Death, Taxes, Lundqvist trying everything in his power to give his team a chance to win to no avail. This was yet another brutal loss against a team that most would say the Rangers should beat on paper. Let’s dive in to the thoughts and try to understand this one shall we?

  • Is it a hot take to say that the Rangers aren’t a “fun” team to watch? Let me explain, they pass up too many shot attempts, the defense pinches at the wrong time creating odd-man rushes the other way, and the players look like they’re handling a hand grenade instead of a puck. Someone way smarter than me can provide data out there I’m sure about how dump and chase hockey more often than not results in the other team possessing the puck and then being able to transition it up ice instead of your team coming away with possession from old school “grinding it out along the boards”.
  • Yes this team is short its number one center in Mika Zibanejad, but does he alone and his 17-20 minutes of projected ice time allow the result of tonight’s game to look any different? There needs to be a change somewhere in how this system is deployed because it allows far too many chances against.
  • Has anyone been able to locate Chris Kreider this season? You never would guess it’s a contract year for him, he’s been atrocious. Yes, he’s been on the receiving end of some bad shooting luck with posts and pads, but he’s sharply declining and literally lighting millions of dollars on fire every night he has a bad night. Is any team gonna sign him long term this coming free agency with how he’s been playing? Not saying he’ll be the next Milan Lucic, but he could fall off like Andrew Ladd or even Loui Erikkson.
  • There was a highlight going around the twitter-sphere of Shesterkin making an unbelievable glove save, I really think it’s time he get called up. Georgiev can still technically be sent down without waivers and if Shesterkin is your future, see how he fares against some pretty decent competition in the coming weeks. It’d be super interesting to see and there is value of seeing how you play against NHL shooting vs. AHL shooting. *See Garrett Sparks career from AHL to NHL.
  • The Rangers Penalty kill continues to bury them on the score sheet and they need a solution quick. What started off in the early parts of the season as a mediocre penalty kill has quickly spiraled into an absolute tire fire. Be interesting to see if someone becomes available on Waivers from a team or if a trade to address simply the PK could be justified. If not, then I guess all aboard the Byfield hype train!

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