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I HATE Brady Tkachuk and Jean-Gabriel Pageau

Oh man…this was another tough game to watch. I was curious to see how the kids could do for a third straight game, but a strong start is not how this game finished. Following those string of fights/penalties, Ottawa came out  swinging afterward. Let the thoughts fly!

  • Sitting Marc Staal is still by definition the right thing to do for this year. While some believe the acquisition of Trouba and Panarin means this year is playoffs or bust, I still think the Rangers are a year away from getting in. They are doing the right thing by throwing the kids out though and seeing how they do against NHL talent.
  • To add, while it’s true that Hartford is actually a place for talent to go this year than years prior–we all can recall how it used to be where prospects went to die–there’s something to be said about getting the kids NHL ice time against the best athletes in the game.
  • Adam Fox to Kaapo Kakko forever and ever. Praise be.
  • In all seriousness though, what awareness by Fox to get a hard pass to Kakko, and then in turn, Kakko to show great strength on his back hand to tuck it in. He has looked better and better each game.
  • With all the good that the Rangers started with in this one, that first period became an absolute gong-show halfway through. I didn’t understand why Lemieux felt the need to fight Borowiecki (I had to make sure I had that right like 10 times), and Strome mixing it up with Tkachuk was equally as dumb. It’s so easy to blame the officials, but they’re ALWAYS going to call the retaliation, never the instigator.
  • Brady Skjei taking that tripping penalty was just the icing on the cake in that sequence of senselessness. Anyone could have scored on that net Ennis shot at, it was a beauty of a pass he received.
  • Jean-Gabriel Pageau continues to absolute haunt the Rangers fandom. I think our hierarchy of hate in recent playoff memories goes: Martinez, Henrique, Pageau.
  • Artemi Panarin is such a superstar in this league, it’s nice to have a true power play weapon in the Rangers organization.
  • Of course Namestnikov scores…just of course. It wasn’t his fault the coaching staff didn’t know how to properly utilize him here, but it still sucks to see him being so successful while playing on a top line somewhere.
  • One loss closer to Byfield!

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  • Too many puck turnovers by the Rangers, they have work to do in that department. Against Nashville, Georgie was there to bailed them out, but not to be today.

  • This is gonna be a rollercoaster ride this season. All I can say is if Hank had been in that game everyone would be screaming for his head. The reality continues to be when the team plays solidly the goalies, Henrik and Georg, can do their job pretty damn good. Expecting either of them to be a miracle worker is a recipe for disaster with such a young team. Georgi had tonight what Hank had vs Boston. Not a pretty picture.

  • “In all seriousness though, what awareness by Fox to get a hard pass to Kakko, and then in turn, Kakko to show great strength on his back hand to tuck it in. He has looked better and better each game.”
    This all after Ruutu came to talk to the kid, and give him a mental boost. All the more reason to get Jessee Puljujarvi on our team, he’ll wok wonders for Kakko.

    As for the game last night, at one point we were up 10-0 in shots on goal, and then it hit the fan. Even HOF pitchers have on occasion thrown clunkers, so was the case last night. Let this be a teaching moment for the kids, you have to play 60 minutes, and stay away from distractions!!!!!!!!

    • Puljujarvi has been on multiple team, with different coaches, and he’s been bounced around with all of them. I wouldn’t mind seeing another Finn on the team for Kakko to talk to, but I’m not sure Jesse is the right one.

  • The Rangers proved they don’t have a leader yet, probably why nobody has been named captain. They have have a few really good players I.e., Panarin, Trouba, and of course Zibanejad. They also have some good young players like Kakko and Fox. I believe Lindgren is going to be a good defenseman if they allow him to grow into the role. But, they got no leader, somebody to lead them past adversity, and that hurt them last night. If Kreider was a leader on the ice, he would have stepped up, he got the speed, size and strength, but what’s missing is his presence as a leader. Where was he last night? He was on the ice for over seventeen minutes, and brought what to the game? He is no leader, and no 7M player.

  • Next time someone needs to give Tkachuk a concussion, then he will learn. Remember Eric Lindros? How many concussions he had? 3 in 1 year?

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