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The Brendan Smith Breakaway Goal Game

Another game, another decent performance in goal with an unlucky ending. There are certainly some aspects of tonight that were much better than last night–one being WAY less shots on goal against. Other aspects were also aggravating, but Georgiev had another solid outing tonight. Let’s get to the thoughts shall we?

  • There aren’t enough words to describe my disdain for Brendan Gallagher the player, he’s a top 10 most punchable face in the entire league. Damn can the guy score some goals when he wants to though.
  • Following that goal against, Georgiev stepped it up and made some pretty impressive saves and kept the Rangers in the game constantly.
  • I know the Penalty Kill is bottom 5 in the entire league, but it is SO nice to have Zibanejad back and forcing two-on-ones while short handed constantly. Ruff is an atrocious special teams coach, but I applaud the aggressiveness he makes his penalty killers have to create offense if they have the chance.
  • Kakko needs to shoot the puck way more on the power play. It could be rookie season jitters, or a multitude of things, but he needs to rip it every now and then. He’s forcing passes and chances die when he could just shoot and possibly score.
  • I’m glad Staal could come back and shoot the puck 15 feet wide EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Please buy him out this summer.
  • Lemieux continues to be a penalty drawing master this season. I fall in love with his game more and more. Helps when he can pot in a couple goals like he has the past couple weeks.
  • Kreider had one of his better games of late. At least the broadcast was saying his name tonight! God I wish he buried that chance against Price on the power play…
  • “Oh it’s a breakaway and it’s…Brendan Smith…well, maybe he can create a rebou–OH MY GOD ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!”
  • In all seriousness, great move by Smith on the breakaway.  That’s not the first bottom six player to go backhand bar down on Carey Price….Tanner Glass anyone?? 😉
  • When you are tied 1-1 in the 3rd period, you absolutely should send out the 4th line and try to kill time as much as possible instead of shortening the bench and keeping it all offense to win the game.
  •  Ryan Strome has 9 SOG in his last 5 games and no goals, almost like his shooting percentage might be regressing a bit wouldn’t you say?
  • Well at least this loss gets us closer to a better draft pick! Quinton Byfield anyone?

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  • A beauty breakaway goal by Smitty. And another solid game by George. Too bad it was a wasted effort.

  • So Quinn talks to them with about 2 1/2 minutes left, and the winning goal comes on an unimpeded romp down the center of the offensive zone by the Montreal player.
    Really? Really? Those guys should have been blanketed in the offensive zone. Poor defensive coverage yet again. And the offense JUST.DOES.NOT.SHOOT.ENOUGH, especially on the power play, and when they needed to pummel the goal with shots near the end of the game. Wasted 20, 25 seconds looking for the perfect shot as time was winding down instead of just shooting the puck at the goal. Does DQ blow smoke at these guys or do they just not listen? I fail to understand how such a blatant error can be committed when time is winding down and you are trying to keep the opponent from getting easy shots on net. Georgiev was pulled way out of position by what he thought was going to be a shot, and was left with his net wide open for an easy Canadians tally with about a minute left in the game.

    • Lindgren, the fans’ latest darling, had Thompson covered on the last Montreal rush, but a sudden brain fart made him abandon his coverage and go to the puck carrier, who was already covered. Aside from that, it was a pretty even game.

  • How do you allow a neutral zone turnover and a two on one break with 90 seconds left in a game?? I don’t get that. And righg after a timeout?? Poor Georgiev, another really solid effort.

  • Georgiev deserved a better outcome for his effort, again he played a very good game for us!!!!!!!

  • Strome had to be traded 2 weeks ago
    Staal is Zombie, slow motion picture and guy just getting rid of the puck, that’s it

    Bread – Zib – Kakko
    Kreids – Chytil – Buch

    Keep bottom 6 players in bottom 6

  • Brendan Smith scores a beautiful goal, no question, and then proceeds to get more minutes than Buch. Buch, who has pts per 60 that rivals some of the elite forwards in the league gets 9 minutes in a game that the Rangers cannot score goals.

    Staal was a disaster, again, gets full praise from the coach.

    Strome continues to get PP time.

    Winnipeg coach Maurice talks about Pionk, about how Pionk got a raw deal in NY. That the NY coach (per Maurice), and I’m paraphrasing, runs a D system that compromises the neutral zone, but that Quinn is new to the NHL. Maurice, doing his best to not insult the NY coach, by saying it in a diplomatic way.

    Trouba made his comment already, saying that he’s never seen a defensive system like this.

    Not having a top 6 that consists of Zib, Panarin, CK, Kakko, Buch, and Chytil (whichever way you want to put them together) on a regular basis, is pure incompetency.

    I try to give this coach a chance, but I constantly see how the Rangers under perform due to the circumstances the coach put the players in. Not to mention that he is baffled as to how his team performs at times (he had no answers after the CBJ game). That’s his job, and he’s not doing it well.

    So, in spite of that, they are above .500 and competing for an 8th seed. That speaks to the talent on the team and the goalies’ play. If managed correctly, this team makes the playoffs, no doubt in my mind.

    All this being said, the players have to shoot the dam puck. PPs and the end of last night’s game, down a goal, wasted time by pass, pass, pass, pass, pass… Without nary even a chance to tie the game because they refuse to shoot. Brutal. And it’s disrespect to Georgie who played a great game and deserved the win.

      • Walt, I’m trying, I really am to buy into this coach, but he is way over his head.

