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Washington Capitals/Rangers Game Thoughts

A fun high scoring game in favor of the Rangers for once!

I expected after the abysmal Florida road trip for the Rangers to try and come out and tighten things up. The posts are to be thanked initially, but they got timely goaltending, and fantastic pace of play. But enough of this intro stuff, let’s get to the thoughts shall we?!

  • Thank God for those 3 posts in the first, a quarter inch for each one and it’s 3-0 Caps in that first. Lundqvist was also making unreal saves and looked to elevate his game after interviewing with the Post and saying he needed to be better. We got that tonight.
  • I was curious to see how the team would play in front of Hank tonight as far as getting into passing/shooting lanes, and transitioning to the offensive side of the puck. I thought all in all, it was a solid game for both sides of the puck.
  • Artemiy Panarin continues to just solidify that he is not only a superstar in this league with his career best 12 game point streak, but worth EVERY cent of that contract signed July 1. There’s talks to be had about if we didn’t have him, are we in a better position to draft Lafreniere or Byfield, but I don’t care. This guy is legit. Fox to Kakko to Panarin to back of the net is quite the sequence.
  • Is it wrong to just not enjoy anything about Tom Wilson’s game? Guy might possess some skill for sure, but he’s just a clown.
  • Tim Gettinger had a decent game, the 4th line with McKegg centering it is not by all means a bad 4th line, but it was hard to truly notice anything about Gettinger. With his size alone, you want to watch him do power forward moves to the net and become a solid bottom 6 forward that can score for you. Hope he can continue to develop into that.
  • The Ovechkin/Hank “Rivalry” is so fun to be apart of when they’re laughing in between whistles, real recognizing real is always awesome in this sport.
  • Adam Fox continues to impress night in and night out for this team. He might honestly be a number one defenseman when his development is all set and done…
  • Tony DeAngelo is going to get the BAG this offseason. The man oozes scoring chances for (and against as well). I can put up with it with how he’s noticeable in the offensive zone pretty much every shift.
  • The Kreider-Chytil-Buchnevich line is just super fun to watch, what a goal by Buchnevich and what a pass by our 2C of the next decade+ Filip Chytil.
  • Good for Howden, beautiful shot to beat Holtby. I have my doubts about him being a part of the solution, but that shot was really good and put the game out of reach.
  • Fighting is dumb…but it’s Wilson so….*shrugs*
  • Game, set, match. Beautiful effort tonight. It’s nice to see vintage Lundqvist like this from time to time. He is now tied 5th in wins with Curtis Joseph which is just insane. What a career.

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  • That summed it up very well. One of their best games of the year. Total team win. Lemieux’s best game of the season and that’s not including his fight with Wilson.
    Now if they can eliminate the complete stinkers out of their repertoire, and play like last night more consistently…

  • Being inconsistent is their norm. They do need to string together a few of these games.
    Panarin worth all the dough they pay him.

    • I’ve never been able to understand why pucks hitting the posts is such a big deal. The posts are outside the goal, so a puck that hits one is a missed shot, not even a shot on goal. If the post wasn’t there, the puck would still have missed.

      • Exactly.

        “It could have easily been ___ had it not been for the puck hitting the posts”. I can propose many other scenarios that could have made the score different….If the goal was 3 inches wider, if Hank were wearing roller skates instead of ice skates, if, if, if…

  • Shots that hit the posts are missed shots, nothing more. No reason to be extra thankful for them.

    Haven’t been so happy to see a Ranger punch an opposing player in a long time. Big kudos to Pepe Jr Lemieux for dropping the gloves with Tom Wilson. Lemieux held his own against one of the toughest punks in the league. The Rangers really seem to get up for the better teams in the league.

    Hank was great last night. If Ovechkin has work-related nightmares, I’d bet money that Hank is the goalie in them.

  • It was actually 2 posts in the first and 1 in the 2nd. We also hit one in the first and one in the third. I wish people would stop trying to throw a wet blanket on wins. Bottom line is we out played and beat them.

  • One of the best games of the year, and all those good games have on thing in common: Gap control. When the Rangers are challenging their opponents, then the team plays well. Even Brady was very good in this one.

