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A Capital beat down

Death, Taxes, Lundqvist trying everything in his power to give his team a chance to win to no avail. This was yet another brutal loss against a team that most would say the Rangers should beat on paper. Let’s dive in to the thoughts and try to understand this one shall we?

  • Is it a hot take to say that the Rangers aren’t a “fun” team to watch? Let me explain, they pass up too many shot attempts, the defense pinches at the wrong time creating odd-man rushes the other way, and the players look like they’re handling a hand grenade instead of a puck. Someone way smarter than me can provide data out there I’m sure about how dump and chase hockey more often than not results in the other team possessing the puck and then being able to transition it up ice instead of your team coming away with possession from old school “grinding it out along the boards”.
  • Yes this team is short its number one center in Mika Zibanejad, but does he alone and his 17-20 minutes of projected ice time allow the result of tonight’s game to look any different? There needs to be a change somewhere in how this system is deployed because it allows far too many chances against.
  • Has anyone been able to locate Chris Kreider this season? You never would guess it’s a contract year for him, he’s been atrocious. Yes, he’s been on the receiving end of some bad shooting luck with posts and pads, but he’s sharply declining and literally lighting millions of dollars on fire every night he has a bad night. Is any team gonna sign him long term this coming free agency with how he’s been playing? Not saying he’ll be the next Milan Lucic, but he could fall off like Andrew Ladd or even Loui Erikkson.
  • There was a highlight going around the twitter-sphere of Shesterkin making an unbelievable glove save, I really think it’s time he get called up. Georgiev can still technically be sent down without waivers and if Shesterkin is your future, see how he fares against some pretty decent competition in the coming weeks. It’d be super interesting to see and there is value of seeing how you play against NHL shooting vs. AHL shooting. *See Garrett Sparks career from AHL to NHL.
  • The Rangers Penalty kill continues to bury them on the score sheet and they need a solution quick. What started off in the early parts of the season as a mediocre penalty kill has quickly spiraled into an absolute tire fire. Be interesting to see if someone becomes available on Waivers from a team or if a trade to address simply the PK could be justified. If not, then I guess all aboard the Byfield hype train!

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  • On the Blueline the Rangers defencemen handled the puck like a bunch of plumbers in the early going. Krieder didn’t have his best game but Stromes game was butt ugly. He played his way off the first line and Quinn mix and matched the lines there after.

    I thought the Rangers 4th line played well, they contributed to Troubas goal with their hard work. ADA had some great chances and he is really starting to play with a lot of confidence.
    Again this is a team that is very young and there will be nights like tonight where they take a step backwards.

  • Down 3, 3rd period, PP, one shot.

    Fox, in the slot, by himself, tries to make a pretty pass, with basically a 2 on none in front of the goalie, results in no SOG on that play.

    Substantially all the SOG the Rangers did have come from the D men.

    What is it with them? Shoot the God dam puck. You’re down 3 and they go minutes without a shot. Fling the rubber at the net and go to the net to get rebounds. I mean that’s not Roy in nets there.

    Give Ottawa credit though. Wow, what a complete game by them. But the Rangers did help them out. Having all 4 players on the PK on one side of the ice was pretty special.

    Complete no show, but I’m sure that it was Hank’s fault that he could not bail out his awful team. Folks, this is what it looks like when our goalie does not stand on their heads.

    Smith is suited up for the PK, and yet it continues to be one of the worst in the league. So where is the merit system there? Must be Andersson’s fault.

    • 20 games in and Brendan Smith is still getting a regular shift and playing PK on the 2nd-to-last PK team in the NHL. What a boon to the Rangers’ future, to have this coach, who clearly recognizes the building blocks of future franchise success.

      • Smith and Howden, I would like to ask the coach why he leans on them so much during games when the results prove that he should not.

        I’ve made my opinion known about the coach going forward, lol.

  • Why expect a team to play any better with hand grenade puck possession (Tyler), a penalty kill with forwards Fast, Kreider, Strome, Howden, Lemieux and defense of Skjei, Staal and Smith (Tyler again) to win very often? And yes, the Kreider disappearing act is costing the Rangers and Kreider himself, his next contract should reflect his maddening and annual disappearing act, not who he can be. Shame, what a waste. Then again, this is the team that allows a failing defensive system to fester, and a very talented young forward (hey we got plenty) to fly back to Russia, leaving anew and improved Hartford club, rebuilt to help young talent.

    • Unfortunately, that “very talented young player” didn’t perform well enough to justify benching anyone else to make room for him on the NHL roster, and he has a “European out” clause in his contract, so they couldn’t make him stay at Hartford.

