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NY Rangers Game 18 Open Thread: Another date with the Panthers

Twice in one week against the Panthers

Note: I’m on vacation through 11/22, and all of the game threads were written before I left. Lineups are impossible to predict this far in advance, so I’m leaving those out. I’ll do the best I can with the summaries and the crazy predictions. Little nugget for this particular one: I got married today. Hooray.

Another day, another date with the Florida Panthers. I’m assuming the game on Sunday was a high scoring, high flying affair, so expect that again tonight. If it wasn’t then I’d still expect it tonight. I just think both of these teams play open hockey and aren’t overly good on defense.

Crazy Prediction: A 0-0 game heading into the shootout.

Use this as your game thread for tonight. Game time is 7:00pm on MSG2.

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  • Congrats Dave on your big day. Crazy prediction, a Ranger win to add to the icing on Dave’s Wedding cake.

  • Again someone needs to remind me what Michel Haley brings to this hockey club. He can’t keep up with the play, takes dumb penalties and is a middleweight at best. Lias needs to go to Hartford. Playing 3 minutes a game will not make him a better hockey player. ADA is becoming an offensive dynamo. His skating, passing and shooting is fantastic. And he plays with attitude. A keeper.

  • Congratulations Dave, May you and the bride have many years of happiness together. This coming year will be my 40th year of being married to my wife. It is clearly the best decision I have ever made.

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