        The transition from college to NHl is a major one, and I guess that’s why you do not see many college coaches successfully go the NHL directly. Substantial time in the AHL or as an assistant in the NHL is needed, it appears.

        Ruff was supposed to be that NHL sounding board for Quinn, but he is a disaster, so you see the results.

        Again, it’s not wins and losses. 85 shot attempts by the CBJs the other night. EIGHTY-FIVE SHOT ATTEMPTS. Against an offensively deficient team. That’s totally, totally unacceptable. And they won the game, lol. Thanks to Georgie.

        DQ is a nice guy but he is over matched. Which might cost them the playoffs this year.

        • So 85 attempts just screams “defensive shortcomings”.

          What is is going to take before someone addresses the dog in the room, Ruff???

          The decision to keep him in place despite repetitive game-day implosions seems very strange since it has been going on for so long. Granted, the talent has not been top-notch, but a good coach will adjust the scheme to fit the personnel instead of forcing square pegs into round holes.

          • I don’t think it’s just Ruff my friend. I think that it’s all the coaches behind the bench.

            The “scheme” is sh-t, it really is.

            And putting Buch on the 4th line in a 1-1 game is just beyond stupid. I mean how many times is Quinn going to that well? (Putting Buch on the 4th line?).

            It’s like Quinn has no other options but to juggle lines. That’s what coaches with limited NHL experience do. Just like in college. It doesn’t work here.

    • Wow, had no idea Paul Maurice said that about the contrast between Pionk’s experience with NYR’s “system” and Winnipeg’s.

      And remember that Paul Maurice has never been considered one of the brightest bulbs in the light array. To make him look like a technician? Doesn’t make Quinn look good by comparison.

      Quinn’s situational player deployment is pretty much as bad as Vigneault’s was: it seems to be based on favorites and most European players seem to be on the roster to be punished or underplayed.

      • A Winnipeg blogger, who killed the Jets for the Trouba trade, reversed himself since seeing Pionk play for the Jets. Maurice is sheltering Pionk, playing to Pionk’s strengths, and Pionk is doing well there.

        Maurice, went on to say, basically, that Pionk was put in all the wrongs roles in NY and was a disaster under Quinn’s “system” here. And if you want proof, Quinn had Pionk playing against the opponents’ top lines last year.

        And I have mentioned over and over, how the Rangers give up their blue line way to easily. Maurice commented how the Rangers’ neutral zone system is very suspect.

        We, as fans, do not imagine these things. Makes you wonder what the FO is thinking and wondering.

        • Here is the blurb that I was talking about:

          “Analytics guy covering the Jets who heavily criticized the Pionk acquisition and tries to figure why he’s been so much better this year. Final thesis is essentially “Pionk was playing in a system in NY that exposed all his weaknesses, and now he’s playing in a system that puts him in a better position to succeed and gives him support for the things he needs help with”.

          Interesting piece; also features Paul Maurice trying very, very hard to be nice to David Quinn and not totally succeeding: “They ran a lot of different neutral zone things in New York last year. There was a new coach and just like when I came in here there’s lots of time that it takes before you get to where you want to get to in terms of zone entries.”

        • We all knew that Pionk was talented, but not a top pairing d’ guy … so sure, in a more sheltered role he’s going to be ok. The trade was made in order to get a Top pairing RD and with DeAngelo plus Fox on the right side Pionk became more than expendable (especially with Lundqvist waiting in the wings). The mistake was hurting his value some by putting him in a situation he couldn’t quite handle, otherwise we might have gotten away with an even better trade.

          • “We all knew that Pionk was talented, but not a top pairing d’ guy”

            Evidently you should have informed the Rangers’ coach who obviously did not know this.

          • “We all knew that Pionk was talented, but not a top pairing d’ guy”

            Then you should have told the Ranger coach my friend, because he did not know this.

  • Hate Gallagher all you want. He’s exactly the type of player the NYR need desperately on this roster. Veteran, grit, hard to play against, in your face, tons of heart, plays solidly in the top 9, doesn’t make too many mistakes or take bad penalties. The NYR need this type of player probably more than anything else right now, IMHO. A player like him would completely change the complexion of this team. I’d love to see him and Lemieux together.

    Your comment on Strome is everything that’s wrong with the analytical crowd. Why in the world are you happy and hoping his shooting % regresses?!? C’mon man. Just so that you can defend your never-ending narrative? You’re so deep into the numbers that you lose perspective. Analysis paralysis at it’s best. Strome has been very good on this team. It was a steal of a deal by Gorton, and he’s done much more than most expected here. It’s a GOOD storyline, not something to knock because he contradicts your blog posts.

    • Look. The Strome trade was a great one. It will all play out. Smith is overpaid but gives us flexibility on forward or D. Staal has to go but no one wants him including Rangers. And as far as goalies, Hank(as much as i love the guy) needs to go due to his age with declining trade value every year. We then will have 2 young goalies and cap space as Lemieux and Tony D will be asking for much more

    • I agree with you regarding Strome. He’s been great since coming over, plays a lot of different roles, and has played with a lot of different line mates. He’s a positive factor most games and his confidence has grown this season. I think he’s 2nd or 3rd in points on the team. I bet they sign him for 3-4 yrs at 4-4.5/year.

  • georgie played a good game, didn’t deserve the loss. whats up with the lines dq is doing???
    to all of them SHOOOOOOT THE DAM PUCK

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