So much of tonight could be summarized from last Sunday’s matchup, but then we could almost say that about every game this season. A lot of goals, but far too many goals against. Let’s get thinking shall we?!

  • This one was yet another track meet, both team’s depth showed up and put on a show offensively. Defensively however, we are back to square one. For a young team on the rise on the backend, it feels like there has been not a lot of growth over the sample sizes we have. Hajek is way out of his league so far this year and could use an AHL stint, Trouba is not generating the kind of offense he showed he could in Winnipeg, Skjei seems to do more bad than good night in and night out. It is a serious problem going forward when the 3 mentioned here are supposed to be the solution to the next contention window.
  • Now this could all get ratified with a coaching change, a system’s change, or flat out personnel change. We’ll see how the front office handles that one going forward.
  • The Rangers penalty kill is abysmal and NEEDS to be addressed. I’ve been very curious as to why they haven’t claimed anyone from waivers like Nic Petan, or even Brian Gibbons to help your special teams. We’ll see if they claim Pirri by noon Sunday. I know two of those guys are more offensive fire power, but at the end of the day, we are dressing a defenseman as a forward who should be put back on defense to claim one of those analytical darlings on waivers if given proper deployment and ice time.
  • Adam Fox and Ryan Lindgren are SO fun to watch as a defensive pairing. It is nice to see that the puck moving/stay at home defender pairings can still be effective as long as your stay-at-home guy is a good skater. If you can’t skate in today’s league, you won’t last. Lindgren has done an incredible job in improving his stock over the course of his time in the organization as there were some who tagged him as a career AHLer from the get-go when acquired in the Nash trade.
  • Overall, a pretty good game and I’m sure Lundqvist would like at least 2 of those goals back. This team is REALLY missing Zibanejad at center and Kakko as well. Here’s hoping both are ready to go soon.
  • Have I mentioned Quinton Byfield before? Well, we’re getting one loss closer to hopefully getting him in the draft.

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