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Panarin's Return to Columbus

This one was a doozy. Georgiev continues to show how much of a stud he truly is as a backup for this team. He was a majority of the reasons that the Rangers walked away with a victory tonight. Alright, enough of this, let’s get the thoughts going!

  • The shots heavily favored Columbus, but this is why you make sure your goalies are not only prepared to go, but have proper coaching, positioning, and quick reaction time to bring the type of performance Georgiev brought. I guess it’s good to see that Hank isn’t the only goalie left out to dry.
  • Brendan Lemieux continues to get it done by being offensively aware and going to the high danger areas of the ice. Of course, a SICK pass from Zibanejad makes that goal happen from behind the net, but you need to finish as well and Lemieux has been doing really good things for the team. His ability to draw penalties does not go unnoticed this season.
  • That’s what we need more of out and Jacob Trouba and I’m really glad that he’s allowed my worries of the contract to go to the wayside. Depth on the power play is what this team needs to succeed and boy have they had it this season.
  • Artemiy Panarin is a New York Ranger and I thought he was the Rangers best forward tonight. His all around game is not talked about nearly enough. Not only is he ELITE offensively, but he can back check incredibly well to get back and break up plays and allow his teammates to transition up ice.
  • The goaltender interference review needs to be launched into the freaking sun. There’s no consistency, no explanations, and it’s ridiculous that an inept ref in Toronto gives Columbus a chance to tie the game after that.
  • The officiating on the ice was just as brutal. The missed call on Skjei, Lemieux being the only one to go off for roughing Bjorkstrand, Panarin getting tripped in the neutral zone, the refs have been consistently inconsistent that’s for sure.
  • A hard earned two points, but important for the standings if you are hoping this team makes the playoffs.
  • I love Ryan Lindgren more and more each game and I’m always impressed with his skating ability the more I watch him.
  • Are you guys ready for the return of Marc Staal now that Hajek is potentially out? *Purchases all of the bleach from Home Depot*

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  • If the 2 teams switched goalies at the beginning of the game, the outcome would of been significantly different. If there is any hockey club in the market for a goalie help, it would be the Blue Jackets.

  • Simply put, we should be in no rush to send Georgie packing anywhere. He was King-like (in his prime) last night.

  • I didn’t see the game, but from what I read, typical Rangers’ game:
    Out attempted
    We score just enough against an average goalie
    Rangers’ goalie plays out of his mind
    Rangers’ win
    Coach has no answers as to why the Rangers played that way

      • Score just enough to win, and let the goalie steal the game.

        I guess we’re back to horrific shot attempts given up. And to the CBJs, that offensive juggernaut that it is.

  • The Rangers were didn’t play that well overall last night, and Minister of Interior Defense Georgiev flat-out stole this game. Georgie has bounced back really well from his slump a couple weeks ago.

    It doesn’t look like there’s an easy solution to the Rangers having 3 NHL starter-quality goalies. Really think they’re gonna get unequal value if they trade Georgiev now, and burying him in the minors is totally unjustified. Gorton should start to email Henrik San Jose’s goalie stats….

  • IMO…..the officiating was an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment to the league….it’s no mistake when the NHL is labeled as the 4 th sport…’s like watching wwe at times..comical…… for the game It seemed every time the Rangers would get the upper hand, a penalty would be called….Columbus played hard….they are struggling so it did not surprise me, but this was a road win, so I really don’t care if they were outshot or not…they won the game….Panarin, Trouba, Georgiev, Fox, Lindgren……played great…..Kreider, Buch, Brady S…..meh………remember…..this was a road win and team is starting to find a way to win road games.

  • “I love Ryan Lindgren more and more each game and I’m always impressed with his skating ability the more I watch him”.
    Said that last year after seeing him in Hershey, and more so now with Fox as his partner.
    Last night, right after the game ended I posted this:
    “Georgiev saved the game during the PK where Shjei took that poor penalty late in the game. Good win for the boys”………
    It’s a darn shame that we will lose one of the three goalies, this kid is impressive!!!!

    • Don’t you just feel like if we get rid of Georgiev,, it’s going to haunt us in the long run? The Rangers have a GOOD and bad goalie problem. Don’t forget Huska and Wall who are looking really promising.

      • Agree, and if they bring up Huska to get a few games under his belt, then he could be the goalie exposed for the expansion draft??????? Life for everyone should be this involved, LOL!!!!

  • Georgiev was simply lights out last night. A few nice offensive moments. The game winning goal saw perfect passes by Howden and DeAngelo, the latter putting it right on The Breadman’s stick for the goal down low.
    So Georgiev stole one, move on and play better next game! 🙂

  • NYR need to find out if Georgiev can carry the load of a full time goalie. Only way to get value if they move him. Shame if that happens since Lundqvist only has 1 1/2 seasons left on his contract anyway. If Igor is as advertised, the team would have a great young goalie tandem.

    • If Ranger do not move Georgiev at the trading deadline, there is the possibility that Igor could bolt to the KHL and I do not think that leasdership would want that to occur……

  • Totally agree with your assessment on Panarin. I’ve noticed his backcheck since game one. His stick-work on the defensive side of things is absolutely underrated.

    Did you think the missed call on Skjei was a slew foot? I couldn’t quite tell on the replay.

  • Panarin is……………..GREAT………………………..A 5 tool hockey player..

  • I am still deciding whether or not this team is capable (yet) if being called a playoff caliber team. But if it keeps heading in that direction I gotta tell you this ………If they do look like a playoff caliber team it will make for a fun December……January……February ……… March …….April (and maybe beyond ) …………LETS GO RANGERS !!!!!

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