at him the rest of the game….the other guys on the team were scared to look his way…that was the game I was watching.

        • And Tony D did what exactly? Talk smack? Wow, that oughta help Lindgren out a lot.

          Call Kadri names all you want, he’s tough and a little crazy. And he beat the hell out of Lindgren in a fair fight. Kadri didn’t do anything that Lindgren shouldn’t have seen coming, after he smoked Donskoi with that hit.

          • then why did he get a 10 and a extra 2…he didn’t give the kid a fair shake…he chased him down and when Lindgren turned around he started punching…that is a weasel move to me…maybe you like to see Rangers get beat up…but I don’t. Clean hit…doesn’t everyone cry when guys start fighting after clean hits?

  • Enough of Lias already….With all due respect to the youngster….but he should shut his trap and move on….Trying to throw an org. under the bus will not bode well with other teams……if he ever plays NHL hockey again….

  • Mike Milbury is a moron, plain and simple. When he had the Hockey Night gig on CBC (pre-game and/or between the 2nd and 3rd periods) he was the weakest link by miles on the panel. He clearly did no research and the other guys were gently (hey, they’re Canadians) making fun of him. And how does an announcer not come up with the word ‘millimeter’ to describe that puck being offside on the disallowed Ranger goal? Let the Bruins employ him so no one has to look at or listen to him.

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