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NY Rangers Game 19 Open Thread: It’s always the Caps

Remember when these two teams were facing each other in the playoffs every year?

Note: I’m on vacation through 11/22, and all of the game threads were written before I left. Lineups are impossible to predict this far in advance, so I’m leaving those out. I’ll do the best I can with the summaries and the crazy predictions.

As of the writing of this post, the Caps are the top dog in the NHL with 27 points (that’s how far in advance I wrote this). This is another well balanced team looking to take another stab at a Cup. The Rangers are horrid with their process, but usually play the Caps tough. This could be an interesting one.

Crazy Prediction: No goals from the Ovechkin spot.

Use this as your game thread for tonight. Game time is 8:00pm on NBCSN.

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  • Everyone should read the Hank article in the NY Post today, shows what he means to this team.

    Henrik, Henrik, Henrik!!!!

  • Anybody still in this lineup who usually plays the Caps tough? looks like it’s all on you, kreider! show them how it’s done 🙂

  • Hate is a very bad word…..So I will say that I cannot stand the Crapitals…especially that piece of garbage Wilson….Wish we had Reaves…Wilson would have put his tail between his tailspin. With that being said, great win….Brendan Smith…ugh…….penalty that gave the caps some life until Brett Howden put the nail in the coffin….Hank was great and helped by the pipe early, but to me looked like two of the three pipe rings would not have gone in…..Anyway a win is a win is a win…………..LGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Strome is playing like an all-star……Decisions…..Decisions…..and this guy Panarin…, what a player.

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