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Zibanejad scores twice, but Rangers fall in shootout

Ducks tie it late, win in shootout

The Rangers closed out their road trip in less than stellar fashion, allowing the tying goal late en route to a shootout loss to the Ducks. The Blueshirts jumped out to a two goal lead early, but gave it back before allowing the tying third goal late in the third. The Ducks won it with two straight shootout goals.

Henrik Lundqvist was solid for the most part, but he allowed a pair of weak goals, both of which led to the Ducks tying the game. The Rangers’ forecheck was solid in the first but disappeared quickly after, which is a reason why the Ducks controlled the second period. In the end, the Rangers come home with five points on this trip.

Rangers 1, Ducks 0

Just 10 seconds in and the forecheck forces a turnover and Mika Zibanejad gets it all alone. What a terrible pass by Josh Manson.

Rangers 2, Ducks 0

Another forecheck forces another turnover by John Gibson right to Ryan Strome. Strome does what everyone should do, and gives the puck to Artemi Panarin, who makes them pay, again.

Rangers 2, Ducks 1

This is just a great deflection with perfect timing. Jakob Silfverberg was behind the net and just sneaks to the front just in time for the tip. Perfect. Tap your stick and move on. There’s an argument for Brendan Smith’s positioning here, but he’s more focused on the guy in front and not the guy creeping in from behind the net. Product of a powerplay.

Rangers 2, Ducks 2

Not often you see Henrik Lundqvist this far out of position. He slid almost to the corner expecting the shot.

Rangers 3, Ducks 2

This was a good pass by Tony DeAngelo and a solid play by Zibanejad to get the shot off. You usually don’t see Gibson give up something like that.

Rangers 3, Ducks 3

I feel like Hank should have had this one. Joe said there was a deflection by Ryan Lindgren, but I didn’t see it. Hank was stellar, but that’s the second bad goal this game.

Shot Heatmap

The second period really skews this, as the Ducks owned the Rangers. But Hank still had to make 40 saves.

Skater Results

From a possession standpoint, the game was back and forth with the Rangers controlling the first and third periods, but getting manhandled in the second. They did control the quality though, so that’s good.

The Rangers have a flight tonight and a day off tomorrow before getting Nashville on Monday. This stretch is brutal from a scheduling standpoint, but the Rangers managed a .500 record over the month. Not bad.

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  • This game is on the King. Those two goals are on him and they need to be stopped or be in position to stop them. If he allows just one of them the Rangers win. It’s amusing how the Rangers announcers react when he lets in bad goals. They usually don’t even mention it or say Hank MAY have wanted that one back. Then they quickly move on. He wasn’t great in the Kings game either. I don’t get the fans who fall on their swords for Hank often presenting to obscure stats to justify his pedestrian goaltending. He’s not the same player he was 6 years ago. Call a spade a spade. They should have won this game in regulation and then we could talk about how great Zibby and Panarin are playing or that they finally won two in a row.

    • This game is on the 40 effin shots the Rangers allow, the 16 checks FOR THE ENTIRE GAME, and the ALMOST 70% OF THE FACEOFFS LOST. Putting it perspective, the Icelanders had THRTY NINE HITS yesterday. True that Hank let in a softee when he was out of position, but this game is solidly on the entire SOFT Ranger team. Unless they get a little bit of grit somewhere they will continue to lose games like this, Did anyone notice the brutal check Fast took in the first period and NO ONE on the Rangers retaliated. A nasty hit from behind which sent Fast to the boards and on his butt. IT IS NOT THE GOALTENDING that lost this game…

      • But it is the goaltending that lost the game. I agree with you that the Rangers barely threw ANY body checks the entire game and their face-off percentage is woeful.

      • But is is on the goaltending. If he stopped one or both soft goals they would have skipped out of town with a 3-1 or 3-2 victory in regulation. Do you think the Ducks’ fans are lamenting the two brutal giveaways early in the game that lead to Ranger goals? No, because their goalie righted the ship, came up with big saves the rest of the game (especially in OT) and they WON.

