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Rangers/Ducks Thoughts: Zibanejad shines, but Rangers lose in shootout

Rangers hold on to cap a winning road trip

The Rangers went into Anaheim looking to finish the road trip with a win and end the trip itself with a winning record. They jumped out to a 2-0 lead, gave up two, then gave up the tying goal with less than two minutes remaining. Zibanejad scored twice, but it was Jakob Silvferberg that was the shootout hero.

  • Well so much for the Rangers possibly running close to their best possible top-six defensemen. Marc Staal is in and Brendan Smith is not on the blue line. We had a glimmer of hope. I’m sure Rob L. is crying somewhere.
  • Well that was quick. Story of my life…
  • That was an awful pass by Josh Manson, wow. And then John Gibson with a terrible turnover. Forechecking wins games, folks.
  • And another forecheck forces Gibson into another turnover. Quick pass from Strome to Panarin and another goal.
  • It’s only been six minutes, but Staal has had a good six minutes. Very methodical with moving the puck. Not sure it’ll last, but hey I’ll take it.
  • Nothing to do about that deflection goal. Just tap the stick and move on.
  • And the wife got fed up with the game and ran to the bedroom for the other TV. On the bright side, I didn’t have to change the main TV. Small victories.
  • I am amazed at the forecheck by the Rangers. This is what they’ve been missing all year in the offensive zone. Their neutral zone play is still egregious, but I’ll take this.
  • Not often you see Hank that far out of position.
  • This second period is just boring and sloppy. Yeesh.
  • It’s either a dive or a penalty. You can’t have both.
  • Oh wait it’s holding on both of them? I’ve never actually seen that.
  • What a feed from Kaapo Kakko to Panarin – just so hard he missed it.
  • That was an awful period for the Rangers. 18-3 in shots. Yikes. The forecheck was non-existent.
  • And that’s not a goal you see Gibson give up that often.
  • Henrik Lundqvist, save for that out of position goal, has been stellar.
  • The penalty kill really is coming up big, eh?
  • And of course they score on the powerplay on a relatively weak goal by Hank.
  • I say “of course” because at the three minute mark I started filling in the rest of this post with “Rangers hold on for 3-2 win” and going from there. This is all my fault.
  • I’m probably the only person that likes 3-on-3 overtime.
  • Fox and Zibanejad had great chances – but that’s why Gibson is Gibson.
  • I also dislike the shootout.
  • Although I can watch beautiful moves like that Zibanejad one all day.
  • Sigh, I hate the shootout.

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  • Poor penalty on Skjei’s part with a little over 2 minutes for hooking. Gibson made a great save on Zibby late which was the game saver for them. A 2-1-1 road series isn’t that bad coming in the west coast.

  • Hank was completely screened on the 3rd goal by a Ducks player. Never saw it. The lunatics blaming this loss on Hank should be banned from Ranger fandom. 39 saves on 42 shots. Georg made 15 saves on 18 shots and allowed 1 if not 2 saveable goals vs the lowly Sharks but because his teammates scored 6 goals he is obviously the superior goalie. Gimme a break. I should rephrase that. Give Hank a break and hope he gets a little puck luck in his next game. And btw I do agree with the platooning of the goalies. Georg had an amazing 4 game stretch and deserves to play. Hank had excellent games vs the Kings and the Ducks. He deserves to play too.

  • One point on the road is always good, but it should have been two.

    God, this team folds quickly when things go bad, during the ebbs and flows of the games.

    It was a terrible penalty on Skjei at the end, but looking at the replay, it looked like a very soft call. A typical “give the team down one goal a chance to tie the game” call.

    I don’t know what it will take, but I counted at least 5 dead on shots in front of the net that various Rangers passed on, during the game.

    I have been a supporter of Fast, doing the little things most fans do not notice, but I think that he’s got to go now. No sense in giving him $3M per to play the 4th line.

    Did Chris Kreider play today? Was he a late scratch? Or a scratch based on “management decision?”

    I love you Henrik but 2 goals were on you. But you also stopped 3/4 shots that should have been goals, so they cancel out each other. I saw someone post that even Hank admits the difference between him now and years ago, is giving up one bad goal per game.

    • One goal on him. Screened on the 3rd. Is Hank what he was 5 years ago? Of course not. But he is still damn good and having a good season. Easily could have won both of these last 2 games with some support from his teammates. And why can’t the Rangers other than Mika and Panarin finish? Blame this game on Buch or Kakko or any number of guys who had Grade A chances and failed to score. Blame the entire team other than Hank for a second period from hell. And blame them for taking their foot off the gas after they went up 2-0. And don’t get me started on the shootout…

      • He didn’t lose the game for them, that’s for sure.

        That 2nd period was God awful. Hank kept them in the game.

        Wouldn’t it be nice to get more than 3 SOG during a PP? When their shooting % starts going down, then they will really have a problem.

        • I disagree. If he stayed in the same zip code on the second goal the Rangers would have won in regulation. Number of shots, Sjkei’s penalty doesn’t even matter if he doesn’t hand them that goal. Or if he doesn’t get flat out beat on the last one, which was a shot he should have had, with 1:30 left.

          • You can disagree, and you are not wrong in what you’re saying.

            But leaving out the 4 to 5 “sure goals” that he stopped and the awful 2nf period, getting outshot 18-3, is wrong for purposes of discussing this game. Or when Hank kicked out a shot off his own player? Staal almost put the puck in his own net.

            So the rest of the team has no accountability for the loss? They were up 2-0 early, so that means that they did not score for almost 2 periods of the game. That’s on Hank?

