With consistent offense will come better –but not great– defense

The Blueshirts have been inconsistent with the puck, leading to tons of chances against

If you follow the Rangers the way we do, and if you’re reading this and posting comments, you are, then you know that the Rangers aren’t really a good team this season. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, it’s pretty obvious. One thing we knew was going to happen was the Blueshirts were going to get caved in defensively, and so far that has happened.

The first reaction to this is that the defense is terrible. It is, that’s a factual statement, and something that we kind of have a twitch to after the last few seasons. But in hockey, we’ve been preaching that the best defense is a good offense. The opposition can’t score if you have the puck. It’s why we like possession metrics so much.

For a team to be this far down –small sample size warning– means that nothing is clicking. That also means the offense. Don’t get me wrong, the Rangers are not going to all of a sudden be great defensively if they can generate consistent offensive pressure. They will, however, spend less time in their zone as they grow and spend more time in the offensive zone. That’s just simple logic and math.

The focus then shifts to how the Rangers can sustain that offense. The issue is depth. Simply put they don’t have any. Outside of the top line, the Rangers have two skilled wingers, a bunch of young unknowns, a few old unknowns, and a third line forward who’s actually a defenseman. That’s not exactly inspiring.

The good news is that the only place for the Rangers to go is up. Eventually they will get Filip Chytil and Vitali Kravtsov, pushing players like Ryan Strome and Brendan Smith out of the top-nine, which in turn pushes Micheal Haley and Greg McKegg out of the lineup. This is still a rebuilding year, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. But it will get better.

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  • Yes, some of us seemed to forget that this was going to be one of the youngest teams in the NHL this year when making bold playoff predictions. It’s a team full of first and second year players. Not a recipe for instant success.
    Things will get better with experience but it will take patience from fans (and hopefully management).
    Silver lining: Rangers will be in the lottery in what is currently considered one of the better drafts in awhile. Sell at the deadline for more picks and continue the development path. Hopefully another blue chip or two will be added to the organization as quality depth is still needed.

  • We have an overall young team, but a very strong first line. This should make us competitive on most nights. The rest of the kids need to step up, if they do have that ability, otherwise we will have a team of bottom six forwards and middle pair defensemen. Let’s re-assess after 10 more games.

  • Coming into this season I said we would be hard pressed to make the PO’s, but we would be a fun team to watch. Maybe I should rethink that, with the way playing time, and players themselves are deployed. We got the cap relief we needed, so let’s play the best players we can, and bench the AHL crew. Sorry folks, DQ is a wind bag, talks from both sides of his mouth, AV anyone? Bring up the future, sit the past, trade the crap, and watch the team develop together!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh how I want to see these kids succeed, they can’t if they don’t play. Wake up David, this is the big time, don’t fail us…………………

  • They are not going to be offiensively better
    Basic team game rule: create space in offence and take it in defense, none of it exists in this team, #FireQuinn

  • Yes! Offense is important, we are young. The problem is we give up the blue line so do not give our offense a fighting chance as they have to go 200 feet any time the other team gets the puck.

  • If Skjei who hasn’t been good in over a year, doesn’t start playing better, I would consider trading him and bringing up Ryan Lindgren who is tearing it up for Hartford.

  • I love the positive outlook!

    Completely agree. You have to sit back and enjoy the process. These are the very first games of the next 8-10 years at least. We have some young kids in the lineup, some young gems in Hartford, and guys like K’Andre and Nils right behind them. I’m not even sure who my favorite player is yet from this new group. The is soooo much more to come.

    At the same time though, Brady Skjei really struggled last night for sure.

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