        I do agree with you regarding the lack of body checks and woeful face-off percentages, but in the end it’s the score that counts. Nobody cares if ur 37% on FOs or 0-4 on PP or threw 2 hits the entire game.

  • Gotta agree with Stoobie. This is like Mickey Mantle sadly going into the HoF as a .299 hitter. Lost his membership in that exclusive .300 lifetime hitters club by hanging around too long – if at the Yankees request. Hard to watch Hank tarnish his HoF stats the way he did last night. That was a 3-1 win he flubbed. We are seeing more of this older goalie syndrome all the time.

  • Maybe the scariest thing about Hank right now is his denial. He actually claimed in the post-game that he was playing the percentages on the second goal. What??? OMG, you don’t see a pee wee goaltender do what he did there. But then defend it???

    • Agreed! If he played anything like this “most prepared and dedicated hockey player” reputation in the media, he wouldn’t let in so many softies the past 5 years. A few years ago he was plagued with letting first or second shots of the game in every other game it seemed. How prepared is that? The past few seasons he flops down prematurely for any type of shot, relying on his once stellar glove, only to get beat or scramble to make saves which lead to unnecessary rebounds. If he just stood tall he might actually snatch the shots more easily and stop play more often. I’m not a fan of his flopping style. Maybe the game has changed the past few years and flopping is not the way to go?

  • I went to the game yesterday. The warm ups were great. Lemieux and Zibanejad where putting pucks over the glass to all the kids. They were very engaging. Mika looked great yesterday. Missed in OT and had another chance early. Then scored on the SO. He was making things happen. Panarin is even more fun to see live than on tv. First period they gave up one early, we gave up one late. The second period was dreadful. Icing, penalties and the ice was tilted. Third period a repeat of the first. We took too many penalties. Tough play by Hank on their second goal. But Staal and ADA stood there and watched. They also won the special teams battles yesterday. We got out with a point and on to the next game.

  • Henrik currently ranks 9th in the league in GSAA 5v5 and Georg is 14th per He also is 7th in all situations and Georg is 9th. Per for goalies with a minimum of 500 minutes Hank is 5th in GSAx and Georg is 12th. For GSAx/60 Hank is 4th and Georg is 8th. This tells me that Hank’s demise is greatly exaggerated and that both goalies are playing extremely well under very tough circumstances. Hank was unlucky not to come out with W’s against LA and Anaheim but to suggest he played poorly with a combined .925/2.5 is absurd. And btw he was completely screened on the 3rd goal. If I knew how to post a pic I would or you can just watch the replay or see this pic I posted on twitter

  • In many games, the Rangers play worse when Hank is in net vs Georgiev. Happens a lot. The problem is that Hank is a bit past his prime and can’t stop everything. Don’t really know why he doesnt ask for a trade or why Rangers don’t play better in front of him

  • The team is doing very well for being a team in the midst of a rebuild. I think that is lost sight of at times.

    Hank certainly didn’t lose the point all by himself. Sure, he is not the same player as 10 years ago. I think he might agree. Nevertheless, unless he wants out, which appears not to be the case, then I think people should get used to the idea that he is gong to be around until the end of his contract.

  • This is the hallmark of an inconsistent young team. They’ve won a few games they shouldn’t have, lost a few games they shouldn’t have. Not sure why this would cause any sort of angst among the fans, it should be expected. That said, they have the makings of a top flight team …. and when the trade deadline comes along they should continue to push out the old and marginally effective while bringing in the young and inexperienced — I’m fine with that and I’m fine with the results so far.

    With regard to this particular game itself, this is a game they would have won 3-4+ years ago with a younger Hank in nets. Sure he made some excellent saves, but all goalies are best defined not just by what they stop but also by what they let in — and 2 of those goals were probably stoppable.

  • This is the crucial time if the season in terms of staying focused. Mid-December to mid/late January. If they don’t fall apart and go on a 7-game skid or anything, they’ll at least play some important games down the stretch. Even if they don’t make the Playoffs, or squeak in, playing real games in March/April cannot not be underestimated for a young team like this.

    Regardless of the underlying metrics, playing meaningful hockey will pay dividends for this group for a long time.

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