            And if you want to go further, the Rangers’ 2 goals were “gifts” from the Ducks’ D. And the 3rd was off a rush from Zib. So, what goals did the Rangers manufacture during the game?

            Or, how the Ducks had 10 PP goals all year and got 2 yesterday? Mostly because the Rangers had numerous chances to get the puck out of their zone, and could not?

            Merely saying that Hank lost the game, does not tell the whole story of the game.

  • I get it, half the roster is prob just treading water rn, but in this metro you can not give points away and that’s what they did today. Frustrating.

  • Hank lost the game. We got a point, now only 3 points behind for the last spot for the playoffs, after AV’s team lost tonight.

      • The Blues was the last place team at the beginning of 2019 and they won the Cup in the end, now is only mid Dec, and I think the NYR has a really good chance to make the playoffs.

  • The team looked a little bit tired tonight, after a long western trip. Don’t forget, lots of them are rookies, so it’s the first time for them.
    I feel the team is slowly getting better, but is it the time to bring up Shesterkin now? Hank did look old tonight.

      • He is old, age wise, but he still plays at a high level.

        The stats show (and sorry, I do not know where to find them), that Georgiev gets much more support than Hank does. Based on high danger chances, Hank is still towards the top of the league.

        But like Hank even said, he’s been giving up that annoying bad goal almost every game. But that does nt mean that HE is the reason why they lose.

        It’s amazing that Hank gets all the blame for losses, and the rest of the team gets a pass, when it is their play that causes the goals to begin with. Not saying that you (Bloomer) are saying it, just saying in general.

        • This is not about this week, which I could not see. Old fashioned stats say that 38 saves on 41 shots is good and 15 saves on 18 shots is not. So advantage Hank here. I also note that this year Hank has faced higher scoring teams than Alex – they score about 1/4 of a goal per game more, explaing about half the gap in GAA.

          BUT let’s drop this high danger chances storyline. Obviously there is some difference from tender to tender. A goalie who helps his skaters will face less pressure than one who does not, all else being equal. So the goalie is partly to blame here. But more importantly, the difficulty of a shot depends on the goaltender. Some shots are easy for one tender, hard for another. When Hank plays, the Rangers strive to limit the opposition to shots HE can handle, not shots that are easy for a generic tender. And there are so many variables that go into the difficulty of a shot that objective analysis is likely not possible.

          To give one easy example, Hank was given a pass on the third goal because he was screened. I did not see this shot and so I cannot speak to it directly. BUT, some goalies are better than others at seeing through screens. Any decent goalie fights through some and none fight through all, but some are successful more often. So a wise coach structures the defense to protect a goalie weak here while protecting another goalie from his weaknesses by risking more screens.

          • Why drop the high danger chance narrative when it’s true?

            It’s been true for years, that the Ranger back up goalies have not had to face the same high danger scoring chances that Hank has, on a regular basis.

            Talbot and Raanta had those luxuries. How are they doing now?

            And if you think about it, wouldn’t players on the ice be more aware of playing a more defensive game with the back up goalie in nets?

            Does the back up QB run the same plays as the #1 QB? In general? No they don’t. They get a scaled down playbook until they prove that they can handle more.

          • According to Vally Hank is one of the best goalies in the league at “seeing” through screens. Even the best fail sometimes…

          • What matters in hockey is winning. That is all that matters. One thing that Henrik Lundqvist has unquestionably not been good at since 2013 is winning. The Rangers have fairly consistently won at a higher rate when he is not playing.

            In football, teams play harder for their quarterback than his backup. Why should it be different in hockey? If teams played more defensively for a backup, should they not score less. But they don’t.

            Advanced goalie stats are a dream. Obviously it is hard to compare goalies on different teams because they play in different situations. But hank and his backup play behind the same players. GAA and save percentage give us a good indication. AND if the whimsical advanced stats clash with the more basic stats, it shows that the advanced stats are wrong.

            You once cited a Travis Yost who said Hank saves a goal a game. It is obvious from traditional stats that he does not. So, by extension, we can see that the advanced stats are truly BS. But, because they say what you want to hear, you buy them anyway.

            Hank was a great goalie 2005-2013, but that was long ago.

            Incidentally, I don’t believe that Hank has slipped much if any since last year.

        • Here are a few sites/stats for you. Hank currently ranks 9th in the league in GSAA 5v5 and Georg is 14th per He also is 7th in all situations and Georg is 9th. Per for goalies with a minimum of 500 minutes Hank is 5th in GSAx and Georg is 12th. For GSAx/60 Hank is 4th and Georg is 8th. This tells me that Hank’s demise is greatly exaggerated and that both goalies are playing extremely well under very tough circumstances. Both sites offer a wealth of info on goalies and skaters.

          • Thank you Sittoo, I knew the stats were around, I just did not know how to get them.

            But people will say THOSE stats are BS. Whatever, most of us know the truth.

  • Buch missed 2ce from Chytil great feeds, Strome is a chocker, decided to pass Breadman…. while was open in front of the net, King let 2 softies….. defence is poor, Staal is dead zombie….

    Here the summary… Breadman is genius, his play without the puck just sick, he was in a right place to score while Strome missed and scored on Johnson, this time he found empty space and converted on gibson with his great hands…..

  • Take a look at this pic.
    That, my friends, is called a screen. Stop with the softie narrative on the 3rd (yes I’m giving you the 2nd). Just ridiculous. Would it have been great if he had guessed correctly and made the save. Sure. Nobody wanted that more than Hank. But instead there was a bad transition on NYR’s part and a solid shot through a well-done screen.

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