    So, why did Buch get benched? I was at the game and I noticed that he did not get shifts in the 2nd. I mean what is it with this coach? Buch was playing well, IMO.

    Guess Panarin is worth the money, eh? And Kakko, just effing wow. Tremendous skill and hockey IQ. I just wish that he would shoot more.

    Just a very good win all around against a very tough team.

    Oh, and Tom Wilson is an absolute scumbag, as we all know, but not one penalty even though he could have had 3 for high hits. Assh-ole and the refs let him get away with it. And Lemieux was great last night but he’s not big enough to play like this for a full season.

    • Sorry, I forgot about Wilson’s boarding penalty, but he still gets away with murder on the ice.

    • So right about gap control.

      I believe Wilson was called for a penalty at the end of the first, giving us the pp early in the second on which we scored.

      Its amazing how inconsistent the officiating is. Some crews call phantom penalties and ticky tack crap, and others let everything go. Have to say the games where the refs let more small stuff slide are much more entertaining.

      • Yep, that was the boarding call that I originally forgot about.

        Reffing is a tough job, but it’s not even consistent within the same game.

    • Panarin got 19:11 TOI, 4:21 of that was on the PP. Buchnevich got 15:18 TOI, 0:52 on the PP. That looks like Pavel and Artemiy had close to the same 5 on 5 TOI, so where are you getting the idea that Buchnevich was “benched”? He got basically the same share of even strength ice time as the Rangers’ best forward. I guess you just couldn’t find anything real to criticize Quinn about.

      • How many shifts did Buch have in the 2nd period? I’m asking because it seemed like 1 maybe 2. And my friends who were watching the game on TV said he was benched and did not get regular shifts in the 2nd.

        That’s where I’m getting it from. So, prove this wrong.

        I’m sorry if critiquing the coach offends you.

      • From Jan Levine’s blog on Hockeybuzz, read that last sentence. Seriously, if you’re going to come at me then be informed about what you’re saying.

        “Buchnevich added a goal and an assist, giving the Russian born winger 17 points in 19 games. The goal came off a nice play with Filip Chytil while the assist was a pretty dish to a wide-open Brett Howden in front of the net. For all the criticism lobbed at Buch, who rode the pine for part of the second period, he is just under a point-per-game pace.”

  • How the hell did Lias get NO ice-time at all against the Caps!? This is even worse than before!!


    Honestly, it’s refreshing to read a recap with out a dedicated section to crying over Lias. Leave him down there…

  • Great overall game. I thought our ability to transition out of our own zone was solid and our gap control was much better. Hopefully they can Build on this.

    ** watching the bread man and Kakko on the power play is awesome. That’s a lot of skill on both circles.

  • great team effort, we go some great kids. hank was hank even OV smiled when he stuffed him.
    oh yeah one word BREAD

  • These are the games that show this team will be a force in the near future – kids, kids, kids and a BreadMan. The inconsistencies will be there over the next few weeks for sure, but bringing down the big, mighty Caps was something few teams could do – and I believe this was the Caps first road loss? Awesome tight game – LGR!

    • I am very patient and this thing of ours will take a little more time…..I would be very surprised if we make the playoffs this year….just keep progressing…..and next year I would 1000 percent expect playoffs or I will become Richter and ask for the axing of Quinn!!…lol

  • I hate Tom Wilson, but I like him — good player, big jerk …. wish he was on our team.

    Satisfying game last night, the kids played well.

    • You like dirty players?

      Now, if you said that you liked Simmonds then I would understand. He’s tough but not a dirty player.

      • Well if the question is would I rather have him on my team than have him on the other team, um yeah. Wilson always plays to the edge and yes, he can definitely cross the line at times … but I think there are a good number of “dirtier” players out there … and I believe sneaky dirty players are the worst, there’s no sneaky with Tom Wilson — he will crush you straight up, but yeah he’s got a dirty streak. I wish Chris Kreider had a little Tom Wilson in him, just a little. 😉

        • Agreed,Kreider needs to be more physical on a consistent basis,he showed he’s capable of it,that was a beautiful hit he put on Wilson in the 3rd period right before the fight.