  • saw the replay this morning…..Kreider looks like a player that knows he is being traded….. Brady S. is horrendous…. u cant teach dumbness…. Hajek needs AHL……. Hank IMO gave up two soft goals…… it’s time for Igor…….

    • Disagree on Hajek, Skjei…. Trouba… Lindgren…. all defencemen looked lost.

      Kreids was skating, and skating hard, but all forwards were bound with no plan on the game under preassure

  • Hank is aging quickly…… and showing the wear and tear of years of bailing this team out…. deserves better….just wish he would be traded to a team that is a shooin to win the cup.

  • The Kreider hype is really mis-placed and exaggerated. This guy is blessed with size and speed that’s it! Aside from a few dominant game performances in the past 7+ years has he ever taken this team on his back and pushed them to excel? Has he ever broken 30 goals? Does he drive possession at all? Does he back check with aggression? Aside from a couple of cursory hard body checks, it doesn’t happen often from a guy that’s 6’3” 220. Does he possess even average hockey IQ? Is is head in the game every minute of his 18 TOI minutes? Personally, I think a Kreider is full of $hit in his desultory interviews. If they traded him tomorrow it wouldn’t bother me one bit. Unfortunately, his trade value is diminishing with every game.

  • Dump and chase might still work if you can actually establish a forecheck. Skjei – every game he mishandles the puck in his own zone like he is in pee wee hockey. He has the makings of a drinking game. Let’s not even discuss “Casper” Kreider.

  • I don’t think players, including Kreids where lazy or too soft, it was systematic lose, team outshot, and outplayed in neutral zone and blue line, too much pressure…. and you overcome it with reasonable plan for the game…. which was not existant…..

    We are coming back to the question, this team doesn’t nead anymore kids coach, it needs “AV” but with less “huzzpa” and more “flexebility” and able to learn from mistakes

      • You meant to say “coach” instead of plan, right?

        DJ Smith is the type of NHL-level coach who worked his way up through the pro system. He was a successful junior/OHL coach who progressed to a good NHL assistant. Throughout his career Smith has been known as a solid motivator and (more importantly) a smart and fair coach. In other words—he’s suited to the modern NHL, has the stones to bench underperforming overpaid vets, and tactically is working with a skill set that isn’t behind the times.

        In short, our Boston Boyo was outcoached once again. The Rangers have no system at all, and are wildly inconsistent—except in one area, giving up shots. In that area they are the best in the NHL.

        • Of course. EVERYTHING is ALWAYS the coach’s fault. No player EVER fails to give his best effort. Every young player would be a superstar if only the coach followed the FANS’ advice about how to develop them. Other teams can only outplay the Rangers because their coaches are better, no matter if they’re more experienced and more talented than the Rangers.
          Let’s face it, the Rangers are a young, inexperienced team that still hasn’t grown together enough to play consistently. Blaming the coach for everything is just lazily looking for a simple ecuse.

          • No, ignoring the fact that a coach is responsible for distribution of playing time among players and setting up the system that the team plays is being an uninformed fan.

            The Rangers’ current D system would fail most of the teams in the NHL. And yet you wish to blame players who are being asked by the coaching staff to yield the blue line to opponents?

          • I’m not ignoring the coaches’ responsibility in any way for what they can control. What I am trying to do is call out those who want to blame the coaching staff for every issue that this team encounters and absolve all (except for a few designated scapegoats) the players of their responsibilities.

          • I get what you’re saying, Joe—and your wish to silence people’s opinions when they diverge from yours on a fan blog is quite strange.

          • FQ: Have I, even once, contested your, or anyone else’s, right to post whatever you choose to? Are you not, in essence, doing exactly what you are accusing me of? I am not, in fact, trying to silence anyone, as if that were even remotely possible on a public blog. I AM trying to express my own opinion, in contrast to what clearly seems to be the majority viewpoint, in the hope that people will take a more open minded approach.

  • Give Ottawa some credit. They came out of the gate on fire, and with a clear plan that they stuck to: Pressure, pressure, pressure. They stuck to Panarin like glue, and essentially took him out of the game (first team all year to do that). Without him (or Zibanejad) to provide offense, the Rangers just collapsed. Blame whoever you want, nobody on the team or behind the bench, distinguished himself last night.

    • Exactly Ottawa beat the Rangers to the loose pucks. They completed their passes and out muscled the Rangers along the boards. (With the exception of Getter who won his battles). His size and wingspan could help the Rangers with their PK.
      Off to Montreal, where things don’t get any easier for the Ranger squad.

  • When Lundqvist let’s in a very stoppable shot in the first minute it sets the tone for the game. I know none of you sac-hangers will ever place any blame on the “King”, but that’s it in a nutshell. His ridiculous butterfly style doesn’t work, especially when your glove is as slow as Hank’s. I want my goalie to stand up.

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