Mailbag: Retirement cap hits; Isles success factors

Answering your questions about the NY Rangers

Two questions for the mailbag this week. Like last week’s I got these questions a while ago but held them so I could have content while I am away. As always, use the widget on the right to submit your questions for the mailbag.

Rangers West asks: What would the cap implications be if someone like Marc Staal or Henrik Lundqvist decided to retire?

Starting with why this question comes up: Cap recapture was a new thing added to the CBA after the 2012-2013 lockout. Cap recapture basically penalizes a team for all those front loaded contracts handed out. Both Staal and Lundqvist have front loaded deals, but not to the extent of the Marian Hossa type deals. So the short answer here is that if either retires, the cap hit is gone entirely. No penalties. Nothing. The only contract that the Rangers gave out that would have qualified was the Brad Richards deal. He was a compliance buyout and thus recapture was never an issue.

NYR4EVR asks: We attributed the Islanders’ 2018 success to goaltending. What is their success due to this year?

Looking at the Isles, they don’t have good shot metrics and are pretty rough in terms of shots against. Yet again they are getting stellar goaltending, close to the best in the league at even strength. That’s in terms of quantity. For expected-goals, the Isles play a rather dull style, so the quality of shot attempts against isn’t there. This can likely be attributed to Barry Trotz and his coaching style, limiting quality against. They still get caved in quantity though, and are the second-worst in overall shot share to the Rangers. So yea, it’s still the goaltending.

*All of this info comes from the Saturday 11/9 Daily Thread from Sean Tierney. There’s a chance some of this may have changed in the week since I drafted this post.

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  • Staal and Lundquist as much as I respect and acknowledge their Ranger greatness , need to call it a day. Especially Staal. Freeing up all that cap space money would be a nice Christmas gift! The Islanders do not get enough credit,. Lou Lomerillo knows how to build a winner. Barry Trotz is an amazing coach. I am a Ranger fan , but envioius of the Islanders, they loose their Franchise player ( Tavarez) and become a better team. It is mind boggling. We are years away from being competitive with them.

    • My only quibble with your comment is about Lou, he knows how to pick good situations and he does build highly competent staffs … but I really think the key here is Trotz, who is consistently good … and wherever he goes, a good defensive structure is put in place and executed properly.

      As far as giving the Islanders credit, they’ve been irrelevant for decades and their resurgence is recent — and with that said, they literally got bowled over by Carolina in the 2nd round 4-0 … if that was the Rangers people here would have called for the coach’s head (kind of like when we lost to the Sens) despite the regular season results.

  • I’m surprised to read that the Isle’s success is based on their goaltender’s prowess. Very interesting.
    Lamoriello is a legend, but the present Isles are more of a product of Trotz’s coaching than Lou’s building. If you remember the Isles basically won the coaching lottery when Trotz abruptly left the Cup winning Caps. There were not a lot of available coaches out there for the Isles to choose from and Trotz basically fell right into their lap. Otherwise, they quite possibly could have been a bad team, with a new rookie or retread coach, who just lost Tavares. Trotz is the real deal. I’m a Ranger fan, but happy the Isles caught a break like that. It’s good for hockey to have a competitive team on Long Island.

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