        • None of the tough guys are angels bro, but I don’t get the feeling that Simmonds would intentionally hurt anyone.

  • Agree Czech, a win is a win and IMO, two of the three post shots were not going in anyway….Great all around effort against a very good and goon squad….Caps will be ultra-tough in the playoffs…..As for the boys, Muscles Howden gets a medal of hockey honor for absorbing crunching hits and not showing that he was intimidated……Howden also put the nail in the coffin with 4th Ranger goal…Brendan Smith please go away……

  • Richter…stop with the coach already!!!

    Hot dog bad? Damn you Quinn
    Guy next to me is drunk….Quinn’s fault!
    Train Delay? Damn u Quinn!
    Can’t find your golf ball? Quinn’s fault!
    Wait gap control? Not Quinn….
    Ranger Win…not Quinn…Players……………….lmao!!!

  • Last night was proof the NYR need to get Reaves, as much as some of you may scoff. He can skate and play some and, bottom line, while pugilists may not translate directly into prevention, it would be harder for Wilson to hunt heads if he knew his was being hunted as well. Agree that while I love Lemieux, he cannot and should not be expected to take on heavyweights. Noble and did well but out of his weight class.. Great win all around by NYR. Dont forget Lindgren on D and also ADA making some fine d plays last night!

    • I am not oppose to the Rangers having a peace keeping in the lineup. But it needs to be someone that can actually play decent hockey.

      • How you like Ryan Reaves? lol

        The Rangers will do something. Lemieux will be dead halfway through the season if he’s their protector.

        • bro, the same person who told me Trouba was heading to NYR back in May and Kessel to AZ was a done deal in Mid-may also told me around the same time that the Rangers are looking to acquire a tough guy who can play some decent hockey for 10 to 11 minutes a night and he is in a western conference team….and he is a big boy that can skate…let’s see what happens by Feb 20′. I can tell you right now, there are conversations going from between the staff to Gorton to JD about how Howden and other smaller players were banged around last night and they want the kids to play and not have to engage in that style of play. Haley was given a try out but JD and Gorton are going to bring in a player at some point this season to play this role.

          • I have no doubt that you are correct on this my friend.

            I do not think that it’s been a secret that the Rangers, specifically Gorton, has wanted Reaves the last few years.

            At least Reaves can play the game, somewhat.

          • A big boy who can play the game AND fight is fine with me. They can use a big guy to go along with DeAngelo and Lemieux, both of whom can play the game and don’t mind mixing it up, but they are not heavyweights. I just don’t want to see another Haley or McLeod.

          • Agreed Peter.

            Iginla was a dream. Great player but don’t cross him. Very tough guy to play against.

            Shanahan was another tough guy who was great.

  • The team played quite well. Hank bailed them out, or at least the posts did, early on and they played a pretty tight game defensively the rest of the way.
    The Breadman makes a lot of dough but his play is truly upper crust!
    Kakko is getting the hang of it and his skills are starting to take over.
    Strome is quite a find. I don’t care if his production is due to playing with the Breadman, what is important that they are playing so well together.
    The defensive corps is so much more mobile with Marc Staal out of the lineup. I do not wish bad things for him and hope that he gets healthy soon, but he should be only an occasional player when he is healthy again.

    • Minus Smith and Brady,.. Fill those two slots with studs and now I like my playoff chances…….Brady is not the answer folks…..cap goal tells all about Brady S. and Smith just makes too many ugly plays in my book.

      • I am not yet willing to give up on Skjei. If he continues to play like he did last night then he will turn things around.

        • I’m not there yet with Skjei either, but he does test my patience.

          Do people realize we’re playing with 3 rookie d’men —- all 21 and under? In fact all 6 are 25 or younger.

  • Great team effort last night! One trend starting to take shape is this team seems play very well versus top teams at home. Not so much on the road. (not with Boston either) That’s a good sign.

  • I really wish we could get back on topic. What do people think about impeachment? What about Israel annexing the Jordan Valley? I come here to read about identity politics and racism. There are plenty of other places I can go to read about the Rangers.

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