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I'll have some of whatever Quinn is on

Welcome to Monday, BSB faithful.  I am going to take a quick break from pissing everyone off this week and canvas the community about some future decisions.  So, coming off a 2-1-1 west coast swing, the Rangers currently sit three points out of the second wild card spot, tied with the Toronto Maple Leafs and one point ahead of the Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Panthers, respectively.  After the Kings game the other night, coach David Quinn was quoted as saying,

We’re in a position to make the playoffs, that’s what we’re focused on.”

This raises a question of organizational direction and the next steps in the rebuild.  With the trade deadline looming (well, it’s not looming yet, but you get the idea), the Rangers’ strategy with their UFA’s and later-stage RFA’s will be getting a lot of attention.

Sure, the Rangers are within shouting distance of a playoff spot, but all of their underlying performance numbers are horrendous and they are getting some fairly unsustainable production from several different sources.

The team has two notable pending UFA’s in Chris Kreider and Jesper Fast, but also notable arbitration-eligible RFA’s in Ryan Strome, Tony DeAngelo and Brendan Lemieux.  It is possible they could obtain a sizable return for those guys, should they decide to sell this deadline, but it seems possible that the organization would hold onto them, or even possibly add to that group in hopes of getting back to the postseason.

While I understand there is cultural and philosophical benefits of getting back to the playoffs to shed the perception that it is acceptable for the team to lose or that expectations aren’t that high, but I don’t believe the status of the roster is anywhere near where it needs to be to reflect that goal in organizational decision making.

However, I’m sure you could have guessed that my position would be to sell everything not bolted down, but I am more interested in what you all think.  Take a moment to vote in the poll below and try not to kill each other in the comments section.   Happy week, everyone!

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  • I have said from the beginning of the season that this team was capable of getting into the playoffs. A lot of things have to happen in their favor, especially getting great goaltending.

    But my “pause” is this coaching staff. I have very little confidence in them at all. They shuffle the line up around like shuffling the deck chairs around on the Titanic. Shuffling is the answer to everything, because they have nothing else to do to try and change things. Shuffling and benchings/demotions.

    The defensive system still sucks and will not change. So, that’s the caveat that I have. Read the Hockey Rodent article on July 2nd, saying, basically, that DQ is over matched and getting Trouba will not help the D because of the system DQ runs. Seems like everyone knows it except for the important people, the people that run the Rangers.

    So fast teams use their speed against the Rangers to make the Rangers look terrible (Ottawa) and the Rangers look good against slow teams (Minny). The neutral zone is literally like Switzerland, for the Rangers.

    • Tony

      Great post, and agree with what you wrote. I suspect the management knows good and well that the problem is the coaching staff, and the so called system. Will they admit to it? Probably not. Remember the Edsel by Ford, and the dud that it was? The people who purchased them swore that they were great cars, but deep down they knew they had a dog on their hands. I suspect that is the case with the current management when it comes to both DQ, and Ruff.

      As to the questions of the day, I fall in the “Be open-minded at the deadline, but be realistic” category. Do we have a chance to make the PO’s, probably an 8th seed is within reach, but will probably get swept in four. I believe that this season should be the last of the sell seasons, and with such a great draft, real deep, we should try to get as many top picks as possible. The next month and a half will dictate what we will do. If they play 500 ball, forgetaboutit, if we get hot, well they make the PO’s.

      Of the players mentioned, Kreider is a dead man walking, he will be history. Fast probably gets a team friendly contract, that he’s earned, and should stay. Ryan Strome gets moved, Tony DeAngelo resigns, and Brendan Lemieux get a nice bridge deal, with a well earned raise. Time will tell, but this team is headed in the right direction just the same!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I was in that category too Walt.

        I DO NOT THING they should trade to make the playoffs. However, decisions on Kreider, Fast, and Strome need to be made (I assume that Smith and Staal are not tradeable).

        These are business decisions, not sell-offs, like I said the other day, as to whether the Rangers should be “sellers.” I do not consider this “selling.” I consider it trading players with ending contracts who no longer have a future with the team, regardless of playoffs or not.

  • They could make the play offs, but can they make a deep run? in my view that’s hard to see. We rely too much on breadman and Mika. And our D system needs a major overhaul. Making the playoffs is also dependent on how other teams do. Surprising that Tampa and Toronto are on the outside looking in.

    They should still be a seller at the deadline. But they should look to try and acquire another elite piece. Toronto would probably be one of the place to do that. We have plenty of what they need and vice versa. Draft picks are fine, but we have a lot of prospects now and there are only so many spots available

  • Who has weak tactics, a debatable eye for talent, weird roster management, and an inability to perceive the real needs of his job? I think it’s the chowderhead with the Rangers’ HC job.

  • A coach needs to be a positive influence. All of them need to evaluate what works and what doesn’t. The “protect” defense they play is too soft. DQ and Lindy need to modify their approach, but it may be too late in the season for this.

    While the playoffs are within reach, you are just not beating Tampa or Toronto down the stretch.

  • I feel that the Rangers MGT will not be swayed from this years objective of improving with an eye on more building. CK20 is not part of the future mainly because of his market value and the going rate for his skills at this time in his career he will need too long a contract VS others we need to lock up, mainly Mika who we will need to sign to at least 5-7 years on his next deal.

    I am hopeful Lias will become a Fast 2.0 player, something tells me he has more skill and with confidence, experience and playing time he can replace Jesper as a younger more talented player, he has shown the heart already IMO.

    Our coaching situation is above my pay grade, I have no idea if this current set is better or worse then we need, BUT, our goalie situation is really heating up! what are we going to do ???

    I think this season has been awesome, and the problems and decisions coming are great ones to have! except for Skjei, he is not playing like we need him to in his current position and contract on this team!


  • Stroke is a third line center and playandersson Holden fast lemuiex as your wingers on your 3and4 line and double up Mika as 4 line center and carry a extra defense manbillbill

  • O/T… did you see that Mittelstadt the #8 pick in the 2017 draft (right after Lias) was demoted to the AHL. This draft was called the weakest draft in years. But looking at the big picture and ignoring the fact that Lias can be a bust (which I don’t believe), the Rangers well with Chytil AND potentially VERY well if Morgan Barron continues on his path to the NHL. I still think there are three top 9 forwards we have here from that “weak” 2017 draft.

  • I agree with Tony (Richter): The defensive system is nuts. Several of us have been despairing about it for a while now. The defensemen are not nearly as bad as the system they are told to play.

    While making the playoffs is a possibility, the dreaded Satheresque ‘we need one piece’ deals at the deadline should not, and most likely will not happen. Unfortunately it is likely that Kreider is dealt, but it should be for picks and a talented youngster. Also it is possible that Georgiev goes, which would be a shame in my opinion but it is possible.

    I see no reason to have to trade DeAngelo if they trade Kreider. I’d like to keep him because highly skilled players should be kept if possible; they are hard to come by. Likewise Lemieux, because his attitude and enthusiasm and effort are also things that should be kept on the roster. I think they might be able to sign DeAngelo and Lemieux with some tinkering of the roster. I would like that to happen.

    • Is it the defensive system? Well let’s see… how’s Pionk doing in Winnipeg? I thought this guy was a complete AHL/AAAA type player… NOT! How about Shattenkirk? Even Dan Girardi became a useful 3rd pair guy on a President’s Trophy team. So using deductive reasoning, I guess it’s the system. Trouba must be scratching his head with this Keystone Kop bull$hit.

      Is JD still celebrating his hiring as team president and not looking at video with Gorton? This is getting absurd. Get off the banquet circuit Davidson and let’s do something here!

    • Great post by many. I see the Rangers trading Kreider, Strome, Lias, Fast, Smith, Trouba (with Tony D & Fox producing, is expendable and before Trouba‘s no trade clause kicks in), and Stall if they find a taker. Sign / extend Tony D and Brendon L. We will call up Vitali & Lias (if not traded). We need controllable pieces more so than additional picks. I wouldn’t be surprised if we made a big splash for a young stud, perhaps with Toronto? Fire Lindy Ruff or send him off somewhere for a bucket of pucks or sun flower seeds. Let’s go Rangers!

  • It’s a Dolan run organization. Expect the unexpected and also expect to lose.

    Once we rearrange the Rangers to be like the knicks we should be able to get the 1st pick for the next 10 years.

  • Sell Kreider, sign Fast (if he’s reasonable) … keep Georgiev, ADA, Lemieux and “consider” resigning Strome (if he’s reasonable).

  • Absolutely no, and the reason is this team is very unstable and very not systematic.

    But the main reason there are better teams currently Bellow Rangers (Tampa, Toronto) and teams currently above us in Flyers and Pens…

    Current Rangers position is unsustainable

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